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[RESOLVED] Large transport aircraft for airdropping vehicles, troops
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It would be really cool if there would be transport aircraft like the C-130, C-17, CASA C-212, etc. that allowed paratroopers to be inserted more quickly, and airdropped Humvees or tanks.

Could there also be supply drops?


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I know this is Alpha (or the start of Beta, today), i''m just throwing this out there as a final release goal.

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I agree. We need a large cargoplane, turboprop or jet. But, which one exactly?

I would love to have a version of the MI-26 in there too for the Iranians or some such.

@CincoSete: But they won't fit vehicles! At least not tanks...

Please define tanks...

When i said tanks, mean of course light tanks. The aerial insertions are for quicker advantage in certain location. Example insert a anti air battery on a rocky mountain it´s better a steady landing than from parachute or from a flyby.

Quick calculations: Mil Mi-10 (8,000 kg (17,635 lb) max slung payload) with a FV101 Scorpion (Total weight in combat order - 7930 kg)

Ah interesting thoughts + calculation. Of course, i meant light tanks as well. You make sense, but i was just thinking of the different situations or scenarios that could be created if you had something like a C-130. Air drop 2 or 3 Humvees, or APCs. Or a huge number of troops.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but won't a helicopter landing at night giveaway your position? Whereas air-drops could be relatively more silent. I'd imagine a pretty big "thump!" when the vehicles land, though...

p.s. I understand SI better than imperial units :D

I live near from an aerial base and a C-130H-30 is anything but quiet

@ CinoSete, the V-22 Osprey is a medium lift aircraft. The CH-53E "Sea Stallion" or Pavelow and CH-47 Chinook are US Military's current heavy lift helicopters. Those, or a futuristic variant would be good to implement into Arma 3. As for fixed wing aircraft. The C-130, C17 or C5 would be good at doing heavy lifts/air drops.
@ SuicideKing, the helicopter insertion at night wouldn't be much of a concern if you are on the otherside of a ridgeline (avoiding visual or aural acquisition), in a stealth aircraft, and maintain proper light discipline.

But the main topic here is, YES incorporate airdrops and the ability to slingload and load internal cargo. I'm thinking of loading a RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat, e.g. Zodiac) internally, hovering over the ocean, and deploying it from my helicopter for a beach raid or recon team insertion.

@CincoSete: But you'll be dropping stuff from the air, right? You're not going to land "behind enemy lines" in a C-130!

@DennisModem: Thanks for clearing that up. My military knowledge is limited to video games, Discovery/Nat Geo/etc. and general reading, don't have actual experience with this stuff.

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I remember seeing some screenshots of an Osprey a while back, and if look in the water near the airbase's runway in Stratis there's a crashed one. I am curious to see what they will implement for the iranians and the green army.

I do. The scenario I listed is a real world mission that we perform. We deploy small boats and divers from a 5 foot hover over the ocean. We call it "Helo Cast" and "Soft Duck".

Helocast from the cabin of a CH-46E
Soft duck from a CH-46E

I see, thanks for the info! :)

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Upvoted, hopefully there's a large military cargo plane in the retail version. I'm in favour of the Airbus A400M, by the time any air force actually gets it, it'll be 2035... :D

I really hope we don't get a C-130 and instead we get a C-17 or some modern aircraft.

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similar contribution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like this guy and read this its the same thing but with a more detailed description and some fotage. [^] 82nd airborne jump from C5 galaxy. [^] Cargo resuply drop also from C5 galaxy.
h [^] BF3 DROPSHIP APC animation (Awsome but still a bit fake)

@captainwacky91. This was a concept. Never used in real combat simply because its to dangerous and hard to preform. Pilots must undergow training they only can get in the field. Sudden shift of weight couses different controll handling. As for the fatal crash demostrating this concept they stoped developing it.

@Raoul1234 Yeah I am aware it was a concept, but that doesn't mean that with the mythical future tech it couldn't be accomplished today. Plus, one must have a *little* suspension of disbelief with any video game.

@captainwacky91 i gues you are right but still i wont be surprised if the first month everyone is gona smack into the ground. xD

Ohh reading back to comments on this makes me exited.. Bis you better make this happen.

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That feature looks perfect in BF3/4! +1 to have it in A3

And, since it is the year 2035, why not an updated MV-22 and perhaps a V-120 Valkyrie? Those 2 should do the work (In addition they would be VTOL, so you wouldnt need an airport to land and deploy vehicles or infantry).

and talking about aircrafts... I really hope that an updated versión of the A10 was added too.


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Seems the F-35 and V-22 Osprey have been dropped from the ARMA 3 features. The Internet also seems to be almost virtually wiped of any mention of these planned vehicles for ARMA 3.

As with most others here, I also think it would be really nice to see C-130 & C-5 aircraft. The instant HALO drop mod within game maps is really hacking to suffice the missing large transport planes.

LOL. I love dropping glow sticks in vehicles for some odd reason. ;-)

(Oh! Look it the pretty plane boss!)

Devs/mods, could we get an update on this?

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They are out of the office until 2014.01.06 :-/

Bug #14723, "Addition of the V-22 Osprey and or Chinook (Or a varient for 2035)" was just closed and marked as a duplicate of this one.

When duplicate bugs are closed, all subscribers should be copied over and added to the open bug. (I used to always have to re-add myself on another server's Bugzilla, until just recently noticing I was now being automatically added to the CC list.) In almost every bug filed, I have always preferred to be added to the CC list of the original bug.

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@rogerx Thats a nice idea, we will add it to our "Feedback Tracker issue list".
Thanks you.

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Well, the Blackfish has fulfilled this dream, thanks BIS!

rogerx added a comment.Oct 6 2016, 5:22 PM

I would presume the air transport vehicles can also transport the heavier armored vehicles too using the vanilla version?

But I'm guessing, the air transport vehicles now have the ability to carry any vehicle regardless of weight or exception, using the additional included scripting hooks for use with add-ons?