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Arma 3 - Distance Sound - J.S.R.S Jarhead's Sound Redeployment
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I made a post earlier on sound in arma 3 that was closed and sed it was needed to be added as " feature" So here it is.

The sound in Arma 3 today is way bad. But it is better than before.

This is how it is if a sniper shoots at you:

Shot - sound - bullet hit. when it shoud be like:

Shot - bullet hit - sound, with "A " way to hear where the sound came from.

This is really messed up in Arma 3, wherever someone shots the sound is the same, from whatever distance, and you cant hear where it came from at all!

there is someone out there called J.S.R.S jarheads sound redeployment that really made sucssess from my view in arma 2. PERFECTION in sound that made the game a real simulator!

Video's are provided. TAKE A LOOK!

They also gave us 1 sound sample of Arma 3 that is fantastic.

This feature i really want in Arma 3, and i KNOW that more people want it!


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This is something familier i want in arma 3 !

I'm sure this will be worked out. I think this is an "Alpha" thing. Arma has always had realistic sounds, I'm assuming they just haven't implemented that feature yet. Much like the current helicopter physics, I'm guessing it's just a placeholder for the finished product.

Sure theyre sound is not very bad. But if you listen to Jarhead's Distance sounds, they are perfect!.

The flight engine was, honestly, dogshit in ARMA2 as well, so I wouldn't put it past them to let things like sound and physics stay pretty much the same. Unfortunately Bohemia Interactive has a habit of letting the community finish the game for them.

Sound really need work +1

Once again, this report/request is not clearly defined and duplicates multiple other reports. The lack of speed of sound simulation (#0001126) and lackluster positional audio (#0000584) have already been reported.

We're going to need to clean this ticket up if it is to stay open; that means reducing it to a clearly defined feature request or bug report.

Okey i understand. i was trying to use JSRS as the " Correct" Way. how showing what type of sound i want. as a feature

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Just recruit Lord Jarhead as sound manager and all be happy :)!

What Kol9yN said.

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Never liked JSRS, hollywoody-BF-like crap. Always loved vanilla arma sound - it doesn't sound juicy or boombastic-fantastic, but it sounds real instead, and that's what I like about it.

ARMA's firearms do NOT sound realistic. They sound as if a person with a cheap microphone has stood way too close to the source, resulting in severe compression due to the sonic overload, and NOT the way a person would percieve an actual shot going off, which would be ear-splitting instead of the subtle "pop" we currently have.

You need to place the microphone further away from the source if you want to accurately capture the sound of a firearm. Then again, I honestly get the impression that they, many times, just rip the sounds straight from youtube videos.

whats good in JSRS:

  • Great sound fade distance
  • Different sounds on different distances
  • When inside building, echo&revebration
  • Town/forest/field/air sound spreading and echo
  • First person gizmo sounds
  • Movement/Explo/Reload sounds
  • Armored vehicles sounds

Also Tpm with zGuba worked on great sound mod too - ACSE

So have sense to consider both and make it clearly perfect :)!

thank you!
the real arma sounds are so unrealistic
i hope it will be fixed


What do you guys need more info about?

Stuck the tank battle on my BOSE 5.1 cranked it up.
*First Tank Shell Sound and explosion*
*Shat my Pants*
*Neighbours complained*
*Changed Pants*


hahaha same here! lol, use that 5.1 sound in arma battling with friends, gonna be insane cool! u gonna be afraid of those tankses

What i meen that this is the sounds i want featured in arma 3, they perfect! this cover almost every sounds intense shiiiiit :D

In Arma 2 i used/use Sound of Anders mixed with some samples from AceSM.
I like JSRS but SOA sounds heavier for my ears. Anyway, asking to BIS for this feature in an alpha state, seems premature to me.

So, I´m totally agreed with mwnciboo :)

SOA and ACESM is crap too, some samples of Sounds of Steal is good

ACE and JSRS are gona be for A3 so lets not worry about bad sounds. (even do somthings might need a bit of tweaking)

JSRS is not realistic at all. It's the typical movie sound foley. Guns will never sound realistic in a game, unless you have speakers, that throw 150+dB in your face and stomach. Sound is not just received by the ears, it is also transferred to the bones.

I quit modding ArmA sounds because of that. As a shooter, you'll never be satisfied with how stuff sounds in a game. You would be quite disappointed if you hear the real deal in a game. Weapons do NOT sound cool or powerful. Sometimes their signature report is pathetic. Only thing that makes them sound "powerful" is the muzzle blast.

I support the idea of better sound environment in ArmA 3, BIS always was on the down side of good sound effects and physics.

But JSRS in favour over more authentic "non-hollywood" effects: Leave it as an optional AddOn. I do like vanilla sounds. And if I want to hear real shots, I just go to the shooting range.

Have you played JSRS with 7.1 speakers? You will turn deaf soon. Also if you dont like it leave. Seriously we dont really care about your oppinion if its not helping at all.

So only a pro-JSRS opinion is helping? Nice try, fanboy.

Even with 12.4 sound systems the loudness is not what makes a gun shot sound like a gun shot. But you heard them all before, right?

It's the pressure level, your speaker has to move quite a lot of air to achieve the same effect as a muzzle blast.

The ACESM is pretty nice. But again, no sound mod will satisfy everybody, it comes down to user preference and taste. So leave sound mods to AddOns and concentrateon physics and diversity.

Its not about being a fan boy of a mod witch is a dumb statement its about the fact you are showing us your opion against sound mods and overall sound in the game whitout giving anny help or information of emproving the sounds.

I agree with the OP. JSRS did really improve my pleasure of playing. The A10s were horrible with vanilla, but with JSRS they sound like seen/heard in RL-videos.
Guns feel more powerful/real/frightning with the mod and the soundsource-aquisition is better by far(for those who play in vet-mode, this is despitely needed).

For the dev who needs more info: Maybe give the mod a try in Arma2 and compare with vanilla with the same setting/map/mission.

"I agree with the OP. JSRS did really improve my pleasure of playing. The A10s were horrible with vanilla, but with JSRS they sound like seen/heard in RL-videos.
Guns feel more powerful/real/frightning with the mod and the soundsource-aquisition is better by far(for those who play in vet-mode, this is despitely needed)."

Couldn't have said it better.

So you want constructive criticism how to improve the sound in ArmA3: don't change the sound, concentrate on more important issues.

Happy? No? I don't care. This is not a pro-JSRS request form, this is a tracker that lists bugs and user opinions, even if they don't match yours. That's life.

The time and afford to record realistic sounds (and this game is called a simulation) will lead to two things: less money and time for really important issues and a split fan base of the sounds recorded. Some might find them "cool" some might find them "over the top".

It's like graphics. A game is not good because it looks pretty. It's about the possibilities. Also true for sounds. If the game sounds like down-town Fallujah won't make it a perfect game.

Oh, too many arguments, can not compute.

"This is not a pro-JSRS request form" no shit. But Ths tread is about J.S.R.S so go figure.

@ThePredator: So youre still playing with pc-speakers and a 12" monitor with 640x480? Because good sound/graphic (in your opinion) is not needed for playing a sim with endless possibilities ;-)

Don't you agree, that a sim should display "the real thing"? So why cut short the immersion with poor sound/graphic? Thats a bit controverse, don't you think?

Of course other things are more important, and we all here don't say "This has to be resolved *first*", but it is an issue and the priority is set by a *team* of devs (which are not working on one issue at a time).

So if you don't want it to be changed, vote it down - noone will change your preferences.
But if you like/want a sim which displayes every part of modern combat in a superior way (and by that I mean: gameplay, possibilities, sound and graphics), you should thumb this up and see what the devs decide.

Back in the days of Operation Flashpoint, people thought how eyecandy the graphics were, how nice the sound and all. Some years later only the hardcore fans stuck with the game, because they did not like cutting-edge graphics and sounds, the liked the immersion, realism, freedom.

Would you go back to OFP just because it is probably still "the" mil-sim despite the poor sounds and graphics in comparison?

If you answer with yes, you will understand my aforementioned notion. All I said was it is not about the sound, it is about the physics behind the actual "noise". You can have highly authentic range recorded sounds that won't sound nearly as true as you excpect, if the engine can't handle speed of sound travelling, obstruction, reverb and all that real-time calculated to any sound you throw into the mix.

Jarhead, Chammy, Anders and all those that worked on sound mods, myself included, could not change the way sound was processed in previous titles. So money and time (mostly money as recording authentic sounds for all the equipment, cars, weapons, clutter, movement et cetera will ruin their budget) should be put into variety of sounds, the engine and immersion. And that is not how the weapon sounds, but how the environment sounds. Thunderstorms, pouring rain, wind gusts, moving trees, wild life, you name it. Do you really think they will use their sound team simply to make loud things sound "nice" while everything else is muted that makes games since OFP enjoyable?

As I said, I am not against changing sound, but this is a JSRS addition plea. Down voted.

I actually did play OFP again after I got my new PC in 2010 just to turn up the viewdistance to full :-D . Liked it, but the graphics did loose some of its shine compared to ArmA I (or was it II already)..did play it for about 4 Weeks though.

If the physics behind the sound isn't enough for modders to setup a good soundmod(or the devs themselves), then its up to the devs to think about that.
I would vote that up aswell.

Nevertheless I tried quite some soundmods and I felt, that JSRS was fitting quite well to the war-videos I watched.

I understand your descision now thanks to your reply, The Perdator.

Sounds are the biggest immersion booster to me. One of the biggest problems I have now is that 5.56 assault rifles sound more badass then the 7.62 opfor machinegun. The echo, of allmost all guns, sounds too close and rough, and its the same sound indoor and outdoors.

to say sounds doesn't matter becouse they will never sound 100% real is silly. Sounds can get so much closer to reality and it will matter ALOT.

This is the first arma installment where weapon sounds are even bareable.
And i have faith i the devs, it's looking/sounding like it's going in the right direction i think. I hope they have time to polish.

Raoul, this is no thread because it's not a forum.

I'll mark this dupe of #3663.