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Combat pace toggled when toggle aiming down
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In DEV 0.57 105125,I find that we can run/rush/reload,while still aiming down.This is good.
But,when I use the key to toggle aiming down,I always toggle the combat pace no mater what key I use -- both the right mouse button and the Num0 key do this.
If I was running and want to use my sight,it's good to toggle to combat pace as well.BUT,when I hold my gun up, move as combat pace,and try aiming down.I have been toggled in to run.this is not what I want....


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EDIT: Raedek
1.Spawn any unit
2.Toggle tactical pace(A3 preset default:"C")
3.Move forward
4.Aim down the sights(Red dot or similar)
5.Tactical pace will be toggled off

Additional Information

It's better to keep the capability to run while aiming down,and it's also good to toggle me into combat pace when I was running and try aimming down.BUT toggle to run while try aimming down is NOT acceptable

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

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To put it a bit clearer I think:

When 'tactical pace' is active, 'optics mode' no longer works while moving.

I've edited repro to better match the issue.

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Raedek Thanks for that,and sorry for my poor English...

BTW,Telescopic sights also got this issue.And eyes stick in the Scope when running,even when Sprinting.

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Fixed 105695

Mass close.