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Random zombie/reload/drink sounds.
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I'll just be running around and then the sound of a zombie biting or somebody drinking or someone reloading comes up. This happens even when I am in a city or an open field and I am sure there is no zombie/player making these sounds.


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Just walk around town.

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I get this too, are these the 'placeholder' sounds for what will eventually replace the text ui for character condition maybe? Or placeholders for upcoming environmental sounds? Was freaking me out for at least an hour, zombies drinking sodas all around me in the woods.

keypax added a subscriber: keypax.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

Get the same sounds on airport in Balota. I'm sure there was nobody drinking, beacuse i Was on the middle of the airport in the daylight.
Sound repeat few time.

NO_FEAR added a subscriber: NO_FEAR.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

I was getting the, "you are thirsty" message and kept hearing a pop top and drink sound. Thought it was my (in game) sub-conscience playing tricks on my mind.

Confirmed, had Zombie aggro sound playing on and off for my friend and me for around an hour. We both kept checking and there was no zombies in sight, let alone aggroed on us.

I also keep hearing the drinks can opening sound when I am the only player nearby.

Trennen added a subscriber: Trennen.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

I have heard them as well, they loop in Zelenogorsk military spawns.

I tested the drinking sound with my friend and he could hear me drink about 4 KM from where I was. The drinking sounds seems to be global.

something similar here: i always here a zed followed by something that sounds like a shotgun followed by a knuckle-cracking sound

Bigsby added a subscriber: Bigsby.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

Zombie and drinking sounds appear randomly and it's really annoying.

It can be game breaking after playing for hours it can grate on the players nerves.

Me and a friend actually tested it out and it happens every time someone does the action.

samuelc added a subscriber: samuelc.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

I was sitting on the hill near electro when a rabbit ran past making a zombie noise then he stopped to make a can opening sound

OlFart added a subscriber: OlFart.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

This is happening to me as well - constantly. Sometimes it's worse, and sometimes better. Just now I was hiding in a building in Chernarus for a few minutes because of an unusual high number of these phantom sounds. It wasn't until I realised the order of the sounds made no sense that I decided it was just the usual bug. Kind of a big issue since you can't ever be sure if what you hear is a potential danger or not. I experience this in every single game session without fail.

Not all sounds do this, but there's a certain few that are quite frequent:

  • splitting stacks
  • opening soda cans
  • canteen drinking
  • wet/dry food eating
  • loading (less common but all the more scary)

Same here. Definitely GLOBAL SOUNDS = more people on the server the more frequent the sounds, also my friend and I don't always hear the same sounds.

confirm that, today in balota, just me and a friend, I hear some1 clearly that he don't. he eat, drink, and recharge. This was quite anogsious. ahahah

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