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Night time is too dark
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Night time is too dark without NVGs. Even on the brightest night with the fullest moon it's impossible to see or navigate at night. When you actually make it a dark night, it's the abyss. Can the level of light at night time please be more normalized from dark to actually visible without NV? {F19410}


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Try a night mission without NVGs under any circumstances, full moon, clear skies, or no moon, overcast skies. In no circumstance could you see.

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Get a better monitor.

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^^ What he said. The monitor matters. Some LCDs have serious issues with black color levels. Or alternatively - adjust your gamma in game options.

I play with a large group of people. 100% of the people I play with have this issue. It's not our monitors. It's not brightness/gamma settings. The nights are too dark. There is NO setting in which you can make nighttime bright enough to navigate without NVGs.

It's not bad, But could definitely be improved.
Something Similar to ACE pgUp/PgDn, NVG sensitivity would be perfect and not too hard to implement.

It isn't just a monitor or gamma issue. Even with a full moon it becomes nearly pitch black. Unless you have severe eye issues, your actual eyes would adjust to the darkness and let you see further.

Try moving in an area with no light source by a moonless and stormy night. You won't see much.
On my screen night with moon and stars are fine, and dark night are as dark as they should be.


The night is not dark enough.

"The night is dark and full of terrors" in arma it's only dark. You should be thankfull.

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

For reference I'm adding screenshot from latest Steam DEV version. Bear in mind that Jpeg compression darkens the image a little.

It's either your monitor or your eyes that are at fault.

I have no problem seeing at night if the moon is out. And when it's not, it's supposed to be pitch black.

I can see in the screenshot posted as well.

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try setting it to 00:00 at the default editor date, i have gamma 1.2 and i see clearly what is going on

NON-ISSUE - If it's really Dark then so much the better it supports my case for Natural Night vision to be improved. 7660

I agree with metalcraze. The night isn't dark enough. I can kind of understand the current level of illumination for a full moon night - though I would like some tweaking - but on moonless nights it's still way too blue and bright. This also prevents other features, such as NVGs and flash lights, to be used frequent at night, as it's hardly needed for the player to see. At least, that's my current experience.

It doesn't take me too long to drive at an area where there are no street lights and little light-pollution from my town, and it's hardly this blue and bright for me as you'll see in the current build (alpha 0.60). On a side note, it would be interesting to see a more grainy effect when seeing with and without NVGs at night, but that's a different ticket.

Either way, current global/moon illumination and color settings at night is too bright and too blue. Somewhere in between ArmA 3 current and ArmA 2 (or early alpha build of ArmA 3) would perhaps be more suited.

It is completely dependent on the type of moon and if it is pitch black it is either a bug, your monitor has low brightness or the game does.

I had to downvote this, because I was trying to see "full night" in editor and it is still too bright even with clouds. Get yourself a better monitor, ARMA 3 deserves it.

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Depend what kind of night.If there is no moon - yes,you hard to see things even with NVG.But exist IR/Color flares for UGL.If full moon - I can see things without,sometimes better that with NVG.

Try to ajust gamma in game or monitor,but not so hard.In some kind - overajusted gamma is an hardware cheat(Use this or not - your problem).Im perfectry see moving vehicles at ~1km distance,moving infantry - around 500m,in forest - almost didn't see anything.

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Closing, since the OP seems to have disappeared and has not responded to the dev request.