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Extremely unrealistic building destruction
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A single satchel charge can destroy an entire building instead of only portions of it. While it may be too hard in this stage of development to implement a dynamic destruction system, it might be better if only larger explosives like laser guided bombs have the the ability to take entire buildings out.


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plant a satchel charge near a destructible building.

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I don't see anything wrong with the satchel charges.

In EA's games, the explosives were always under rated to supposedly enhance game play.

Quite simply put, explosives are dangerous and players will get killed if there isn't adequate clearance!

explosives that size could probably bring down a building. what type of building are we talking about?

tis true most every game there is turns down explosive effects or purposely alters what would be considered realistic to make the game easier to play or something but explosives in general are highly under rated cus honestly on average almost no one who plays this game has really really experienced high explosives or what they do military guys excluded but the fact that you dont have to get far away and behind a humvee to blow up a weapons cache is a bit of a let down

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A such a large explosive charge like the satchel charges in Arma would take out the sort of buildings that are on Stratis.

I would love more dynamic explosions!

plant 2 claymores near aircraft control tower. touch off bomb and let hilarity ensue.

worst building engineer ever.

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I was able to take down the ATC tower with 2 shots of the RPG.

This will be a major problem when RPG's are flying around in a large battle, and the building you are in collapses.


Obviously wasn't built in the US.

if it was against explosive charges I probably would have upvoted, but satchel charges ARE in fact a sh*tload of explosive, it's only fair that an entire building is wiped out

but again, some buildings could use dynamic or at least part destruction

Within the initial summary, yes satchel charges should take out a building. As far as shrapnel injuries, shrugs. I do like the current explosive and shrapnel radius of the satchels as they add to the realism of the game ... and for other reasons. I also enjoy the fact if you're nearby when the satchels explode, you'll be alright if you're prone behind a rock or structure to protect from shrapnel and debris.

As far as two RPG's taking out the ATC tower, I'm not sure. Theoretically, yes. Likely, maybe not as the RPG's may tend to go straight through and out the back of the towers. Maybe three to four RPG's to immediately destroy the ATC building? Shrugs.

Think I too down-voted the satchels being too powerful, just because it's cool to have something almost as powerful as a nuke, but they maybe as powerful as the real thing. ;-)

2013.06.15 13:50 AST - I was within the developer version server I usually join last night, and I was not able to reproduce using only two RPG missiles to destroy the base ATC tower. I used probably eight to ten missiles, or maybe more, and still wasn't able to destroy it. (So, it now looks like they're using the US to build ATC towers. ;-)

Yeah, the animation is awful too. Not every building implodes.

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