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Helicopter explodes when leaving a pad at random.
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I was playing a mulitplayer match when I died and got a new chopper. The moment I entered the chopper all of them exploded and I died. It was like someone sabotaged them, but they were all friendly. Enemy was AI.


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confirmed, happend to me too. I just entered chopper and boom. But it was on Domination, so maybe its mission bug

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This seems to be a helicopter specific bug and occurs in our missions too. We have tested extensively and it is not a mission scripting issue. The issue is very sporadic and only happens when entering via the pilot seat. It happens on the Hummingbird, orca and the new ch-49. Also the Hummingbird and orcas always spawn with damaged instruments and sometimes engines even when they are set to 100% in the editor.

This happened to me on a domination server when attempting to steal the enemies Mi-48 from camp Rogain.

We has three ghosthawks flying in three different areas on a server and they all blew up at the same time.

This is an Domination game mode glitch, Normally noticeable with servers that have Helicopters Requirements, such as needs to be pilot. It only happens if you get into the pilot seat and is a "SERVER" issue.

And for ProGamer, it sounds like a cheater joined your server and killed you.

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@track silver

  1. This does not only happen in Domination games.
  2. Please explain: "SERVER" issue. That means nothing.

By server issue, I mean, I've never had a issue with it in the editor or even private made severs, only time I've experienced this was in a online server that I didn't host that had some sort of restriction on the helicopter.

Jman added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 5:31 PM

The issue happens regardless of whether there is a restriction on player class. It only happens on dedicated servers and the editor is not affected by the issue.

I agree that it's a server/MP issue. I've never had this issue anywhere else except playing Domination. Please update title to specify MP.

Its anyone still experiencing this issue? In Domination or a n other mission type?
We are getting random results via Domination and its still an issue on both current stable and Dev versions.

Jman added a comment.Jul 19 2013, 3:52 PM

Yes, so far we've not been able to get a good repro but we can say it's not a mission script thats causing the issue - it appears to be engine related, backed up by the fact that on the development branch version: 0.73.107978 it's worse and causes rotorblades to damage/disappear.

Via our mission Guru Flip :) He suggested and we have tested, and working... Fingers Crossed.. by getting the Helicopters to spawn and respawn 10cms above the ground. We believe that they were spawning below ground level causing this random issue. This seems to have stopped the problem for us in the Domination mission.

Jman added a comment.Jul 22 2013, 2:30 PM

We had offsetY=0.30000001; on the position of the heli's which was indeed causing them to be damaged on spawn/respawn. We set offsetY=0;

However the helicopters still explode randomly.

Wrong inserted chopper.

Reopen on reporter request.

Can you please create some simple repro mission with this issue? Thank you.

TBh its very random how it happens, we have tried various things but it still appears through time. We are trying to work out if its infact mission related and not engine. But there does seem to be a spawning damaged issue, which we have tried to address by raising them to spawn higher in mission. It might be linked to damage in relation to the surfaces they are spawning on.

Jman added a comment.Jul 22 2013, 2:33 PM

We are also finding that the helicopters are still exploding randomly in the stable version, however in the dev branch version 0.73.107978 whilst they also explode randomly, the rotors damage once they are airborne resulting either the rotors stopping or disappearing altogther depending on the helicopter type.

I will try to post a repo mission asap.

Sorry I have not been able to play the game or reply to these lately due to work. So basically this issue I reported might be able to be reproduced but only using certain choppers. The two where the little bird and passenger one from alpha. I have not checked if it can be done in Beta at all. The best I can say is to do a mission based online server. The server I found this issue was on Dog Company's Server. I do not know if this will help at all, but I notice many problems with this server. Hope this helps and sorry for such a late report, my job has been tough lately.

Jman added a comment.Jul 26 2013, 3:25 AM

I have tracked down the issue to some mission code that runs in A&W and Domination which produces the issue. Remove the code below from your mission.

Code here:

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Helicopters randomly exploding when getting into them happens even without A&W and Domination. It happens in a custom mission that has no such protections as listed by the above post there. Just utterly randomly, with no error messages or apparent cause.

We have removed the spawn protection, yes the helicopters do get damaged when passing over or through the protection zone, but the randomly exploding choppers is something else. Even after removing it, we are still experiencing it although its now less frequent or more random :)

Jman added a comment.Jul 27 2013, 3:22 AM

Agreed. We are still experiencing the random helo explosions too.

So far, this has only happened to me in the Mi-48 and only when playing on MP servers.

Update: this also happens in the AH-99 when getting in the gunner seat and selecting take controls. Or, now in general anytime I get in the helicopter. Is there some type of restriction?

i own a server on development build and that is what happened to us many times during an Altis mission so we made a basic mission with 2 players and few helicopters then uploaded it on our server: choppers always explode randomly when you get in the pilot seat.

edit: shot a bullet in a chopper before to get in to avoid explosion.

I think this is an issue with mission design as this has only happened to me on certain MP servers.

Jman added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 11:13 AM

I disagree totally with that last comment.
I have a several MP missions using different scripts and this issue happens in all of them from time to time. Since the Jet was introduced to the branch that too explodes sometimes.

wUFr added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 11:17 AM

My idea is, its sync-lagg problem, when someone or server (?) see player "out" of chopper but positioned inside of it so chopper/plane explode

Since yesterday i have same Problem, i Enter the helicopter and he explode!
its not almost the same one, sometimes the little bird, sometimes the Ghosthawk,
also, one of the Tanks explode too, without enter it,...

First i was thinking it was my new mission update, but also the older versions
the Helis explode, also the UAV-Jets..

Same thing, in Editor all works fine, but on the server it Explodes!

this all starting, after the Update Yesterday 16.9.2013

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XiviD added a comment.Sep 24 2013, 4:42 PM

Same here! Different missions, different mods, no mods, etc.

Happened to me twice today on a custom made mission. Just posting so you can see as of 16/10/2013 it is still not fixed.

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Tajin added a comment.Oct 16 2013, 1:06 PM

Just because it happens in different missions doesn't mean that it is NOT mission-related. Maybe those missions have something in common?

I've never witnessed anything like that on our server so far.

After some DEV updates it just happend now, just sometimes to me!

After the last Stable Update, i changed to the Stable Version, so since that time it dont happent to me, but last two days it happend each day 1 time!
but Only at Ghosthawk (Black and Camo)...
Sometimes also strange, if i enter the Chopper, after that it looks like he was stuck,and its looks like he fall 10cm,... maybe he spawned to close to the ground,
and because of that he explode sometimes,...

Also i drive wit a atv to the choppers, and sometimes im to fast, and hit the chopper just a little, and he also Explode!... ordinary i can hit the chopper with the atv in full speed and nothing happend...

anyway for me it looks like the Problem is 95% fixed,... but i hear about other server, this problem is far away from fix

yeah, i've noticed that when you shot in an helicopter that normally explode when you get in, the chopper get 10cm up and when you get in, he doesnt explode anymore. It's not happened to me since the supposed fix but i saw a guy on my server to who it's happened

Nemesi added a subscriber: Nemesi.May 7 2016, 2:30 PM

We are having this bug in a MP mission, anyone knows the cause and possible solution?

Seems to be a random JIP issue.. even with the fix we are occasionally still getting it.. please sort it out

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scft added a comment.Apr 30 2015, 4:23 PM

Not sure if that's a proper ticket, but...
Arma's engine seems to change a physical position of the chopper once somebody enters - you can frequently notice how the nose slightly jumps up at the event of that.
Couple of times the chopper jumped non-slightly, resulting in crash (and a shame for everybody thinking you're doing things wrong)

Perhaps desynchronisation has something to do with this. I haven't yet encountered this in SP and low-ping low-lag servers.