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Fired Event Handler Global Issue
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Fired event handler is not globally broadcasting projectiles from certain muzzles across clients. Some however do work correctly such as the GMG, yet its sister classes do not GL_3GL_F & EGLM.
All Bullet Classes do work.
Below are the ones I've found that appear to be not globally broadcasting correctly:
















Currently is an issue on both builds. {F21244}


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Steps To Reproduce

Example mission, contains diag log reports.

Instructions display on mission entered, all global fired events are logged to rpt and displayed on screen.

2 people are required for example mission, when one person fires a launcher or similar weapon, the global returns display on the other players screen as well as the firer.

Projectiles are the information that are not globally returned to other players.

Additional Information

Picture of the information display on fired event.

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this type of stuff needs to be fixed first.
voted up

Test mission is now attached.

Any repro steps toward successfully executing the repro mission or is it self-explaining?

main post updated with extra information

I can't understand why this wasn't touched by any of the devs. Why devs don't show up interest in fixing their own game based on their community tracked issues is beyond me.

Still nothing, no mention not activity related to this issue. Devs don't give a crap about this because modders making the game sound better is clearly the current idea.

for now devs're trying to get the game stabilized and performing well ...
just after release we will start take care of additional ones

Rgr thank you for the reply even though my post was full of frustration.

I have to take something back. Good to see that BIS is fixing bugs even just after the release.
Keep up on your great work and ignore naysayers.

Good realistic sound is 30% of the game experience, This seems such an overlooked issue in so many games these days, Hopefully not in Arma3 too, So this needs voting up

Peter added a subscriber: Peter.May 7 2016, 3:50 PM

Is there any update on how resolving this bug is going?


Any news about how fixing this bug is going? (Its been sat on assigned with now news for a long time now)



Now campaign is done, is there a chance I can have some information about how the progress is going on this bug and its massive implications for global and local events.

Thanks for the update guys, best of luck trying to fix it.

acknowledged = Forsaken

I handed this bug to you on a plate fellas, what a total let down. I'm gonna remember this when you expect me to put my hand in my pocket again.

Actually, I can see that it has been internally assigned (private comment, 2 months back), but it seems like that the priority is too low or maybe other bugs always fill up the queue above that bug.

Not sure, maybe Iceman knows more.

I'll believe they can fix it when they do.

On certain guns, so far i've only shot the MX, there is no sound in third person mode. When I load the game I get "No entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons/arifle_MX_F/Single.StandardSound'." and the same thing but for the Katiba. When I load up a mission in the edito I get ""No entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons/SMG_01_F/Single.StandardSound'." WOuld this be the result of improper download or a bug?

Turn your mod off, then there will be no error


If I turn off the mod then the mod will not run.

Also neither this mod nor CBA can run with many servers. Do I need to install the server key, and if so where would I install it to?

P.S. You should include a read me file in the mod.

Arma 3 bugtracker, not mod bug tracker.

Tummble weed. Seroiusly this feedback tracker is not to be taken seriously when it comes down to it.
It seems to me that unless you have the ear of the Devs or its a simple fix the bugs get ignored.
Such a dissapointment.

so wait this is a bug, that has been present since release and it still hasn't gotten ANY attention... Well no big surprise.. I did see that they corrected some of the textures on some backpacks and added the sounds for changing weapons fire mod.. thats all we need right?????

Keep in mind folks, BIS says their focusing on, "performance and stability issues" but then the'll crank out tons of updates that involve stupid shit like texture updates and extremely trivial bullshit, like the color of a shirt, or where a tree is in the woods.. these must be some truely performance improving textures, to be getting all this attention.

Shit, this explains a lot!!!!

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Fix this please BIS

Any news on this? This bug renders every kind of projectile tracking for grenades useless...

PiepMGI added a subscriber: PiepMGI.May 7 2016, 3:50 PM

This story line is exemplary for nearly every ticket in this alpha-3-fail-tracker. What can be more important as working EH's?
They need nearly two month to assaign the ticket first time (and switch them sometime back again)! German departments work like machines compared to this company of slugs.

BIS sucks!