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Voice Over Network (VON): Add separate volume sliders for all the VON-channels
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I did not find any equal thread so I created that ticket. Please take your time for reading and inform me, if there is a dublicate.

After playing hours and hours in multiplayer, we all experienced those players, that are speaking non-stop through the global or side channel (mostly not in english). Those players sometimes get kicked out but for the moment it sucks and it breaks immersion. For example while playing on "Altis Life" or "Wasteland" servers.

I know, you have the ability to mute them over the players tab, but it is very time intense, to every time look for the players name (especially when they have some strange symbols in their tags).

Another option is, to mute the VON-Channel over the audio options, so players can only communicate via the text chat, or over the direct channel, when they are close to your position.

Here, the problem begins:

If you now sit with another player in a vehicle (for example the MH-9) and the player tries to communicate via speaking over the direct channel, you cannot or barely hear the other guy, because the engine is too loud (what is great).

The other player now has the option, to switch to the vehicle channel (the yellow one), but you won't hear him, because you muted the VON over the audio options before. Now you have to go into those options and increase the VON slider to understand, what the other player is talking... but at the same time, you will hear those global and side channel spamming guys and that sucks.

The problem is: You only have one slider for all channels (global/side/group & vehicle).

It would be great, if the developers would add an option, where you independently can set up the volume for each of those channels.

For example: muting the global and side channel and set up the group and vehicle channel to 50 till 100 percent.


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Dedicated to the guy, who gave a downvote, please let me (us) know, why?

Maybe he gave the downvote because he don't want that the people can't hear him spamming the side or globe channel by default ;)

1+ from me

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Please note, this is related to Bug #10272, "Ability to instantly disable VON whit specialties to Side and Global chat to not be bother by people screaming over the mics."

However, the two bugs could be combined, if Bug #10272 were to include this bug's possible solution as well. This bug seems to currently have fewer votes and was opened later. But this bug or feature request could also be a solution to Bug #10272! Reducing the volume is something I always used to do, and still do when multiple radios are turned on. However, this would also easily provide an off switch as well. But again, as I just noted within Bug #10272, this volume feature can also be abused by server administrators wanting to deny usage of certain groups just because it looks cool or looks realistic. And in essence, turn away many older players as the server administrator's perception is not realistic. (If I'm not mistaken, certain channel volumes already have their volumes artificially increased within the game, and I think one channel with increased volume is Side Chat, which is extremely irritating when communicating on direct, group or vehicle chat channels.)

Usually we've reserved Side chat to minimal Air or Mortar (or other external support) operations. (As it should be!) Most users should be able to reduce this Side chat channel volume and focus only on their group, vehicle or direct chat channels. Instead, they're forced to hear a much louder Side channel over their primary used channel.

Great idea for the wrong reasons! Just mute the player! Still, I would like to turn up direct more than any other channel.

After rereading the topic, I also tend to agree having Direct Chat statically linked within the Effects Volume is probably a very bad idea. But does within another perspective, make sense.

I'm always constantly manually turning-up and turning down the Effects Volume due to vehicle and aircraft noise, or the fact there's no ear plugs or radio headset simulated within the game. And without Effects Volume turned to maximum volume, Direct Chat is completely silenced.

Better fix: don't play wasteland or altis life. But yes, it's a good idea.

Ditto. (I paid for the game, and I want to play with all it's toys and not have to re-earn all the toys again -- wasting good time for other more fruitful real-life projects! ;-)

That's why Zeus and the Virtual Arsenal is such a beautiful thing :) everything is at your fingertips.