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Thunder sound effect needs bass
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The sound of thunder is very weak, sounds more like a car crashing into something. It needs some really low frequency bass in the background.


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When The lightning strikes the thunder is fixed to the initial location in the stereo mix and rotates with the character.

So if the lightning strikes to the left of the player then the player turns while the thunder rolling it stays in the players left ear rather than being positional to a location on the map.

If that makes sense :-s

+ 1

BIS have (what I consider) to be excellent thunder sounds in Carrier Command, so if they match ArmA III weather sounds for the weather sounds in CC then It would be much better.

In arma 2, the thunder sounds were so much better! Totally ruins the immersion of storms!

I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet!

The samples in the game blatantly do not sound anything like thunder.
The fact that someone actually decided that these samples were acceptable for a simulation disturbs me deeply :-s

I have to use mods made by people who understand the basics of acoustic physics for decent sound in ARMA 3

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I can't even count how many times I have mistaken the thunder sound for a weapon being fired :P

Needs fixing, even OFP had way better thunder sounds..

Why don't they just replace them with the sounds they used in that mission in Survive?

There's one mission where there is a scripted thunder storm, and clearly the mission designers thought the stock thunder sound wasn't good enough, because they used a couple of pretty good custom sounds for the thunderclaps. Someone should have recognised the opportunity to improve the stock sound.

Agreed with @JoeBrien! Upvoted!

There been added new thunder sounds in latest dev

so test it

Just tested in the DEV build...

The thunder sound is still far too soft and weak compared to the other sounds.
When it strikes at close range you should hear all the high frequency harsh crackling accompanied with a long deep BOOM! (63Hz and lower so that it resonates your chest cavity) at very high sound pressure levels.
At long distance the high frequency will gradually be lost with range leaving the deep long & loud rumble lasting many seconds.

One of the sound samples still sounded like someone tipped a bucket of soil over my head :-s

Also when you initially hear it in one ear (for example to the right) while the sound is still playing rotate your character and the thunder rotates with you (staying in the right ear) just like all the other ambient sounds.

I've noticed that the distance effect on gunfire still hasn't been made realistic yet the exact same rules apply for all sound.

Low frequencies travel father than high frequencies SIMPLE
I've been waiting for realistic sound since the release of the alpha
Whoever is in charge of your sound doesn't actually understand the subject and I've accepted that I'll just have to stick to sound mods from now on.

I apologise for my frustration but a PAID simulation just cannot have sound as basic and acoustically wrong as this.

Agreed, but at least they acknowledged it and made a hopefully temporary fix :)

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Maybe they can ask the DayZ devs to help out or carry some stuff over. Same goes for the rain which looks much better in DayZ.

The rain is fantastic IMO especially since it has volume now!

GOOD GOD!!! Turn up the speakers and just listen...

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They applied new sound "system" but it require to tweak all sounds. This "system" isnt finished yet, but all audio need tweaking - interior sounds in vehicles - i can hear anything from outside, even in civilian car, can hear when my tank get hit, and thunder is makin me laugh. Just tweak a db a bit please.