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Wind ballistics
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Would be nice to see wind affecting bullets in game, dosin't have to be a whole lot, and it would be easy to have say,a range finder show windage maybe, could even be a difficulty setting and limited by that some how, just think it's be nice to have wind working against snipers so thier shots actually seem epic. :)


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This already has a ticket

Oh? link please, I serched using the keyword 'wind'

I cannot find a previous ticket about wind ballistics / windage either. This report seems to be the first one (amazingly).

Related issue: 2189

However; this is only about the effects of wind (and other weather effects), while the other request was more about ACE features in general. (And closed due the general description)

I'm not going to upvote this because we will have ACE(3) with all the nice features including more realistic balistics.

ArmA3 should be fun for both hardcore and casual players, and I think that having these features would scare off the casual players even more.

just my 2 cents...

Issue 2189 was closed because it wasn't about a single clearly defined bug/feature, as required by the posting guide. :)

I don't want ace in it's serenity ether, the idea is more for windage to affect snipers and such, usually wind doesn't do much in CQC and such, just seems nice to have, and it's easy to implament, also means the spotter actually has more of a job, haha, there's a reason you usually need spotters, :P

I apologize, I was thinking about the ACE mod feature request and I now realized that this is a much more specific request, and a good one at that. +1

Do note that without wind making precise shots at 300m+ is way way too easy.

This shouldn't be so, considering that unlike closer distances you can just stay prone and take your time to snipe people all too easily.

The bullet will always land where the appropriate marking is in your optics even when you have a storm going on - it's just isn't right.

I dunno why BIS dont want make real wind and ballistics... Helloooo, its shooter with long range!
:D So do it please :)

Obvious need

As I said, earlier, I feel shooting people at at 400m and more is still ridiculously easy and this brakes my MP experience.

should be ingame without asking for it already if I'm honest here

(of course) up-voted!

To be honest, adding wind wouldn't be prudent for these reasons-

  • In real life, one either uses a portable weather station like a Kestrel or a guess based upon what the weather feels like to judge conditions at the shooter's position. I can't feel wind in a game, but I can use a Kestrel, so the addition of a Kestrel would be necessary. Operating a Kestrel while trying to make a quick shot would be very irritating, since I obviously can't use Kentucky windage.
  • When shooting in real life over long distances, There can be multiple winds moving different directions along the bullets flight path, even over distances as short as 600 yards. When this is the case, one looks for any sign of what the wind might be like over at the target, i.e. blowing grass or trees, flags, or anything that can be blown by wind. This would obviously be impossible or very difficult to implement, necessitating a consistent wind over the entirety of the map, detracting from the level of realism.

Instead of adding wind, I suggest removing the old system of dialing the scope in. Pressing "page up" and "page down" in 100 yard increments is pretty lame. Instead, I suggest accurate Mil or MOA hash reticles in scopes for ranging without a rangefinder and for hold-over estimations, and an elevation and windage adjustment system graded in 1/10 Mil or 1/4 MOA as per the standard of today's optics. Instead of hitting below your target and saying, "I better press page up once!" you could have your spotter say, "dial three-quarters of a mil up!" This system is far more precise and would take longer to master, adding the realism that you guys desire without having to resort to a janky system in which wind is implemented.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

this is ive been talking with Dwarden about, he said BIS will take a look on it, so im all up for that!

Community praying on wind ballistics likes in ACE :)

Devs, please dont forget about Kestel and wind power/direction detection ;)

Why not also let the grass move in the direction the wind blows and add waves that move into the direction of the wind.
( Will probably be a real big amount but probably it won't.)
I dont know.
At least the wind should be implemented for bullets and also for helicopters and lateron jets.

interesting how atmosphere change by just addition of Wind which affects balistic, sound samples + trees sound sources + visuals (flying leafs etc.)

note: to these who think it's easy, it's not, You need teach AI how adapt theirs aim (or make them ignore it), there is need for good MP sync on wind

it's definitely one of many nice things to have :)

And you also have to make new gear, like the wind measurement thing, and possibly add zeroing for wind as well as range, haha.

@Dwarden, its eazy :D!
For grenade throw: AI see original throw parabola and see parabola calculated by wind speed/angle, just get data from server and calculate it for know deviation of the wind, and AI must aiming by new deviated calculated parabola(grenade/bullet landing point)... NOT BY CENTER OF CROSSHAIR(Aimpoint)!
MP Sync: server send to client start and end pos, client can calc it local...
Eazy? eazy :)!

I wanted to make a mod for this back in the Arma II with actual graphics supporting the windage dial on sniper rifles. I hope this is implemented in A3.

Wind could be toggled like some of the other settings when plaing on the easier modes.

Bullets should be effected by the weather also.

Also, osaka0235, could you also stop always saying "also" also?

Way not? Did I do anything offensive?

No, I just find it kind of annoying when people constantly use "also" at the end of their sentences.

Really? Well no offense, but this is the first time seeing a person hating 'also' in the sentences.

And as you noticed, I don't repeat 'also' in the same thread all the time.

At the very least they could add proper config values so modders can get it done (right now the config values for ammo are completely useless for anything that tries to be realistic).

Though it would be best if they do it themselves - That way it can be straight in the engine and thus MUCH more efficient than a script.

Could always make it a difficulty option so people who prefer to play without it can easily turn it off server-side.

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