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The module for assign callsign works, but in the MP slot selection screen, new callsigns dont show up
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Giving a unit/group a custom callsign with the assign callsign module works well, but in the MP slot-assign screen at the start of the mission, the groups are still called apla1-1, 1-2 etc.


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any MP mission with the assign-callsign module used

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This problem is connected to core multiplayer structure and to fix it, a more serious revision would be required. I'm afraid it's not within scope of this project to do anything about it; however, we'd definitely want to resolve it in the future.

Too bad, how do we set this manually?

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We don't. It's pretty silly that such an integral feature isn't working and hasn't been working, ever. It would give much more clarity to the MP pool instead of having to write custom names for every soldier in every squad.

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