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All ArmaVerse in official DLC packs
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I think it would be nice if BIS released all content from all the ArmA series in small dlc pack via Steam with a price.

-very large variaty on maps, weapons, vehicles, units etc
-you can join in every server without need to download hundreds of mods.
-it will give bis some more money and therefore they can make more of our beloved products.


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I would gladly pay for a Sahrani in ArmA3 the sunny awesome Island... Or for other Takistan, to represent the modern battlefields.

Having them into ArmA3 without the need of downloadning tons of gbs, and also problems with versions,bugs,closed communities, and having the ability being:

USMC,US Army, Russian, Spetnaz, Chdk, CDF, RACS, Takistani, BAF, Takiban or my personal favourite the fondamendalist SLA would be just awesome. All those eras all those weapons and modules, the abilities are just LIMITLESS.

Since arma3 is out and dayz is coming soon, noone is going to spend money on ArmA2 let alone, ArmA1.

So I belive this addition is a must-buy.

BIS is always about the community I belive they are planning something like that. If they would gave us the official support of their ex-games the abilities will be... unimaginative

It's been done...for free!

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Fireball what are you talking about, they just released the source content for mod creation. This isn't what OP's suggesting. Re-open please.

+1 Sample models released are not the droids we are looking for

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I'm pretty sure that would be a LARGE DLC pack... anyways I wouldn't want to play with OFP tanks in ArmA 3, it would look ridiculously outdated.

However I get what the OP means, mods are great, but good luck finding a populated server that is running specific mods.

The problem is that all the content would need to be updated to ArmA 3 standards, otherwise it would be a mess. Tanks need to have armor defined in their models, weapons now have to be adaptable to attachments, etc.

This is why it has to be a DLC and paid one as well.

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Why would you guys pay for content you already have for free?

You don't have it for free. A2 assets are not compatible with A3, they need to be converted and adapted, and this takes time and labour.

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Free DLC could bring more people on ARMA.

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Actually killzone, yes, they are compatible, buggy, but compatible.

Yeah, give them another idea on how to make more money from you. You want ARMA 2 stuff then play ARMA 2, You wont have the stance system (unless you download SMK's animations) or some badly done physics elements but mods make up for everything else.

+1 Maybe what the developers should do is "outsource" porting content to Arma 3 from previous releases, from OFP to Arma 3 OA, then quality-check modder submissions, and/or have a contest to reward players for the best content like the Make Arma Not War contest . The end result should be free DLC for Arma 3 Supporter Editions and very cheap DLC for the rest. Just my suggestion.

Takistan, Zargabad, Chernarus+
Plus all those vehicles....YES I'D PAY.

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They said they won't do it.

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Distractor, you would be implying BIS actually try to make something good.

stfu and take my money. What arma 3 really needs now is official content. Mods are really great, and allows the community to take the game and run with it, but the drawback is that to play together, people need the same version of the same mod. If everyone had the same officialy ported, auto-updated version of the A2 maps, there wouldn't be conflicts = easier for people to play on one another's servers.

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BIS should create the original content for free instead of having us pay for it.... you know, just like how they did in OFP, ArmA, ArmA 2, ArmA OA, etc.

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you do know that BI do not have the time or resources to "port" over all the other content right... let alone test it all works

however the community has already started doing this..


Still it won't be official content.

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+1 to this. Would make joining servers at a lot easier. I've not played in certain communities because I can't find the correct map mod and it's so frustrating.

Killzone Kid was saying about AllInArma mod. Search, download, enjoy! Its allprevious arma content in one 13GB pack, including factions, weapons, islands and vehicles

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Related to #0027022

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One big con is that you will get kicked from multiplayer server if you play with non-official content.

Because of that I prefer to play with vanilla content and really hope, the developers may find some time, to convert, update and integrate all previously released Armed Assault/ARMA 2 and Operatin Arrowhead content to ARMA 3.