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Medics, Engineers, AT/AA Soldiers and EODs are unable to take their special equipment with them on parajumps
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The new Parachute system of ArmA3 is way better than the one which was previously used in ArmA2, however I noticed a big flaw which could be considered potentially game-breaking for paratrooper units.
I noticed that it is impossible to carry a backpack together with a parachute, this implies that Medikits, Toolkits as well as most reserve ammo for an AT/AA launcher cannot be carried on parajumps making it literally impossible for a paratrooper unit to operate autonomously as they always would have to meet up with their Mediks, Engineers, EODs and AT/AA Soldiers on the ground.

My suggestions in this case:
Simply make it possible to carry a backpack additionally to a parachute.

P.S For a Medik it is possible to carry first aid kits instead of an actual medikit, however this lacks the ability to heal a soldier up to 100% of health again.


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  1. Get a parachute.
  2. Try to take a backpack.
  3. See that 2. is impossible and think of the consequences.
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I have recently also spoken to several people which were or still are military paratroopers in real life, they all told me that they carry their equipment in special backpacks or waist packs which can be used together with parachutes.

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Agree, the parachute in game actually look more like a civilian one, and the lack of room for medical/combat stuff make it impossible as a way of insertion.


another suggestion would be to have another kind of parachute, that is a combination of parachute and backpack.
this would be easier to implement perhaps.

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Imposable is a much overused word.

About the only unit that is really affected are ones that can repair vehicles etc, who you could argue would be one of the least likely to be on a para drop unless they were airdropping vehicles too.

explosive/demo experts can carry everything they need to set explosive charges including 2 charges and the mine detector, 6 primary mags, 1 fak, 1 frag grenade and a fully kited out MX# and have all their ancillary slots fully filled, they lose out on the toolkit and a sidearm BUT can have a loaded AT/AA launcher!
Noting they can take also take backpacks from dead opposition to use and fill with goodies they find.

Medics can carry 20 FAKs, 8 smoke grenades, 8 primary MX# mags, a fully kitted out MX#, all their ancillary slots fully filled, they lose out on the medikit and a sidearm BUT can have a loaded AT/AA launcher!
given they can also take any FAKs from people they treat if they have any to maximise healing and retention of FAKs, they can also take them from dead opposition AND take backpacks from opposition to use and fill with goodies they find.
BTW: the above is using the default assigned cloths and chest rig and no doubt there are cloths, chest rig etc with more capacity.

There is also nothing with doing a supply drop at the same time as a para jump.

Invariably in RL a guy may jump out with his backpack in front of him then before he land its dropped on a lanyard so it hangs ~ 20ft beneath him so the weight of his pack doesn’t injure him on landing, as a ~ 35kg pack on you as you land increases the chance of it happening.

@b101uk, I see what you mean and I also understand that in real life as well as ingame a paratrooper is restricted from carrying really heavy equipment due to the chute and the fact that they're jumping out of a moving air vehicle, however this is still a a semi-simulator and the lack of a medikit significantly decreases the combat effectiveness of a paratrooper as FAKs do not fully heal you up to 100% again.
P.S. Also you don't always get to loot dead enemies, for instance if you're getting amubushed by a superior unit your aim would be to evacuate from the area rather than killing every enemy which implies that you also might not have the opportunity to loot an enemy.

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there should be some room for items
i agree

perhaps just make special para-trooper chest-rig that has more space. this would be cool, because you could distinguish a paratrooper from a regular soldier even if he is not carrying his chute.

IRL paratroopers carry their gear in a bag tied to their waist. The devs should make this bag replace the parachute on landing when it(the parachute) automatically disappears.

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I want to add that if you put on a regular backpack, fill it via VAS and then change to a parachute, you can keep your items inside the parachute.

Dunno if its intentional, but it seems to be a work around for this "issue".

But its unrealistic as hell.. Infantry paradrops usually carry the shute on they're back and they're gear infront of them. (Bags between te legs) I also made a ticket about this but im more interested in adding realistic supply drops and Vehicle drops using larger planes.

@Byrgesen I noticed that as well, however I and probably most other players as well would like to have the possibility to carry their equipment while parajumping without any other tools such as the Virtual Ammo Box.

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Maeby they could add new units called Men (Para) wich would have the special vest Ect.

Would be to much work. Simple need to add the function for units to attach they're gear to a clipping thing that hold's they're bags between the legs.

would work just fine as well

or just add an special backpack for the launcher slot

temporary workaround for those interested:

backpack worn prior to script execution is carried on the chest during freefall (couple bugs and quirks, backpack 'disappears' during parachute animation, but still survives the landing)

-An idea for Developers:
add new configs for a chest-strapped version of each backpack model. all it would be is just rotating the pack 180 degrees (or swapping skeleton points?). config only so it'd be 'quick'

Do paratroopers wear body armour while jumping IRL?

I was under the impression that most parachute rigs cannot accommodate bulky body armour underneath the straps or that special, cut-down plate-carriers had to be worn in order to jump safely while wearing a vest.

If they don't, perhaps the best alternative would be to make the parachute item into a vest-slot item rather than a rucksack-slot one, allowing rucksacks to be worn in conjunction to the parachute, and if a player needs body armour allow them to store it in the rucksack and swap the parachute vest for an armour vest on the ground.?

It would be nice for paratroopers to carry a realistic backpack and gear.