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when AI gets killed by mine they automatically detect you.
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i put an AP mine on a road and i was having fun watching stuff blow up...
however when i tested this on an enemy sentry patrol walking down the road..
1 soldier went bye bye and the other SOMEHOW found me in a bush... bang headshot im dead... :(


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place you as explosive specialist
place enemy sentry
make them walk down the road obviously after you have place the mines
hide somewhere in the vicinity
watch and observe

Additional Information

surely if this happened in real life the soldier that is still alive is wondering what the fu*k happened and then goes and takes cover, NOT oh look AI aimbot bang headshot.

hope people can reproduce this

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Is this the return of the bug that used to make the Bomberman mission in OFP:CWC so difficult?

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I noticed this too on the Headhunters mission when laying mines for the vehicle that was patrolling near the start. As soon as the vehicle hits the mine everyone in the car instantly bails, knows where you are even though you are hiding and even some from 400+ meters away at the firing range they know where you are hiding.

Tested on map editor and its easy to replicate, just set up a random enemy patrol, lay some mines in their path and then go hide somewhere.

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i believe this is the same issue as the classic OFP bomberman problem.
im sure the developers can easily fix this when they fix the grenade and mine explosive power.


thank you for confirming my reproduction.

hopefully this may be viewed soon?

Yes really annoying. I wanted to make a Bomberman remake, but its impossible to play, because the AI allways knows where i am hiding. Maybe it has also something to do with this ticket:

Bouben added a subscriber: Bouben.May 7 2016, 1:37 PM

Is this ticket still relevant?

since the last patch something goes weird... AI-spotting is Incredible.

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I guess it's same if you place a charge, and even throw a grenade (less annoying due to the imminence of the explosion).
In fact, the event handler "fired" will trigger as soon as you "put" a charge/mine, "throw" something, not waiting for the explosion.
And you're probably also under the sun-lights for the knowledge of enemy units.

Baraz added a subscriber: Baraz.Sep 24 2017, 10:08 PM

Basically, any damage or 'attack' you do is treated like you had fired at them and revealed your position. Ironically, this reaction has many exceptions for bullets, like if you have a silencer and do not fire too often, you remain hidden.

It is a quirk that I suggest BI might want to 'prioritize'.

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