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[Suggestion] Touch Off Explosive should be tied to an item.
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In my opinion and those I play co-op with "touch off explosive" should be tied to a physical item, so then if the explosive specialist dies someone else in the squad can set off the explosives.


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Always wanted to have this feature while playing Domination in ARMA 2.

You know, when playing against the hardest difficulty AI and your teammates keep dying at the Radio Tower while trying to plant enough satchel charges. Naturally, you'd want to clear the site first and then bring the explosives afterwards, but when playing in low numbers it's more logical to disrupt enemy communication thus preventing further reinforcements, so you keep trying to Rambo it out. Except, without the hinted at Detonator device, it's next to impossible to accomplish.

TLDR; Like the idea, can't think of any downsides (exploits) that it might bring along.

Disagree, i like the way it is now.

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There should be detonator as item. Who ever has it can detonate explosives.

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A detonator item would be wonderful, this can get quite annoying otherwise.

Thank you for your feedback. We are currently investigating possibilities in this matter.

The detonation should also be mapped to a different key, or perhaps the detonator item could be cycled to in the weapons menu and 'fired' to set off the explosive. A separate key would be preferable though to limit 'clutter' in the weapons menu.

Also, it would be handy to be able to detonate individual bombs placed, or at least different types of explosive. For example, a claymore should not be detonated at the same time as a satchel charge when both have been placed by the same player at the same time.

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I almost created a new ticket for this just 5 minutes ago.

I was thinking about equipping a detonator via the grenade selection key and also using it by pressing "g".

If the Devs decide to incorporate this into the game, maybe some sort of pseudo frequencies could be used to allow for more controlled detonations and not "one-for-all".

I definitely agree to this. Can you imagine an OPFOR placing a device somewhere, sprinting away to detonate the device and getting KIA before doing so? Imagine then one of the BLUFOR comes along, dodie dodie do,"Ooh, a clacker!" *smiles*, squeezes and blows his team up near where the device was planted. OFPOR achieves goal, even in death.;D

@Zeloran - make Claker as weapon-item as in Crysys3, Battlefield3 etc.
if you set charges and died, you clacker can be picuped by another players, and he can explode satchels

There's a realistic factor in this too. You can't set off explosives magically.

This is a great idea. It also gives the player more control and safety. This is especially true when "Touch off bomb" has a priority over all other items in the context menu.

monkeywithagun That's great!! I hope to see it in ARMA 3

The amount cool stuff that this makes possible in custom missions is titillating :)

I could not agree more. How unrealistic and frustrating it is that a guy who set one or more bombs dies a team mate should of course be able to go to his body and detonate the bombs. That is how it would be. It almost seems that any one who would vote no on this just enjoys being stupid.

Claymores, mines of all types should go off when tripped. Satchel charges should not override all other commands.

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must have!

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Having a clacker for explosives would be very nice indeed.

bez added a comment.Jul 6 2013, 3:31 PM

Thank you

clacker needed

Also... I like pushing a red button and something goes BOOM!

@gotmikl - Claymores do not automagically explode when you move in front of them irl either.

I'm getting a boner just thinking we might get one of those!

Upvotes. Its a good idea.
But additionally there should be option to touch of particular explosive instead of touching off all of them.

Clacker? -> YES
Other players can pick up your clacker if you die? -> YES
Set off explosives (A) all-at-once or (B)at different times??? -> YES
Realistic & Beneficial to have these options? -> YES

However, please fix all the stamina/heavy-breathing bugs first. The bug where I constantly hear heavy breathing, really annoys the heck out of me.