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Ragdoll bodies do not interact with environment
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A dead body cannot be affected by anything. explosions, shooting, dont move it at all, Cars can drive right through ragdoll bodies without any effect. The player can run through a pile of bodies as if it was not there.

Ragdolls should act like normal objects in the game. be pushed by explosions, Cant be passed through by players or vehicles.


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The bullets shouldn't affect the bodies that much. I don't want CS style bodies flying 5 meters into the air when hit by a 9mm.

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Leaving ragdoll simulation on the dead bodies is costly, however Im going to add scripted solution to be able to temporary enable ragdoll on dead bodies

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since 149346 awake command used on corpses will temporarily enable ragdoll

I wander if a vehicle touching (driving over) a dead body gets thrown into hyperspace when the awake command is used on that body at that specific time...

and what does stop you from trying it out?