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Built-in Radio (Like in ACRE mod)
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Bohemia fans,please vote for an independent radio,with channels etc. but built-in game.ACRE was very good, but had many bugs and communication with TeamSpeak 3.


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Loved ACRE...

Will love it more if it gets official...

Loved acre, would love to see it as built-in in the base game but:

  1. Certainly not a high priority feature
  2. Not an alpha stage-like request

/upvoted anyways

Devlin added a subscriber: Devlin.May 7 2016, 12:21 PM

Arma VOn have always been bad, so if there should be an ACRE like feature, i vote for it to be ACRE.
BIS hire the ACRE team and get them working with ACRE, while your at it get the ACE team to work on ACE, everything that's actually good with arma is ACE+ ACRE + JSRS.

@Kid18120: Why not an alpha stage-like request? Once the game enters Beta it is deemed "feature complete" and no new features will be added. Alpha is when you want to be adding things.

The ACRE Arma Mod sounds really interesting.

I would like to speculate, ARMA 3 could be completely modified, making use of such after market mod.

I think the current radio is adequate though for most player's needs. Most times in real life, you only need one direct and one global frequency. In Arma 3, there's also a group and vehicle frequency.

The main issue currently being, too many girls are talking on the radio at once.

Is it still possible ?

LOWCZ added a subscriber: LOWCZ.May 7 2016, 12:21 PM

Well I like the idea, but also comes down to how the missions are create.

Putting all players on a side in one group destroys the use of the ingame von.

SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 12:21 PM

I'm going to assume some of you have never really looked into ACRE/used it.

It simulates radios.

You can have a squad level radio, a fire team radio & a radio for long distance communication, thus it serves a purpose for everyone, getting to the point of being able to use it might be harder but in the end it would improve the experience everyone playing the game walks away with. Not one game to date has implemented such a system, the mod itself is a work of art.

You don't need to get complicated with it, however you could do some wizardly things with it if you so choose.

SGTIce: I agree, however I have enough difficulty just changing between Direct/Vehicle/Side channels as it is. And then I think you have dummies disabling the Direct channel and making it not a channel, but direct voice or something idiotic further causing everybody to use the Side channel and treat it like a telephone. ;-)

However, think the ACRE mod should be an in game switchable communications device. In other words, preserve the current simplicity (although still overly complicated for girls), but provide those that just want to monitor radios all day to use an expanded interface -- as it would increase realism! ;-)

Spycho added a subscriber: Spycho.May 7 2016, 12:21 PM

The CONCEPT acre brought in was so good if the arma 3 team doesnt do something similar they will be blatently ignoring their duty to the diehard arma players to provide as realistic a simulation as possible... I hope the dev team never forgets the game may eventually be so smooth it eliminates the lines between shooter games and Simulations but it was the people playing this game for the Simulation aspect that kept the project alive in its infant stages. I say in general theyve done a good job adding in even more detailed controls but still an ACRE type system has to be put it at some point

The whole thing with how ACRE works though, is you need the right radio for the job. Not all the radios reach across the map, from what I remember the longest range infantry radio only goes 10Km on the ground, 40 if you were in a vehicle, but I haven't kept up with ACRE.

That in turn takes up a backpack slot, most people are carrying the squad level radios which cover a 1 mile or two.

Die hard or not I remember reading some articles that even people playing DayZ wanted something like ACRE, everyone i've ever known to use it loves it due to the fact it erases some of the side chat spamming & adds new challenges.

Spycho: Thought it was a business for making money, and not a duty?

I do remember vividly the downsides of closed source code, and scenarios where code is not modifiable, and am at least thankful Arma provides a base for others to modify at their own will. Granted, they could yank the code, making all these mods useless at their own will.

Thank you all for this small debate under my feature request,I would like also to join you in this small conversation and add my thougts about.

So - mainly first time when I thought about this plugin I realized that implementing of ACRE in-game could be easier if developers could give me some source code (only to look-up into game),but than I thought about writing some script which could be multi-platform and my second thoughts went to Mumble platform.This idea also went to the bin.

TeamSpeak 3 - they won't give me any code because it's a company and they have their own programmers and probably they won't give me any source code to look closer into TS3.

So I would like to ask directly Bohemia Dev Team - Guys,will you give us a small sample of source code, or send via email some tips about implementation that kind of technology in-game ?

Please contact me via email in this case.

@dluuugy Also for everybody - Happy Easter ;).

gonk added a subscriber: gonk.May 7 2016, 12:21 PM
gonk added a comment.Mar 31 2013, 4:26 PM

they have made moves in the right direction with the 10 custom channels. But I still can not mute other players with a script/command. That would give the basic building blocks for an ACRE type mod.

An ACRE/real simulated radio system would get rid of the juggling radio channels, add immersion, increase simulation, makes things even more fun, encourage teamwork (Especially in PvP as it does) & improve the overall quality of the game.

Higher voted request here: #4326