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Z-fighting on far away objects when in any stance lower than standard crouch
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Far away objects start to flicker (z-fighting) when you are in any stance lower than standard crouch (see video).

This issue doesnt seem to be stance related anymore, on altis i get this flickering in any stance but less intense in higher stances.


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Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
Geforce GTX 570 (driver version: 320.49)
Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
16 GB Ram

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Would be nice to know why someone votes this down. Next time comment please.

It could be because vote down option is next to vote button, I've done it by mistake couple of times too.

Seems like this issue occurs on Altis in any stance, but gets less intense when you are in higher stances. Plz fix this, it makes long range shooting and reconnaissance really annoying.

Confirmed, i noticed this too. I think it's specific to the 0.76 build, (stable), because i never noticed it before. Not an issue with drivers, since i haven't updated since 320.49, which were released in March-April iirc. So been through alpha and beta with the same drivers.

I'm seeing this mainly with doors...

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Yes I have it to, it was like that in A2.

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Closely related to (in fact the same issue as) #10436.

The flickering is known as "z-fighting", and it gets worse in lower stances because the near-clipping plane is dynamically adjusted based on the distance from the viewpoint to the closest object or point on the terrain.

I will probably close #10436 and appy its status to this ticket. (This one has more votes, better description.)

EDIT: done. Title edited for clarity.

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it's still operation flashpoint come, childhood disease

As for me, z-fighting is the most disgusting bug in Arma and Flash series, if dev's will not change this issue and LOD's problem, i will play GTA 5 (without this bugs), not ARMA, i am tired

Suma tried to improve this for A2.
Check the CIT for the tickets and link them in here as they contain good context.

Issue is still present.
I made a video of it back on Aug 21, 2014:
And here is one of today, Dec 11, 2014:

Seems like textures gets messed up when looked at through transparent materials. It may also be that the issue have to do with the line of sight being interrupted by object boundaries (the transparent box around objects) in general, as I noticed for example that, with binoculars, if I have a bush in my line of sight to a distant subject then the textures starts to get crazy, if I move sideways to get the bush limits out of the way, the texture looks fine.