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Little Bird NEEDS Countermeasures
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The MH-9 and AH-9 (which are the wrong designations for the Little Bird, if it's supposed to be the same as the extant helicopter by the name Little Bird. Should be MH-6 and AH-6) are not equipped with radar warning for incoming missiles, IR jamming and flare dispensers. These are standard defensive equipment for all AH-6J and MH-6J's.

The Ka-60 does have flares, but I'm unsure whether they have incoming missile warnings.

These are simple features that all air vehicles have, I don't see why the Little Bird is left out unless it's some attempt at "balancing" its high maneuverability. This would be unacceptable for Arma. If it's just an omission due to not yet being implemented, colour me satisfied.

Thanks for reading.


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He's right. The 0H-6 (Meaning the Little Bird Main Frame) is equipped with countermeasures listed above. Do a bit of reading on this...

Paragraph 2.'little-bird'.html

I'm sure that there will be all this things in the finished version ;)

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Of course, but the coding would be quick and would make Wasteland life a little easier. :p

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Sorry but you're wrong about the whole "MH-6" thing. The helicopters in the game, while being heavily based on the MH-6 and AH-6, are -NOT- the same helicopter. They're different and this was stated by BI themselves, they're MH-9's.

jovan added a comment.Jun 7 2013, 7:13 AM

The fictional MH/AH-9 Helicopter was design to replace the MH/AH-6...

Think of this realistically. Why would the military ever purchase a helicopter like the AH-9 when the AH-6 is far superior? I'll tell you this though, the AH-9 needs some major upgrades to ever come close to the AH-6.

I'll also mention the fact that the AH-6 can equip itself with Air to Air Stingers and simply knock the AH-9 in a Dogfight.

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FYI - KA60 transport without guns doesn't have flares, that's rather strange, and in my opinion they should by to it.

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Flares can be added to the Littlebird helicopters via this vehicle init:

_vehic = "B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F" createVehicle _spawnPos;

	   _vehic addweapon "CMFlareLauncher"; 
	   _vehic addmagazine "168Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine";

but the flares really should be present in the OH-9 helicopter family and unarmed KA-60. It's just plain odd that the Littlebirds are defenceless against anti air in ArmA 3, whereas, in ArmA 2, the Littlebirds actually stood a chance against air to air missiles.

With the upcoming Helicopter DLC in September 2014, I think it would be laughable not to see some kind of Defensive Aids Suite (DAS) integrated into the current helicopters which do not have countermeasures.

What we should really have is a system to customize vehicles. Part of picking flares would mean sacrificing another option (such as smoke grenade launchers as found on tanks; could be used to cover LZs etc).

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If I may, I made a suggestion that might make not having flares on the AH-9 a MH-9 more manageable. Bringing back the FLIR that was available by scripting during Alpha would help a heli-crew recon the area, and help determine whether it's safe to continue.

In my opinion all of these options, flares, FLIR camera, doors, benches, etc, should be available. It's just up to the missions designer to decide which ones are being used.

To implement this you could just use the base mh-9 model in the editor, and then have ether tick-boxes/second drop-down menu so you can add what you want. or do it by means of scripting, which I personally do not prefer since it has to initialize and is not in engine.

Are they going to add in flares finally??

This (in my opinion) is a very very simple fix. Recently, the developers apparently added chaff 3D graphics. The chaff are automatically deployed along with flares. (The past key mappings stated, the choice of chaff or flare should be selectable using CTRL and Shirted CTRL meta keys.)

Aircraft without flares cannot be currently flown at all (safely) when ANY enemy anti-aircraft soldiers are preset on the battlefield. In order to fly any of the helicopters not having flares, all anti-aircraft vehicles, including ALL enemy anti-aircraft soldier need to be eliminated. (This is not to include also friendly fire from friendly anti-aircraft solders!) This seems unrealistic, and easily fixed.

This bug seems related to Bug #21563: Radar broken in helicopters. Without radar, detecting incoming missiles is impossible, making flare/chaff useless.

Ticket can be closed, as it's not a bug, but a request. Or move it Wishlist.

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