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PIP (realistic mirrors) slow you game by 10 fps on standard setting
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Turn the PIP setting in rendering on, it lags the game very badly. {F17793}


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Turn the PIP setting in rendering on.

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It needs to be optimized to run better.

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Could you at least provide more information on your setup?

I dont need to give more information about my system, the PIP needs optimization.

the game leaks alot of memory and needs to be optimized, the whole game.

with pip turned off i get very good fps, with it even at very low i get 10 to 20 less fps with it on

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same too. 3770K. 8gb ram. gtx 690.

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The devs still needs a DxDiag file to cross-reference any performance issues with any hardware setup. Please attach a DxDiag file, otherwise, they won't know where to begin.

Don't talk about optimization when you obviously have no idea what it is. If you can't run PiP then disable it.

strange point of view. It is developers should look why. I just inform

Same issue- when switching between 3rd and 1st person with PIP enabled I drop by 10+ fps in 1st person, disabled no difference. I know it isn't a problem with my computer as my GPU usage doesn't increase so it's not like it's just a big draw on your hardware like anti-aliasing is, it's an optimisation issue.
The framerate in this game is consistently horrible though, it's not like I'm getting drops below 60 with PIP enabled, more like drops below 30 or even 20.

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PIP is nothing other than rendering the world again from another camera position. As a result, without PIP you have X FPS, and with PIP you get X/2 FPS. As you can notice, thats not the case in general, you only have 30-40% less FPS, due the fact that PIP is already optimized! They can optimize it more and more, but it want change nothing, you have to deal with FPS drops then PIP (Render to texture) is used.

I thought i requested to close this? why is it still opened. on the last update a huge performance boost happened. all im waiting on now is dedicated servers and more pistols.

Yup, this was fixed.