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Custom faces are not satisfactory.
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As of now custom faces are heavily limited, you cannot select which race's head model to use as the base for your custom face and due to apparently .rvmat issues the custom faces will always end up bleached and trasparent as displayed in this post

Sample image

I wish that arma 3 will finally expand on the custom faces feature by:

  1. Adding the choice of the base model (as of now only the default white heads are supported)
  1. Increasing the default custom face size limit for servers (Because computers have way more ram and faster connections nowadays, obviously server admins can choose to limit or remove the custom faces)
  1. Fixing the rvmat for sharp and crisp custom face textures or giving players proper templates and access to modify the rvmats and normal maps of their custom faces.
  1. Separating the custom face and the body texture so that players online will only have to download another players face texture instead of the whole body. Make body textures governed by the template race selection (suggestion 1). This will also help to make more quality face textures without hitting the size limit instantly because of the big body texture that has to be included.
  1. Give players access to a quality face template for each race so that everyone can get an easy start on making custom faces.

If these light fixes and supplements are implemented the possibilites are endless.

You can for example,

Have your unit sport your own face ingame.

Have your unit sport someone else's face ingame.

Have your unit sport a robot face ingame.

Color your head white and draw a dick on it in MSpaint.

Recreate any kind of possible face camo for your use.

Saying this again, custom faces and sounds are already at the discretion of the server admins and should remain so, but please give players a chance to design their own custom faces in quality.


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maade another ticket of custom faces, something that relates to this but request is geared towards players more than modders,

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You can make a custom face in photoshop already and it's not hard. selections of 3d hair and beards would be interesting because those can't be done in 2d only.

exactly my point, besides one must own photoshop in order to edit and create custom faces, and I am sure some good knowledge of how to. I wouldn't mind learning, but then again so many things i want to learn, theres less time to play. Which is why i made that that suggestion =)

In my clan we use custom face for us to recognize quickly in the battlefield.

But the bland side of the color ( is already not very pretty and not a tribute to the work done on photoshop.
But the worst are the arms and blue legs. (

Thank BusStopWilly for its modRVMAT but most servers do not allow it.

I think a slight correction rvmat default custom face to avoid the side faded and too bland rendering would be nice.

For the body simple checkboxes for the three types of skin colors could solve the problem of arms and blue leg completely breaks the immersion.

Finally without much work, I'm sure your dev can achieve something that changes the situation.

Why give a possibility if it is made ​​if it is ugly. In Arma 1 was perfect in arma 2 we already had the bland side, slightly better in Arma 2 OA. But this is a disaster.

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Any possibility that this issue get fixed before 2032? Really annoying and absolutely breaking the immersion.


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Any progress with this bug Astaroth? default arms & legs graphics as a temp solution yes?

upvoted .. .. .. ?

A sitrep would be welcome Bis

Chanting: Sitrep - Sitrep - Sitrep.

For the record, there is still the communities interest in fixing this issue ;) I'm waiting to create custom faces and custom identities.

Any news on that issues ?

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This issue was submitted 2013-03-23. Guess we could at least demand a statement from a dev.

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Any update on this? We'd really like to customize our ingame faces, but there's no way to use the custom face "feature", black is brown, colors vanish in the end result and 100k is way out of size for computers nowadays.

--> Integrate templates of the most common 10 faces
--> Integrate head-models
--> let players define new textures with the setIdenty command in description.ext
--> allow file size of at least 300k

Combination of head and arm textures would be nice as well, 'cause its better to see both at once.


2018 and still no fix? smh

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