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Improve Weather Effects
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I know its in alpha, but I would really love too see better rain effect and maybe too the exstream have windscreen wippers work, and maybe a blur effect on car windows if water builds up.I always wanted better weather in Arma series it just brings it too life, but I mite be the only one.


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I just noticed, if you hover over heaving ocean swells in the chopper, the night vision will blur.

thats pretty cool.

Anyone else agree with this ticket ?

Also a better texture for the enviroment to show that it is raining.

Yes agreed about the texture, half the time you can't tell its raining untill you look at something brightly coloured and see the lines, that rather look like your monitor is about to blow up, but end up its trying to be rain.

This is not a forum, please do not "bump" your issues.

How do I activate the rain ? There's no option for me in the "cloud symbol menu" in the editor.

You need to actually raise some settings that will make it rain. Don't remember the name but google it up or test in the editor!

As far as i know they removed rain effect from Alpha and working on new one.

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Related to #3481

Any weather is good weather in the army! ...I remmeber that from my time in service, but in fact, hard rain was the worst. In Arma, I don't care if it rains at all. I hope extremely bad weather would be implemented so rain actually makes things harder... low visibility, wind affecting bullets and helis, wet clothes being heavier and so on. +1

I'd also like to hear the result of the bad weather included in the audio engine. e.g. walking directly into the wind.

I agree.

Should also have wind direction and weather posted within the game for those using the Mortar Artillery Computer for compensating for flare floating and smoke drifting. (ie. On the "m" map screen?)

This would be nice as well. Maybe when rain is detected hitting the player?

We do not have even such basic things as high beam lights for cars and you wants a wipers?

I'd like to see snow effect working on some addon maps.