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This isn't Arma
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Devs I don't want to make anyone mad, but Arma 3 is not Arma and ruining the series. I am a long time player since Operation Flashpoint in 2001 and have bought and supported Bohemia on every Arma title since then, but this Arma 3 is not Arma. The whole feel of the game just does not feel like Arma, it feel more like Code Masters Operation Flashpoint now, which has an arcadish game feel.

I still think the best Operation Flashpoint/Arma release was plain Arma 2 with the fall scenery and trees and roads. I would have been more than happy to have seen the same scenery with updated sharper graphics and the added features thrown in like swimming, adjusting your stance, sound improvements and with the polished performance now. I can run ultra settings and the game seems to be running pretty good so far unlike past releases where the release would cripple the latest hardware.

I greatly appreciated the devs I don't want to piss anyone off, but I just am not sold yet on Arma 3. I purchased the Developer Support version to help out, but the game just does not feel like Arma. I don't know if this is to make the game feel more like BF3 and others or what, but its hurting Arma 3 I think as its taking away from what made the Arma series stand out and be different from the others. It doesn't feel like a simulation anymore and more of an arcade game like BF3 and OFP by CodeMasters.

Sorry, but just wanted to express my feelings on the game. Anyone else agree with me?


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Just playing the game and moving around, the guys don't move naturely like they should. The DayZ zombies look more life like how they should move. Arma 2 looks better and felt better during gameplay.

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Probably too late to start over and update on Arma 2, but I would have been happy with that getting sharper graphics and performance improvements along with the new features.

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Movement is too quick, that´s deliberate: You overdo things and then scale back. Moving and shooting was terrible in all previous iterations. The inventory system was terrible. The AI wasn´t up to scratch.

Just because you can suddenly move, instead of hobbling around like a sedated brick on wheels doesn´t mean the series is getting Arcade-y.

Ya.. I've been playing since day 1 of Operation Flashpoint.. and this is most certainly going in the right direction.

I suspect you are going to get downvoted heavily.

All feedback is fine but this is just an expression of dissatisfaction in the supposedly drastically different approach to ARMA formula that BIS employed for this installment of series. A post like this would probably sit way better over at the official forums, as it offers no concrete suggestions for improvements to the current build, necessary to start a constructive discussion.

More arcadish than ARMA 2? Have you realised that you get tired when running unlike ARMA 2 where you could sprint forever?

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Thats not true, in Arma 2 you would run slower after so long and get tired.

I'm glad to see others input, I'll keep playing and hope it grows, but Arma 3 doesn't seem to stick out from the others. Feels like the rest of the games out there now.

mfw this thread

You realized that you made a final jugdement about a game which is still in alpha?!


No need to get hostile, Bohemia is asking for feedback, this was my feedback on one issue. Its not final judgement, I would assume what we have is going to be a starting point and not change that much from now to the final version. Tweaks and fixes will be put into the game, but the overall feel I doubt will change much. As I said I will keep playing and hopefully it grows on me, but right now those are my feelings as a long time player.

I've played the series from original OFP back in 2001 and I don't agree with cashxx. Arma 3 changed I agree but in a good way and deffinately not became arcade'y. You have more control over your soldier, improved physics etc. You will be able to import Arma 2 contents into this release so don't despair and have faith.

It isn't that much different... And we haven't even got a quarter of the game yet, lol.

coming from another long time OFP/ARMA veteran, and someone who is always concerned about the franchise heading in the wrong direction to appeal to a larger audience, A3 is absolutely a step in the right direction, downvoted

pystub, high-five for keeping me company in poking fun of this post through tags. :)

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Today in the arma community, 40 year old neckbeards have problems with change to the better from some of the biggest flaws with arma.

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Been playing since OFP and this is going in the right direction. It doesn't feel anymore like you would be going on rails.

Take it to the forums.

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Not a bug. Post invalid.

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Agree, I've realised that its not arma it self that i love so much and so dearly, its everything that made arma "ARMA", ACE, ACRE, JSRS. Without those, arma is nothing.
But Arma 3 is really arcady and i realise that its and early alpha, but without input BIS cant do squat.So ppl, stop whining and actually give feedback, arma 3 still have all the potential.

Stop making the bug section a forum

Arma 3 site says Feedback Tracker, not bug report tracker. Other places say please report your feedback, bug reports, etc. Your turning it into a forum by whining and these other posts not giving or helping by providing any useful info, but whining. I posted and gave my feedback like it or hate it move on.

Not the only one:

OpFlash player here too. I'm all for fluid movement without getting locked into animations, like grenade tossing not being able to use cover effectively, and as such have done a great job increasing realism and reducing the frankly horrible limitations that were artificially imposed on your movement, view and character model.

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Cant tell if the OP is a troll or just doesn't understand what he's saying.
This game is everything ArmA is plus FLUID GOOD CONTROL rather than clunky and sluggish and very irritating. I've been playing since the old Operation Flashpoint Elite in 2001 and I dont ever want to go back to the old feel. Why would anyone want to? You can have all the wonderful things that make ArmA amazing without the annoying feel of the older games.

TL;DR this guy is insane. Developers, keep doing what you are doing because I love ArmA 3.

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Just because the control and feeling of the game was polished and some new features were added doesn't mean that it's not good. It doesn't feel as clunky as the other games in the series did that's for sure but it still feels like ArmA.IMO you still feel that you are in control of a body and not in control of a camera.

I am also a dedicated fan of the series and i have started playing ever since OFP and i don't see it as a step backwards, sure it doesn't feel like we were used to and it will take some time to adapt (heck i was using dead zone in the other games from the series for precise aiming, i find that i don't need it anymore with A3 as it mostly tends to get in my way) but nonetheless i find it as an improvement.So i don't know what you are talking about, maby you are nostalgic :)

Obvious troll is obvious.

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he may have the feeling of arma 3 being arcade-ish because of the fast movements, the easier controls (seriously, how can you get a clunkier control fro inventory than arma 2?) and people mainly playing deathmatch or wasteland maps at the time, also the futuristic setting may throw you off here

however, seeing it as what it is, mainly some unrealistic movement speeds and some people playing arma 3 as it isn't meant to be is not the end of a military simulation

There are no unrealistic movement speeds. People need to go out more. They think the slowmotion movement in CoD are realistic.

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dude this is an alpha *famous quote!*

I personally like the controls of Arma 3 its more realistic and "live" but there is some animations that should be edited/fixed, such as the jump over anim (v key) etc.
Devs should take as much time as needed and create great game.
There is a lot of things that should be added to the game.

scenery fall on someone head, isnt it?

Use the forums to "express your feelings". The bug tracker is for reporting bugs and requesting features.