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Magazine should be a proxy similar to muzzle, top, and side attachments
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It would be nice if the magazine was a proxy in the weapon p3d. Currently, as far as I know, the magazine is "hardcoded" in the p3d and isn't changed depending on the magazine being loaded.

Since magazines in CfgMagazines have a "model" config entry, it should be possible to use that as source for the proxy, i.e. no other configuration entries would be required.

Simply add a "/a3/data_f/proxies/weapon_slots/MAGAZINE" proxy to the weapon and your done.


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Also see the following feature request on CIT.

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Upvoted, I agree. It's weird when you have an extended magazine equipped, but when you look at your weapon, it's a standard one.

CXN2615 added a subscriber: CXN2615.May 7 2016, 2:38 PM

That's how we could have different type of magazines visully, but it there any difficulty for reload anime?

This feature is needed because why i had to create new p3D of the same weapon because i want to use other magazine type? that's just silly - why not to expand the new proxy system like DayZ SA did /we dont need that complex tho but it would be better for variants/

like one of the devs said this is not hard to do

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Unless I'm wrong, modelspecials can't be animated. Proxy magazines would make having multiple rpg7 reskins and animated flip down sights and zeroing a possibility, not to mention making file sizes smaller.

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kllrt added a comment.Dec 15 2014, 4:44 PM

As akp said, you can't animate RPG7 also, it's really anoying when you have multiple rockets and you have to make separeted model for each one. Also changeable magazines is next thing you can do then. I don't really see problem with this being implemented, if DayZ had it in first release, why not Arma?

EricJ added a subscriber: EricJ.May 7 2016, 2:38 PM

Upvoted, would save a lot of work on modder's so we have one base model, and then add the magazine models via proxy to show the different magazines, and make life much easier.

+1, it must be done before muzzle, top, and side attachments.

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Upvoting for sure.

Looks strange that there's still no response/comment from BI (considering this does't seem to require much effort for implementation).