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May 10 2016

OlFart added a comment to T86600: Random zombie/reload/drink sounds..

This is happening to me as well - constantly. Sometimes it's worse, and sometimes better. Just now I was hiding in a building in Chernarus for a few minutes because of an unusual high number of these phantom sounds. It wasn't until I realised the order of the sounds made no sense that I decided it was just the usual bug. Kind of a big issue since you can't ever be sure if what you hear is a potential danger or not. I experience this in every single game session without fail.

Not all sounds do this, but there's a certain few that are quite frequent:

  • splitting stacks
  • opening soda cans
  • canteen drinking
  • wet/dry food eating
  • loading (less common but all the more scary)
May 10 2016, 2:01 PM · DayZ
OlFart added a comment to T66550: Move Direct Channel volume to VON slider.

Yes, we need to adjust game volume to hear voice over TS, Vent, and ingame channels in the worst conditions. While I can tolerate losing coms in a firefight - a simple helicopter ride will force you to cut the volume drastically or you are effectively deaf for the duration. As soon as you get on the ground, you can't hear anything over direct.

Some mods rely very heavily on direct as well (such as Altis Life, etc) and there really needs to be a fix for the direct chat. This doesn't add immersion - it simply annoys and causes problems. It's an endless source of frustration, and we don't want to have to constantly enter the options and adjust the volume while playing. (THIS breaks the immersion.)

Moving it to use the VON slider is a quick and easy fix. If you like something more advanced, maybe a checkbox to allow us to switch direct over to the VON volume controls, or a seperate volume slider.

May 10 2016, 2:46 AM · Arma 3