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Scrolling items in the ammo box
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When your trying to kit up, every time you scroll down to select an individual item, each selection of the given item then puts you to the top of the list.
Each subsequent item chosen then means you have to scroll down again, and repeat each time till you have selected your entire kit.
Before it would stay on the selected item and you could add multiples without having to scroll.


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

place the Large Ammo supply crate in the editor and choose the last item in the crate and add to your kit

Additional Information

Has happened since last update as of today 21/08/13

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Confirmed for 0.77.109860

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really annoying

Amazing that this ticket has been created months ago :) upvoted

Since release yesterday this has stopped completely. As its unknown from our end exactly where the builds are in relation to Wednesdays devbuild, Could a Dev answer how this has been fixed and if after the pending updates are added whether it will rear its ugly head again??

I concur this bug has been fixed in 12th September update... :)

And broke again in todays Dev Update... I have posted on the forums to ask for the relevant build from the Dev that was used for the Stable release. My only fear is that it was prior to the date of 21/08/13, hence why it appears to be fixed in the release but broken again in the Dev as we are receiving old updates?

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This is still a problem in the latest development update (version 1.03.110218). Can this issue be reviewed again?

I've highlighted this issue on the BI forums. Please everyone get in there and post supportively before I get a thread closure and infraction for posting outside of the dev branch discussion thread! :)

should be fixed since DEV 110387. This patch will be distributed into both versions(DEV and stable) soon

Will check when released and report back...TIA

Marking resolved then, feedback still possible.

its not solved, just checkt it, please change it back to assigned !!!

Problem is that you don't pay attention, build 110387 is not released yet, current is 110339.

sorry mate, that was true, didn´t look at the build.

I did notice this and mentioned it in the linked forum htread. I'm assuming this was done after yesterdays DB was built up. Hopefully, today. :)

Can confirm in Dev today its fixed..... Thankyou and close accordingly :)