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AI team units randomly get stuck in a limbo
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I had many times already when controlling/commanding an AI team that one or more units gets stuck in a limbo and unable to move. They do respond to commands, but they are unable to move. This happens mostly in urban area's such as the dry channel in the middle of Agia Marina and also the military compound bordering the town. They keep standing behind a cover and sometimes with a repeating animation. {F18225} {F18226} {F18227} {F18228} {F18229} {F18230} {F18231}


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I order an AI team of 5 units to advance 100 meters, 4 of them advance, one stays behind unable to move.

Or they are in formation and I move ahead and 1 or more units will not follow and stay stuck at the same position.

This is so far random and I can not reliably reproduce this, but it happens quite often. It seems so far that in danger and stealth state it happens more (maybe because of the cover stances and positions they use then).

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Just wanted to add that the 'unresponsive AI' is worse then it was in ArmA 2. If they encounter hostiles and get all fancy with their new stances at buildings half the time doing a mission one or more will get stuck and causing the rest of the AI team unable to advance any further no matter what orders you give them. In ArmA 2 you had the 'pistol bug' where the AI is laying prone pointing his pistol into the ground, but this seems to have something to do with the stances when they are under fire (danger mode). I also tried killing the AI and let him re-spawn, but even after re-spawn they stay stuck at the same position. And it is so far always next to a building or other cover they are using.

Check the last part of this video to see the bugged out AI in action.

The AI team units were doing their job properly in the mission and then at a certain point they just stop moving and wont do anything anymore, but just sitting at the same position. I also saw some of the AI with pistols drawn again, so it may be the old pistol bug from ArmA 2 after all. Also it seems to always happen when they are in danger mode.

I've noticed this ALOT too but in my case it's not tied to pistols...sometims they have binocs out and other times they just have their regular rifles in hand.

What's interesting is that when this happened to me just last nite, I tried respawning (the mission i used had group respawn enabled), and I ended up being respawned into one of the stuck bots. When this happened I could NOT move my character at all no matter what I tried to do...and I could also hear the sea (as if I was treading water)...meanwhile we were nowhere near the water, we were up in the mountains!

Im using default branch .54

OMAC added a comment.Mar 20 2015, 2:54 PM

AI soldiers got stuck repeatedly in East Wind campaign using stable build 1.38.128937 (and in previous builds). They got stuck mainly in urban areas, especially in those outdoor patios rimmed by wooden fences, such as the one in the Alikampos on Altis (see uploaded image) in Bingo Fuel mission.

A friendly unit (either in player's squad or one of the reinforcing guerrillas who come by truck) ALWAYS gets stuck in the same place in Beyond Recognition mission:

Two units under my command got stuck in Breaking Even mission in small military building on base under attack (see red arrow in uploaded image). I opened the door of that building to search for enemy when I got to the base. Two AI then followed me in there and got stuck. They could exit building, but couldn't move from spot just outside door.

Stuck AI ruins immersion, and should never happen. There has to be some command or other method to "unstick" them while in game. And there is no question that this issue is worse in A3 than in A2CO.

Edit: Friendly AI units (FIA?) under player's (Kerry's) command in Resurgent West campaign mission (Win episode) lag so far behind him when flanking Neochori that they become lost and die, even though they are not under fire. It appears that several of them became very stuck on non-urban terrain objects.

Hey, thanks for the report!

Have you observed this in the open terrain too or does it happen only in or near the buildings? (incl. patios, staircases, bridges)

Being stuck in buildings (often because of inaccessible exit - bad connection between path lod and terrain) should now almost completely fixed in Dev Branch. Could you please check it?

OMAC added a comment.Mar 23 2015, 4:38 PM

Seems to me that most AI get stuck near buildings, but some can get stuck on non-urban terrain objects (e.g. fences, etc.), as in Resurgent West, but this is more rare. Good job fixing building <-> terrain connections! YAY!

OMAC added a comment.Mar 28 2015, 4:42 PM

Using dev build 1.43.129865, a unit got stuck in Altis military area on hill south of Lakka near cargo container (see image uploaded today). No enemy around. No mods.

most of the time the AI stuck in citys. example: one of your Team (AI) moves randomly in a House (dont know why) and then he get stucked in this building. Other example: if you use script Commands like:

_unit setCaptive true;
_unit hideObject true;

sleep 10;

_unit hideObject false;
_unit setCaptive false;

then some times the unit will stop moving and complete ignore commands from the leader.

btw. the AI works mutch better in the 1.40 stable like in current DEV-Build.

oukej added a comment.Mar 26 2015, 3:07 PM

the AI works mutch better in the 1.40 stable like in current DEV-Build.

In regards to this getting stuck?

On the workshop mission 'DISARMAMENT', AI squadmates will not leave the building you spawn in on dev branch.
Also if you just spawn about 10 AI groups and make them walk through a town, at least a few AI will get stuck

I was able to reproduce some issues on the mentioned

  • Inn Garden @ grid 111145 Altis
  • Military Cargo House @ 141212 Altis

On both occasions the AI won't even enter the building. If you spawn the AI in it already it has troubles finding a way out. Both in Stable 1.40 and current Dev.


I wasn't able to make the AI get stuck near

  • Cargo Container @ 124151 Altis

Would you be pls able to create a repro mission for it if you succeed reproducing it?


Regarding the WS mission Disarmament - could you pls tell me the location of the Military Offices? I've tried the ones on Stratis Air Base and wasn't able to get the AI stuck in there (neither if I spawned them there nor when I made them walk through the building)

Military Office Altis: 173131 - near Pygros

oukej added a comment.Mar 30 2015, 2:39 PM

Thank you!

I wasn't able to reproduce the issue though. Neither by spawning units in the building, placing them via editor or just letting them walk through the building. I was only able to reproduce the issue in the Disarmament mission and only when I accelerated the time :/

Could you please try reproducing the issue in an isolated case? (strip down the mission to just player and few AIs)

@oukej: i will try to reproducing it tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your time.

I stripped down the complete mission, but sorry i cant reproduce the Bug.. its a 50/50 chance they stuck or not..

i uploaded the file:

How To:

1: Get any gear on Virtual Arsenal
2: Walk out the Military Office

Try different timings for this...

1: Run out the door after you have your gear
2: Get your Gear, wait 3 - 5 Sec and move out then.
3: Get your Gear and run to the Chopper.

its complete different each time.

oukej added a comment.Mar 31 2015, 1:42 PM

Thanks a lot!

Getting stuck seems to be caused by one particular Metal Rack placed near the exit. (see ; after removing the rack everything seems fine)

We may still try to investigate why it started happening and was not happening previously.

OMAC added a comment.Apr 1 2015, 2:33 AM

Three men got stuck just outside doorway of military house near spot I mentioned earlier ("Cargo Container @ 124151 Altis"), using 1.42 RC build. See image uploaded today (arma3_2015_03_31_08_40_14_altis.jpg). The cargo container isn't the problem, but the military house with small metal steps and rail. AI got stuck in same position just outside of door near "Military Cargo House @ 141212 Altis" I mentioned earlier.


I can confirm that guys often get stuck just outside door of offices in AI_PF_offices2.altis mission. See image just uploaded (arma3_2015_03_31_08_59_04_543.jpg). Please delete that jpeg after you have looked at it.

  • Also confirmed that if the metal rack in the building is moved away, the units do not get stuck!

Thanks oukej ! Good job. maybe there is something wrong with the rack hitbox or weapon resting ? Hope you find a solution. I will remove the racks on my missions now.

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Aug 14 2017, 2:12 PM

Yes it happens sometimes at 1.74. In different situations.
Sometimes AI does not get into the car.
But there are two reasons in this situation:

  • can not find the path to the car
  • stuck in the task (or after the task) "treat yourself"
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