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IR Lasers look terrible/unusable after a few meters when Postprocess settings are higher than low.
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After a few meters IR lasers become kind of "thin" and look very ugly/ are not really usable anymore.
This occurs as soon as the the PP-Settings are higher than low. (From normal on)


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

• Set the daytime to night
• Use your NVGs
• Turn on an IR Laser

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I meant "thick" not "thin".

Yea, it looks like they disperse in the atmosphere. Realistically, very true effect and somewhat problematic. But this should not be a real issue for at least 100m. This is clearly a graphical problem.

There also shouldn't be a constant visible line. They are the same as laser pointers; a dot visible where pointed, and a limited dispersion effect only seen when many particles in the air such as fog or smoke.

I get what BiS is going for with the IR lasers, in real life particles found in the air can distort them and make them look thicker, as seen on this picture:

However, the in game effect doesn't look good and makes them useless.
I think the IR laser effect overall needs some work to make it look more authentic. It needs to be a little bit thicker, a little bit transparent and the dot at the end should be bigger and visible from a greater distance.

Some real life examples:

Blacklord, at least the laser in the YT video is definitely a Laser Designator such as the AN/PED-1, hence the large dot.

Yeah, I guess you are right.

These ones are definitely rifle mounted lasers:

The dot at the end indeed seems smaller but still bigger than the one in ArmA3.

@Astaroth, it's fixed. Ticket can be closed.

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