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3D Head-mounted Display Support
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I understand the the Oculus Rift is far off from mass production, but with the hardware really picking up steam (pun not intended) in the gaming industry, I think that its integration into ARMA3 would serve a benefit for both Bohemia Interactive and the OR creators.

Of course, support could be modded in, but native support would be even better. It would definitely add to the immersion factor that the BI aims for, as well as enable both-eyes-open sighting.

Just a thought! I've often used FaceTrackNoIR, and it would be great to see that tech taken to the next level!

Oculus Rift website:

EDIT: Edited to better reflect the changes in the VR space since the creation of this ticket. Thanks to Koala for pointing that out. {F18278} {F18279} {F18280} {F18281}


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And that video made me soil myself...

Using tightening of straps to keep vr goggles in place was always a losing proposition. Once the device gets to weigh more than a few ounces, I think you really have to redistribute the weight, some in front of the head and some behind, for it to be comfortable for long term use. The problem was never neck strain so much as the annoyance of having to look down your nose at the screens, so to speak, because they would fall down from the torque. That and having the straps so tight that they caused pinching. If they can make it as easy and comfortable as putting on a cap, or a pair of ski goggles, I think that would make it a winner. Otherwise, I'm skeptical. It needs to be more than just usable. Console and PC gaming history is filled with devices that were usable. It needs to be comfortable enough that the benefits it provides aren't outweighed by the annoying aspects of getting it out, putting it on, and using it. TrackIR fits that criteria pretty nicely. My Saitek joystick barely makes it (it's a chore to pull it out and mount it to my desk. Very bulky.) My logitech steering wheel does not make the cut, and as a result lives in the basement. That 14" speaker mounted in a backpack (I forget what it was called.. Activator Vest maybe?) definitely didn't make the cut.


I doubt that a community mod could add support for the thing in any event. But patching the game after launch to add support shouldn't be too difficult as long as nothing dramatic needs to be changed, and honestly, if some dramatic change to the engine IS required... well it may already be too late for that. >.> But I doubt that's the case.

On torque: The AN/PVS-7 (680g) that I used in the army had this problem too. Too much weight too far forward, caused them to constantly tilt downward, whether mounted on a head harness or on a helmet.

A vibrating vest? Meh?

I already don't like vibrating gamepads.

Again you are comparing 2 different things and the thing has twice the weight...

I think the best thing is to find someone who has a rift and to try it yourself. That way you won't have to take other people's word for it. The weight for me is not an issue as it currently is.

I'm happy to see the modding and hacking scene getting dirty with the rift and add support for all kinds of stuff which wouldn't have worked otherwise. :)

Yeah, the vest seemed like a cool idea at the time. >.>

I agree, the only way to to judge it properly is probably to try it oneself. That said though, the torquing effect was considerable, and if the weight is half, that's still the same order of magnitude, so I would expect it to be comparable if all other conditions were similar.

Thanks for putting forth a good argument, Traxus. It's generating a good amount of discussion (not flaming, yay!) in regards to this tech, which is good!

I agree, the weight distribution is definitely a thing that could hinder the OR's usability. From what I've seen, though, slipping does not seem to be an issue. Of course, I haven't seen many OR gameplay sessions last more than an hour, so, it may be something that only arises as time passes.

I do intend on getting an OR dev kit, paycheck permitting, and I'll be more than happy to look into its potential usability, come the future, in regards to this ticket.

I don't see why not?

I would buy an oculus rift if arma 3 implemented it

I think Oculus support doesn't hurt anyone and it adds a great deal to the gaming experience and makes this game distinguished compared to other AAA titles. If a game deserves this Oculus feature, Arma 3 is definitely on of them. It would be a shame not to implement it.

Just for the record, I am IN FAVOR of BIS supporting this; it is the direction of the future. We went from clunky CRTs to the huge flatscreens we have mounted in the air, two to four of 'em. So the next logical step in efficiency is to go portable. The keyboard is VERY OLD. My first typing class was in '76, although I still look @ the keyboard, as do many humans, even though it is not PROPER technique. So, the question, it seems, is where is the next interactive device coming from and what will it look like? I really think ORift could be part of that; the guys seem to be looking further than just cashing in on position in the market. Trust me - YOUR kids will be using something better than a keyboard... and BIS should be part of that. Vote UP

It would be cool, but I think the whole thing is a gimmick. So no, I don't think BI should waste time on implementing this. Global sales of this thing won't be very big, less then TrackIR even. But then again, TrackIR have been on the market for quite some time.

Still, I don't really see customers wanting to a have a big chunk of plastic strapped to their face for a longer period of time. VR won't be more then a gimmick until it's no lager then regular (sun)glasses, in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of VR, I just don't think it's feasible at the moment.

Just about the impact of Oculus: about 20 000 already have been ordered, despite the fact that this is only the developer version, with a smaller resolution, heavier weight, and larger overall dimensions. The gear is already feasible to use, and the consumer version will be even more. John Carmack would not give his name to this hardware, if it would be just a gimmick. As far as I can tell Oculus will be way more popular than TrackIr (if it isn't already). Third party developers are already making payware software to make legacy games compatible with (Vorpx, Vierio), so we can even play Flight Simulator X in full, surrounding 3D. I have never seen such hype around TrackIr. Don't get me wrong, I love TrackIr, I own one and use it whenever possible, but Oculus is much more revolutionary than TrackIr. It boost your gaming experince way more than TrackIr could. If anyone is in doubt, just search around a little bit, and you will see what I'm talking about. Bohemia was wise to implement TrackIr support, and it changed the game experience a lot. But that is a small step compared to the effect of what Oculus could do with this game.
Oculus is the way of the future and Arma should definetely not left out.

Colossus- I can understand where you are coming from, but in order for VR to get out of being just a "gimmick", it needs to be adopted. The Oculus Rift has already been taken on by many developers, and many more are asking for an SDK. A new technology can only become widespread if it is taken in and utilized.

Susu is right- John Carmack had in-house development of VR in Id for years, but he shot down many proposals himself. Once he saw the Oculus Rift, he saw its potential, and offered his support for it. The third party support for it is also phenomenal, with companies working hard to integrate it. NaturalPoint has had a bad reputation for being very closed with the TrackIR's integration- one of the reasons why the FreeTrack protocol was integrated in ARMA2 and onward, and why the list of games it supports is so small.

The Oculus Rift is aiming for a wide market, and its wide acceptance by developers from the get-go is unlike what I've ever seen before, for peripherals. I believe it would be wise for Bohemia to integrate the Oculus Rift, since, certainly, a large number of people will buy the game for the sake of the Oculus Rift experience alone.

As it is, integration does not seem to be a significantly complex process. The SDK already provides much of the code and shaders necessary to make it work. With headtracking protocols already in ARMA's engine, all that would be needed is the graphical component of the Oculus Rift.

Any 3d monitor can simulate both-eyes-open sighting,That should be Support.
I don't have one I don't know if it have been done

A 3D monitor is a complete different thing. There you see a 3D image projected on a flat screen in front of you. With Oculus, your whole field of vision is covered with the picture (at least around 110 degrees now, but that is also going to improve in the retail version), and with the headtracking built in, it will follow your head movements. As you an unaware of your real sorroundings, you truly feel like you are inside the game! This is how far you can get to the Matrix... :) It is truly fantastic... A 3D monitor and Nvidia's tricks are nothing compared to this. Just Google around.


Are you really that out of touch? You all sound like the people who complained that mobile phones were a gimmick (they're so big and there's pay phones everywhere!). The internet was a gimmick (why would you use a phone line to "type-chat" when you can just TALK to someone?!). LCD screens were a gimmick (CRTs are better and more reliable!). That HD was just a gimmick (SD looks great, and who would pay for those expensive TVs!?). That DVDs were just a gimmick (rewinding my VHS tapes isn't THAT hard!). That GPS devices were just a gimmick (learn how to read a Thomas Guide!!!). That the iPad was just a gimmick (it's just a giant, novelty iPhone!).

Oculus already has support from the "big 3" game engines: Unity, Unreal, and Source. Keep in mind that does not count other supporters like the current or future generations of the Doom/Tech engine or the Frostbite engine (Battlefield, Dragon Age, etc).

Oculus has so many orders for developer kits that they can't keep up with shipments. They are weeks-and-weeks behind. We're talking kits that are going almost exclusively to game developers. The support is already there. It's done. It's over. VR finally won, and you just haven't seen the aftermath yet. The instant you use the Rift, you KNOW. By the time the retail version hits store shelves, developers will already have had all the time they needed to get their games up-to-date... and with native Oculus support already baked right into all the major game engines. It's a done deal.

Change is an inevitable part of life... and technology changes faster than anything else... and it will only continue to change faster. We're approaching singularity, people... this isn't the 80's any more. Generations of technology are no longer measured in decades... it's measured in months.

Not sure you understand the meaning of gimmick, Veraxus.

Regardless, yes it's definitely one of those things that is in trend right now. However, I do not see that many developers, as you say, being hyped about Oculus Rift. I can see it has potential, but I do not think it will stick. That's my analysis of it right now.

The topic at hand is already been/being reviewed, so we'll just have to wait and see what BI's conclusion is. As well as the rest of the world thinks of Oculus Rift.

This game is perfect for the rift. Lots of people already use TrackIR for these types of games and the rift seems like a much better option. With the full body support and head movement independent from the body/gun it seems like an easy add. Simple integration is change the command to allow mouse movement to always move independent of the body (left Alt) and to have the rift replace the mouse movement. Add to this the rendering options for the split screens and warping for the lenses and it would be done. Fuller integration would allow turning off the HUD since it will get in the way as a 2D item when using the rift.

I would love a full integration but I'll take what I can get. The more I play ARMA and I look around the cockpit of the helicopter the more I dream of using this with the Rift!

Cmorosco: When using TrackIr, or if you press *, you already have independent head movement. The Oculus will not give you full body support, it is a HMD, but God knows what the future brings. Oculus is a huge step anyway.
The bigger change for the game would be the stereo rendering. There are two ways: the brute force double rendering, which obviously uses a lot of resources, or the z-buffer method, which uses approx. 10% more resources, than playing the 'normally'. The HUD doesn't have to removed, just rendered in two different positions for the two eyes, so it will be nicely overlayed inside the Oculus. This is one of the thing why we need Bohemia to support the Rift, because it is not likely, that someone can mod that in later in the future. Oculus Rift is the logical extension of the road where Arma cames down, and it is the perfect step-up from TrackIr.
Just be careful with that helicopter, because if you eat too much before playing, you might feel like that your lunch wants to come out, if using the Oculus Rift and flying with a helo(just like in real life)! :)

Acesential: I ordered mine, currently on waiting list with 50552 (which probably means around 20 200 something), hopefully get it before the summer ends. :)

I added a few screenshots to clarify what I was talking about. Since the rift focuses the eyes to a point in the center with the rest in your peripheral vision, taking a normal view and putting it in the rift has issues with HUDs and FOV. The white circle is the center of your vision and much of the HUD is not easily visible.

For ideal rift support you need several things.

  1. What I meant by full body support is the ability to see your body when you look down. Looking down and not seeing your legs is not a good feeling. :)
  2. The HUD needs to be modified or toggled off. You can duplicate a 2D HUD in both eyes but it would feel like it was right in your face since it is 2d and everything else is 3D. It may be hard to even focus on it. The other issue is the resolution would make it hard to read even if you could handle it being 2D. The worst part is based on the screen shot you can see that it isn't even in your field of vision as it is today. I'd be happy to just turn it off. You'd have to count mags just like in real life. The inventory is a bigger issue though.
  3. The FOV needs to be updated to support around 110 degrees to match the view in the rift.
  4. Stereo rending as two separate screens based on individual cameras in the game world. You can cheat and display the screen twice as the vireio perception drivers do but in game support would ideally render twice to give full 3D.

5.Head tracking support similar to what the mouse does when you hold the Alt key.

  1. Options to adjust the warping and separation of the images to adjust for each persons eye difference. Team Fortress 2 has many of these options today so a similar set of options would work.

Much of this is already detailed in the best practices and SDK for the rift. Games like ARMA and DCS seem like perfect candidates for this technology. Pretty much anything that used TrackIR is eligible for this to be a perfect fit.

Susu986: I'm number 49250 so I should be getting mine around the same time. :)

the fully customizable hud was already announced in another thread. headtracking is supported anyway.

just need 3d support and it should be good to go?
this would be amazing.

With the recent announcement of official support of the Oculus Rift by HL2 in addition to TF2 the line up of supported engines is pretty much complete now. The one major engine that is still unkown as far as I'm concerned is the Real Virtuality for Arma 3. Please announce you will be supporting it as well.

Source Engine - Complete
Unreal Engine 3- Complete
Unreal Engine 4- Confirmed
Unity 4 - Complete
CryEngine 3 - Confirmed
iD Tech 4 - Confirmed
iD Tech 5- Confirmed
Forstbite Engine 2 - Planned (Outsourcing the work)

Real Virtuality - Unknown

here need Kinnect or improved scripts :) to capture stances and poses :D!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 becomes perhaps the first big title to include native Oculus support, stemming from the developers kit.
Google also shows interest, they are already using it for public demonstrations (see links below). Bohemia should keep up!

It looks like Simbin is adding it to their racing simulations too.

iRacing, rFactor 2, Project CARS, War Thunder and other Sims have also confirmed that they will support it and are working on it.

I also heard that 1C is looking to add it to IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad as well. Not to mention all the great kickstater projects.

Let's get this supported in Arma 3!

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oh yes, i need this in my life. Even if its not during release, but later. Do it!

just FYI, someone has made ArmA3 work with the oculus rift:

Well, this is not a bad try, but it is far from perfect. It does not do screen distortion, which is required for the Rift, unless you want to look everything strange in the game. And this is miles behind from a native support, where you have the HUD modded for the Rift as well. Basically what he did was using the Tridef 3D driver to make a stereo image of the game. Not to mention the non-existing head tracking. I am not going to pay extra cash for a fancy headtracking solution, when it is already inside the Rift (even if it's 3 DOF, it will be 6 DOF in the final product). For me, this video doesn't mean much. Arma 3 still needs native Oculus support.

Yeah absolutly. My idea was just to show what can be done with "hacks". If devs work on it, it will be awesome.

No head tracking separate from the body, no warping to correct for the lens distortion and worst of all it's not in 3D. It's just two of the same images side by side. Trying crossing your eyes to see the 3D and there isn't any. This is exactly why we need it supported by the engine.

I just purchased an Oculus Dev Kit and I'm really excited to see this here. I hope Bohemia takes the time to embrace the future of gaming by adding native support for the Oculus!

shole added a comment.Jun 3 2013, 9:20 AM

Should be mentioned that Dslyecxi did a first impressions video on the rift.
His main complaint was the resolution, which is a technology improving constantly on its own.
I wouldn't be surprised if the consumer version was over fullhd resolution.

@ shole
you wouldn't be surprised? the consumer version will DEFINITELY be 1080p at least, they never get tired of emphasizing this. atm the availabe rift is a DEV KIT. visit their website, all the information is there.

Have fun to squeeze constant 60fps out of Arma 3 :D
I'm not against this but if this really needs 60fps to work i don't see this working that well but good for the future.

It does not require 60 fps, it is just recommended for your enjoyment.

Three things on that review were somewhat misleading.

The screen is terrible so this is not a good product.

Yes, it is well known that the screen is not hi resolution but it has also been stated that it is not for consumers to buy and only a dev version. With everything, software support is key and getting the groundwork laid now is critical for its success. They have stated many times that consumers should not buy this version and the consumer version will be at a minimum 1080P. A preview that states the product is bad because of this is missing the point. If people that are unfamiliar with the Rift are being informed to wait for the consumer version that is one thing but to say it is outright bad and can't be fixed is just not accurate. In the end most of us are willing to sacrifice some resolution for more immersion overall.

You need 60 fps minimum and need to render twice as many frames to get 3D.

First, this would not be the first item or game that needed a higher end system to fully support it. Having said that this is also an untrue statement that these are required for the rift. 60 fps is recommended for true immersion but it works below this and many people have reported running it much less with no issues. So to say that if it ran at 60 fps for the whole game but a few times it dips to 40 is a deal breaker is simply wrong.

As for the performance impact this is no different than 3D that is available today without the rift. With that there are two modes you can use. Z Buffer renders a a single view and then modifies it for the second eye. This has on average has a 10% hit to performance and is a viable option for people running a resource intensive game on a lower end system. For less demanding games or ones on higher end systems you can use geometry based instead which renders both eyes separately. This is optional based on the customers system. Turning down the options but getting more immersion would likely be worth it as a worst case.

No positional tracking (6 degrees of freedom)

This again has been mentioned will be in the consumer version. I've used Track IR from the beginning and I remember when it only had 3 degrees of freedom as a production product. Rift will have 6 at launch.

Having said all of that, should everyone go out and buy a dev kit now? No, probably not. It's missing several key things that will make it a comercial success. These are all planned to be fixed and there is no reason to think they wont. Following the mobile phone tech curve is a perfect way to continue to improve the product every year or so which tells us it will keep getting better and better.

A lot has been said about the overhyping of the rift but the truth is it is real people trying it themselves and experiencing a level of immersion that hasn't been possible before even with the less than perfect screen. Imagine how good it will be once those items are improved before launch.

The great news is the dev kits are here and almost all engine companies have committed to support it. If we can get the support in now then when the production equipment is ready we will be set to move into the most exciting thing to happen in gaming in a while. A viable, affordable and fully immersive VR experience that we all have dreamed of.

Looks like someone got Arma 2 to work with the rift. The process is a little complex but at least it works.

Looks like 1080P on a 5 inch screen, doubling the PPI from 210 to 440, wasn't so far fetched after all. :)

Jay Crowe gave pretty positive answer on this one today :)

@ St. Jimmy

where? at E3? what did he say?

I agree it would be great with oculus rift but I already tested it and I can tell you its hard to play with it longer than 10 minutes. It REALLY makes you sick.

you mean it makes YOU sick.

EVR with the Oculus Rift was PCGamers game of E3.

Rift got so many best of E3 awards. They showed off the HD screen and committed to the same price and positional tracking. What more do we need to get it supported?!

Have a look at those JPG's like you would look at those old 3D pictures !!!!!

Just give us the basic support. You can enhance it later. :)

PE: We’ve seen how the Oculus Rift works in some games, has Bohemia considered adding support for it since an FPS is the perfect fit for the device?

BI: We have at least one development kit available to us and we agree Arma 3 would fit it very well. One key reason is the full body simulation. We are not using a detached floating camera and when you look down, you see your whole body. This makes it a good match with devices like Oculus Rift. As soon as some of our programmers have time, it’s something we’d like to explore.

I was just going to add the interview from pixel enemy. It's pretty much confirmed that they will be experimenting with adding Oculus Rift support to Arma3. That's a direct statement from Project lead Joris-Jan van’t Land.

That interview makes me quite happy~
Here's hoping to see some form of integration in the future!

It'll happen, once they try it for themselves I am sure they will be hooked just like the rest of us! I would rather they spend time on projects like this than making the game streamer friendly... LOL

Also razer hydra suport would be great!

also for VR, a higher resolution first person player model would have been great. unfortunately my feature request for that was closed with a sloppy comment by a dev. thanks BI for taking paying customers who take their time to suggest improvements seriously.

you guys are weird you thing watching people get shot in 3d is cool well let me tell you you will die of fear when you if you ever see some one get shot irl. trust me it makes you go mad (FORMER soldier here)

Z-boson: Due to how the game handles the player camera and the game world, the first person view model and third person view model are one and the same. To put in a higher resolution first person model would likely call for a total revamp of how they handle networking clients and the server, as well as the game space itself. As it is, making a higer resolution first person model isn't feasible, especially not this close to launch.

Acat0970: I mean no discredit to your experiences and your service and I have nothing but respect for what you have done, but the desire for Oculus Rift support isn't for a "cool" factor as it is more immersion. One could argue that the desire for immersion is a way to tap closer to those feelings of being in combat that you would otherwise not feel, playing in a disconnected manner via a standard monitor screen. It's an attempt to tie closer to reality. It's not perfect, due to ARMA3 being first and foremost a video game, but it's a step.

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VR is actually used to treat PTSD.
There's too many links to list so here:

Another vote for rift support. Another 2000 units have just been shipped out in the U.S., that's another 2000 potential ArmA 3 (existing or new) players.

ArmA is at the "sim" level for most people, and the gaming community has become pretty accustomed to sims going the extra mile to support peripherals that are not currently mainstream or widely adopted. ArmA 3 and the rift should be no exception to this rule.

It's a matter of immersion and making future VR implementations easier, so please consider dedicating more resources to this.

P.S. - Did TrackIRs slow early adoption (especially prior to DIY alternatives) stop it from being implemented? Why should this be different?

ArmA3 + Oculus Rift + Razer Hydra + Omni is something I would definitely want to see...

Fix the game before messing with Oculus Rift.


I want this badly, too. But this game will never work in VR, they don't event get it up running properly in 2D. Palmer Luckey doesn't get tired to emphasize, that it's not enough to just port a game to VR, in order to work in VR, it has to be designed with VR in mind in the first place. Now look at the glitchy, buggy mess, that is arma 3. You'll most likely puke, if you have all these glitches, texture popping, bugs and whatnot right into your face. And most important: It has to run with at least 60fps and vsync, i fear the day that arma 3 will run that smooth will never come. Also, there are over 8.000 open issues on the tracker, that are waiting to get fixed, they will need YEARS for that. Never ever will they be able to make this game work with VR in time. I just hope someone else will come along, and make a decent military sim for VR. But for all i know, it most likely won't be BI.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad
DCS World
War Thunder
Star Citizen
All Valve games and other AAA and indie games is confirmed for Oculus Rift. ArmA series is more prepared for OR than others, please, add native OR support for ArmA 3 (and i hope ArmA 2), Thanks.

Signed up just to say I want this.

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If this ever comes to fruition it would solidify amazingness into something truely beyond words. With full positional tracking of the head... leaning around corners works great with trackIR, and ArmA 3 is already fantastically immersive with only the 720p DK1 without stereo 3D inside the rift. With the consumer Rift looking to be 1440p, resolution doesn't seem to be an issue... soon enough.

People say they can't run ArmA 3 at high enough framerates... To counter that, time warping they are working on can help smooth out the low framerates... And personally I run a lot of missions at 90-100 fps on moderate hardware thanks to the constant performance fixes. I will just say this: combining deskope (desktop rift viewer) with occulus rift integration for Free track for looking and trackir for position and turning up the FOV... Flying and fighting first person IN GAME was THE coolest and scariest and craziest experiences I've had to date. Even with the ~240p per eye ish effective resolution of the DK1. Would make my life if BIS started some preliminary work on this.

It is a bit strange to have good Track IR support for both Arma 2 and Arma 3, but still having no Oculus Rift support.

I signed up too only to vote for the oculus support.

@shurikspb: Well one if a finished and released product and the other one is still in beta so they can't be compared much but i'd still wish they added support for it too. My DK2 is lonely. :p

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Please add Oculus Rift support. Thx

@Ascential: What about renaming your ticket to: "3D Head-mounted Display Support"?

The Oculus Rift won't be the only upcoming 3D HMD anymore. We will have a plenty more HMDs in the future.

There will be
-HTC Vive (Steam VR)
-Sony Morpheus (PS4 only HMD).

@Koala: You're absolutely right. Edited the title to better reflect the changes in the VR space.

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It seems to me that the biggest challenges of supporting HMDs with positional and rotational tracking have already been accounted for with TrackIR. I don't know exactly how many degrees of freedom tir has, perhaps in a worst case scenario there would be no support for head tilt tracking and maybe another DoF, but now, in the wake of CV1 preorders, at least, we know what is to come. You've got the head tracking logic for all different types of gameplay (on foot, prone, scoped, in different vehicle seats...). I'd think it's not an enormous undertaking to extend that onto the tracking of proprietary HMDs and let the user mess with their ratios until they're satisfied. And from there, add support for the stereoscopic view and you've made a lot of milsim enthusiasts happy!

Any words from BIS about plans to integrate support for the VR Devices? A similiar functionality like in DCS 1.5 / 2.0 would be sufficient.


Currently to get a Rift CV1 you need Oculus Software, VorpX, Opentrack 2.3, 1.3 Wrapper and a huge amount of patience. :)