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May 10 2016

servili007 added a comment to T63946: 3D Head-mounted Display Support.

Another vote for rift support. Another 2000 units have just been shipped out in the U.S., that's another 2000 potential ArmA 3 (existing or new) players.

ArmA is at the "sim" level for most people, and the gaming community has become pretty accustomed to sims going the extra mile to support peripherals that are not currently mainstream or widely adopted. ArmA 3 and the rift should be no exception to this rule.

It's a matter of immersion and making future VR implementations easier, so please consider dedicating more resources to this.

P.S. - Did TrackIRs slow early adoption (especially prior to DIY alternatives) stop it from being implemented? Why should this be different?

May 10 2016, 1:06 AM · Arma 3