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Lock Gamma option for server
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Add an option to lock gamma to "x" for the client by the server, it's necessary to don't have "gamma cheat" the night, people abusing of the gamma, and can see like a cat when all people need NVG.


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Put gamma to 2.0 on night

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there is a command to change draw distance, are you sure there isnt already one for gamma. i have played on many arma 2 servers in the past that reset default draw distance, so other video settings commands should be there

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i don't see any cmd for the gamma, but i will search, thanks for the tips.

I will assume that this need for a fixed gamme stems from this issue having to do with the competitive "nature" of the game, where people will be easily tempted to exploit and cheat their way though gameplay at night (multiplayer only).

In addition to supporting such an initiative, I would stress that the issue that I described is taken seriously, so that the locking of gamma adjustment values are made as tamper proof as possible, if only for discouraging this form of cheating.

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Totally agree.
Let's change severity to "major".

In multiplayer this client side "gamma" option makes night battles almost senseless.

I actively play Iron Front (on Arma 2 engine) and at night missions I'm forced to change brightness to max for not to have disadvantage, because EVERYBODY does it.

Fix this for fairplay guys

what is your suggestion for people who actually need the high gamma? Don't play on your server?

If people want to cheat this way, can't they just turn up the gamma in the graphics control in windows?

who needs higher gamma do it on his monitor/windows settings.

but difference is that in case of increased ingame "gamma" at night missions the engine outputs brighter pixels thus giving more details on the screen comparing to those who uses default gamma.

If you increase gamma in your monitor you get brighter picture but it doesn't make visible pixels that suppose to be invisible. you don't get more detailed picture.

pls upvote who downvoted.
this is really important tweak.

PS I hope someone with better English explain it better.

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Related to #2844.

@Bashka, made perfect sense to me. :)

There is a lot more than just gamma that people use as cheap hacks. I would hope that it is possible to fix all of the issues and force it server side, for example renderening grass, people disable it, disabling shadows, use low texture then objects stand out like a sore thumb etc.

And all people say it is cause their machines can't handle it, but most people can run it pretty well, and just do it as cheap hacks anyway to gain an advantage. I know this bacause I know a few people who told me these things. =/

It is sad really, but that is where console gaming has an advantage... I would like like if servers can set a minimum standard, so that regardless of what you set client side, there would be a minimum and a maximum set on the server side that cannot be set lower or higher than that setting. Then at least there can be more control on people exploiting cheap hacks via settings.

this indicates another OA>TOH>A3 merge gone wrong/missing

[93812] Fixed: Restrict gamma value set by profile
[93809] Fixed: Restrict brightness value set by profile

in Arma 2: OA 1.62 you can't use the value higher than softcoded maximum

But server must have this feature!
for example: on some pvp missions and servers, player dont use NVG because can increase gamma...

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I'd like to know the answer to the question of Bullet Purveyor: Can't the people just use their GPU control GUI instead?

huorn: Bashka gave the answer in his comment above:

Got it now, thanks.

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Well, maybe just limit the range of gamma? I like to play with it a little low, to get more contrast and nicer colors, so I don't want it forced to a set value. Just make it so that people can't set it at extreme levels.

@ShotgunSheamuS: I don't think using lower settings is an issue anymore. I am only able to play with the lowest settings, and nothing stands out with them. I haven't been able to test against higher settings, though, as I only get 1fps.

After seeing Bashka's comment, I can upvote this, if only to encourage them to fix the gamma to work as it should.

Disabling gamma will cause most players to simply not join servers at night if they don't have NVG. Playing a game with your monitor off isn't really that much fun.

Presently some maps are not optimized for nighttime to begin with. I've spent ample time camping in the wilderness and I can honestly say it is NEVER that dark in real life. Your eyes adjust to it quite well. Some maps look awesome at night without even increasing the gamma, but some are so poorly done that you are forced to turn up the gamma just to be able to see 1 ft in front of you. That's just not realistic at all. So limiting the gamma is premature until the lighting is fixed.

" is never that dark in real life..."


...seriously? I mean this feedback tracker is full of wannabees in all respects, but, seriously?

bdfriend, it's true, it never is that dark in real life, mainly because our eyes adjust at night, which is not properly simulated in ARMA series yet.

Look at this ticket

This ticket will resolve the necessity to ramp up the gamma, and also give players without NVG some chance. This said, as suggested, NVG should be battery dependant, and the adjust time switching from NVG to naked eye should take much longer than it currently does.

...well, if you say so, well then there is no dark night... I must have missed my "Mark One Eyeball" when in our squad we even had to connect each other to the person in front, in order to stay together in a march during a pitchblack night. The only chance of >>>orientation<<< was looking upwards, seeing the merely recognisable brightness of the sky against some trees...
And I am not even talking about reconnaissance or actually seeing a potential threat within 50m...And, yes, it took way more than 30mins.

I play ArmA2CO as a mil-sim (which is btw, not even remotely a proper description for the Alpha, so far!!!)...and usually I do not have cheaters around, and so this issue won't be relevant for my gameplay. If we want to have a pitchblack night, it is possible in ArmA, like seasons, the tides and the changing hemisphere...and should be in this "new" game, too!
We will always get rid of people immediately that are using any of the 10-years-old exploits of the engine anyway.

What this feedback is actually about, is to raise awareness for Gamma-Cheaters.
It is not about the question if someone has ever left his gaming room to see a real night out there.
As Dwarden mentioned already it has even been tried to implement, so no worries, I am sure someone in the BI-Studio still checks back with reality (at night of course^^) and not simply believes feedback trackers...

Well regardless, it still is a thing, and a real tactic as well, just because you didn't do it, doesn't mean it's a myth, some armies still train to do naked eye night vision, or mark one ball. Just remember prior to the technology of NVGs this was a very important tactic that was used especially heavily in ww2, Vietnam, gulf war, and as tech progresses, and becomes cheaper, these old tactics seem to become obsolete and don't get taught anymore. So now anyway, it's still something that can alleviate the gamma cheat, that's all I'm saying, why use a gamma cheat when you can have this as a fair vantage.

Generally I agree with this request, and I'd like to see a similar serverside control for maximum gamma/brightness as view distance.

However, it's worth pointing out that there may be perfectly legitimate reasons for a player to turn up his ingame gamma. EG I have a projector that has seen better days, so without this adjustment, playing would be impossible. That said - faulty or old equipment just means that a particular server cannot be played on at night.

i was playing some altis life mission where the screen kind of was not gettin brighter when gamma was turned up it just turned kind of blue in the night and it had a bad effect on the visibility of things.

The only problem is that you can't control a person's monitor settings. I personally can turn down my gamma VERY low and it is still too bright on my LED monitor. This is a nice idea in theory...but it seems like it might cause problems in the end.

I made a duplicate, soz:
Also even "brightness" can affect the gameplay

This is needed NOW and should have high priority after FPS issues.

I saw as i mentioned some Altis life mission which was havin this feature and it didnt affect the gameplay in anegative givs DayZ and basically every night mission a very important polish


remember this please!