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Move Direct Channel volume to VON slider
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Pretty much the same issue I reported for ArmA 2 here [ ] as I suspect I still applies to ArmA 3.

In ArmA 2 having Direct Channel on effects it makes it that it's impossible to reduce volume of shooting and explosions to appropriate levels without making Direct Channel impossible to hear (volume too low), while "realistic" this is impractical as on real life shouting over gunfire is a viable option while shouting over gunfire wile playing a video game at night in apartment is not.

As such I'd also like this fixed in ArmA 3 if it's still the case.


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Yes, we need to adjust game volume to hear voice over TS, Vent, and ingame channels in the worst conditions. While I can tolerate losing coms in a firefight - a simple helicopter ride will force you to cut the volume drastically or you are effectively deaf for the duration. As soon as you get on the ground, you can't hear anything over direct.

Some mods rely very heavily on direct as well (such as Altis Life, etc) and there really needs to be a fix for the direct chat. This doesn't add immersion - it simply annoys and causes problems. It's an endless source of frustration, and we don't want to have to constantly enter the options and adjust the volume while playing. (THIS breaks the immersion.)

Moving it to use the VON slider is a quick and easy fix. If you like something more advanced, maybe a checkbox to allow us to switch direct over to the VON volume controls, or a seperate volume slider.

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This really needs to be done. Direct chat is very difficult to hear.

Agreed. Desperately needed.

guess this is related -
there just should be far more options for audio :/

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Granted a likely duplicate, but the author of this bug explicitly stated the problem instead of dancing around like Bug #16196. The issue or bug is clearly stated within the topic of this bug report.

I vote to keep this one open, especially since it has more votes.

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This indeed. Since A3 Patch 1.54 the distance that direct rolls off makes it almost useless. Since group channels/command channels are breaking up still it's compounding the in-game VON and seriously affecting game play. I'm yelling when people are trying to sleep. That is TOO much immersion ;)

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Does the Task Force Radio module also have similar effect in direct chat? Although I'm not a fan of TeamSpeak, there are binaries maintained for Linux, and TFAR is open source now.

Also, the ACE module/modification resolves several other nuances.

Although these issues should be fixed within the main ARMA 3 branch, it's nice to see several modules/modifications have attempted to fix or enhance enhance with better success.

Would be great to just get the direct sound system from TFAR/ACRE, i.e. adjustable direct VON volume (that then obey the laws of virtual physics).

So shouting can be heard for a longer distance than a whisper, etc.

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Fixed in 2.00/2.02