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[Feature Request] Weapon: Crossbows
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For stealth kills and operations, for pvp and cqb
Quiver for arrows can be as ruck (optional), carry 15-20 arrows
Can have arrows with small explosive (as grenade)???

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@bigpickle - play Wolfenshtain 3d...

If you dont want, just dont use it...

Maybe you vote down knife feature too?! :)

This isnt Battlefield.The Crossbow isnt a weapon used by any military

You know? this is no DayZ, not BF3, not Crysis 3, and you wrote "Wolfeinstein" wrong.


x100500 /facepalm's, defragmented minds...

still dont see the point in a crossbow. its not a hunting game...

kol9yn, what did you meant in your last comment?

he means he enjoys trolling us with stupid ideas

stalker or not, john, at least you are right

a crossbow for stealth missions??? cmon. what's next? poisoned blowdarts?!? there's sound supressors for alomst every single gun in the game so far...
and BTW you BOTH spelled WOLFENSTEIN wrong XD


samogon added a subscriber: samogon.May 7 2016, 1:35 PM

Well crossbow is interested.The suppressor is way effective,if you miss you may shoot again.But
This will be good combined underwater and silent ground weapon.
This weapon may used by civilians in single player.Non-military use isn't allowed?

In fact Russian SF have crossbows for some purposes,but not for combat,as well as .22lr rifles.For silent killing exist VSS an AS.

@Kol9yN - I didn't support knife as well.If melee combat will be in arma - it better be butstock kick like.Knife more tool,that weapon in modern combat.You better grow up or keep play your COD,BF... whatever.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

@Devs: if few dudes just dont want to have, it does not mean do not want all
@all: If you dont want to have it, just not use it and stop hurt new features for engine... Look at future please

look at the voting, onlly 4 out of 41 poeple wanted crossbow, stop being butthurt and face it, no one wants crossbows.

Samogon, i think crossbows aren't even being made anymore, instead, people is using bows and arrows, and i doubt its available for civilian use, and neither crossbows nor a bow and arrow works underwater, unless we are talking about a special naval custom version.

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As all the others said, this is a war simulator, there is no corssbow in war. I like it in Crysis and BF, but when I like to play really tactical and realistic, I don't want anyone to run around with these things. If we had crossbow, we could also have defibrillators, nanosuits and maybe some sort of repair torch to bring any vehicle back to 100% health immediately...That's not what ArmA stands for.

Someone can do it as mod. Just request this as addon.

this is the same person to added the 'dual wielding' ticket. *facepalm

Stop trolling Kol9yN. It's not even funny anymore. Voted no.

Civilian weapon? Maybe, it's not as though civy weapons never existed in the series, remember the short guns in Operation Flashpoint? Sorta same thing.

But no to explosive or anything other than a sharp tipped's not far cry 3.

If arma 3 is based in the future, ceramic plates would most likely be issued to all soldiers in the field, they are almost issued in most military's today. The idea of a arrow piercing a ceramic plate in a level 3 military vest is hilarious.

Dude.... Back to cod and battlefield like serious this is a simulator... the only place you are gona find crosbows in the army is in the Spetsnaz... But yhea they are the Spetsnaz here you play as USMC or some weird hebrish english hybride force..

you play as the US army as in OTAN in the 2035 with a different equipment and configuration for squads, etc.

Still, even the Spetsnaz dont use them for combat, just to reach difficult areas

As this is a realistic military shooter my heart will break if this is put in the game

Fa11en added a subscriber: Fa11en.May 7 2016, 1:35 PM

please dont....

Thanks DayZ.........................

Dude i like how in one of your comments you tell the defs if a vew dudes dont want it doesnt mean it does not have to be left out of the game. Thats the most stupid statement ever. Look at the downvotes no one accept for some cod kids want this.

Oges03 added a subscriber: Oges03.May 7 2016, 1:35 PM

Go play CoD

Go ask a modder...
I dont think that military will use crossbows in 2035... Downvote!

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hippie added a comment.Oct 7 2015, 4:36 AM

I recall watching a documentary about a special forces unit using crossbows to kill targets in a watchtower. (Unable to find source - thanks YouTube).

I don't understand why people downvote requests such as this one. If BI add crossbows to the game you won't be forced to use them. ARMA 3 is a open world game that enables the player to decide how they want to experience combat.

Please don't recommed people play C* of D* it's a silly rail-like shooter that offers no freedom.

AK-47, M4, spoon, M203 or crossbow, a kill is a kill.