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Crash when textures\models load for too long
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I have low end system and after some time playing new object models\textures start to take more and more time to load. This is most noticeable when teleporting to new location or respawning, everything around you is low-poly with low LOD textures, game actively loads something from HDD for several seconds, everything remains low-poly for several seconds and then it freezes for few seconds, unfreezes for another second and finally crashes. Sometimes when camera gets back to player (after spectating something) it simply fails to load player textures back and I get same kind of crash (attached screenshot - failed to load uniform\head textures and crashed, crash report files are for this case of crash)

rpt, bidmp, mdmp:

26.04.2013 update

I've made a small repro mission that helps to trigger this crash for me. Attached to the ticket as repro_texturescrash.Stratis.rar, made for singleplayer editor. Crash dump\logs that were triggered in this mission are also attached as repro_mission_crash_logs.rar {F18708} {F18709} {F18710} {F18711} {F18712} {F18713} {F18714} {F18715}


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Steps To Reproduce

How to reproduce crash in repro_texturescrash.Stratis.rar mission

  1. Go to Editor, select Stratis
  2. Load texturescrash.Stratis mission
  3. Preview the mission
  4. Select "Teleport" in action menu, it should teleport player to the airfield which has lots of different buildings spawned
  5. It will take some good time to load all the models and textures
  6. Open Splendid Camera
  7. Fly to Agia Marina close to some building in the town
  8. Wait for everything in Agia Marina to load
  9. Fly back to teleport location on the airfield where everything is located, some buildings will start to reload and it might trigger the crash. If no crash happens, repeat from step 7)

Repro steps and crash on video: (sorry for whole 10 minutes of video but I decided to record everything right from game's launch and to the crash)

I also noticed that it might require you to go back to main menu and load mission again. I can't say that it is required but this is how it worked for me in the video.

Crash dump (repro_mission_crash_logs.rar) is result of exactly these operations, it crashed for me as soon as I flew back to spawned building with splendid camera, half of buildings had low textures for me and game crashed. It might request low end hardware to easily reproduce this and it might not trigger easily on high end PCs.

Additional Information

I have experienced exactly same thing with A2OA year ago, but it was fixed:
[89603] Fixed: A possible crash when textures were loading too slow from the disk.
yet it still happens in A3. Kept happening from day 1 of A3 Alpha, all versions were affected so far.

26.04.2013 update

A small note that crash it not really related to Splendid Camera or cameras in general, such crashes occur during normal gameplay, for instance when you drive fast through the town and stuff fails to load in timely manner.

are graphics settings in case it might be related to texture loading fail crash


Another problem that might be somewhat related was noticed during testing: when some object has its model\textures loaded and you zoom your view into the object, it gets blurry low LOD textures again and apparently accesses HDD again to reload textures even though they were already loaded if you look at it unzoomed. Following screenshots depict this problem, high res textures on unzoomed view, low res on zoomed which turned into high res after few seconds of loading:

06.03.2014 UPDATE

The crash is still actual in current version of the game. It crashes very rarely on my new PC but it still does.

To reproduce the crash you will need a PC setup with old hardware and close to be full HDD, it will cause textures\models to load extremely slowly which sometimes results in crash.

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2 months passed, I keep crashing because of this bug every day during my mission development (I teleport, everything around starts to load, game crashes).

Seriously? There is even a repro of a crash, can you fix it already?

Vitch added a subscriber: Vitch.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM
Vitch added a comment.Jun 10 2013, 8:21 PM

It´t not only on low end systems,since the latest update i have the same issue, it runs fine then the textures starts to load and it freezes. I have 8gb ram,
an i5 2500k @ 4000 Mhz and a Geforce 680gtx, same issue you discribed.

dazhbog added a subscriber: dazhbog.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM

Unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce the crash, even with the repro mission. If you happen to get any new information pls let us know.

Hello. I've just tried to reproduce the crash with attached mission and it still works. Maybe my steps aren't clear, I'll try to better describe them.

Recorded repro steps on the video:
It required me some additional efforts to trigger the crash and also I had to go back to main menu and restart repro mission again, it might be related.

Still unable to repro, We tried steps in video several times, we had few freezes for few seconds, but game didn't crash. I repeated this steps over two hours and game was stable.

To Vitch: Did you have game freezes or crash to desktop?

Is there any way you could try it on lower-end PC and somehow make it use more swap file more so models\textures loading time will increase?

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM

Another alternative method to reproduce this might be to "emulate" a slow drive, for example by running the game from a mounted network/WebDAV share and then throttling the network speed.

Still crashes in beta.

Can you try on overall low graphic settings please?

Sorry for no response from me on this bug, I got a new PC and didn't see the problem anymore until recently. Again, saw rocks with no texture for some time, then game crashed. I'll try to access my old PC to try it with low graphics settings.

The crash is still actual in current version of the game. It crashes very rarely on my new PC but it still does.

To reproduce the crash you will need a PC setup with old hardware and close to be full HDD, it will cause textures\models to load extremely slowly which sometimes results in crash.

Video for crash arma3_2014-06-04_18-32-37.rar: (Ignore helicopter sound after crash it was from stream running on background)

Iceman added a comment.Jun 4 2014, 3:24 PM

New crashdumps processed and assigned to programming department. Thank you.

More crashdumps added, game is unplayable on stable for me now, I join live server, it goes fine for a bit and then crashes. Sometimes it crashes simply during loading before mission even started.

CrashDumps Added.
As soon as I load in the map, gets to about 90% in the top bar, and crashes, usually after choosing a side, and loading into mission.

Sometimes I get in, and it randomly crashes too, and other times it doesn't.

No change when lowering settings.

Another fix attempt on Steam Dev rev. 125496 and higher. Could you please try it and confirm?
Thank you very much.

Adam added a subscriber: Adam.May 7 2016, 1:28 PM
Adam added a comment.Sep 8 2015, 11:04 AM

Does the issue persist?