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Kill shot on an enemy doesn't feel real.
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When you kill an enemy in the game they fall straight down, even when its 30 yards away with a light machinegun, to the face. To better improve the general feeling of the ragdoll physics in the game, have the game represent the actual impact of the bullet by making the target fall in an appropiate manner, such as getting shot in the head would cause the head to jerk back a little and make them fall backwards. As opposed to currently they just fall straight down like they died of a brain hemorage. It just lacks the credibility that makes you feel like you really shot that enemy and killed him.


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Kill an enemy soldier from any angle with a gun.

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I reported this as a severity Major, because it really breaks the immersion in the game, every time you kill someone, which is a lot.

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It 'true!
And this makes the game much more fake and less satisfactory.

A shot to the head or Kill shot will make the body collapse. The body is more likely to fall forward when the body loses control, most gun deaths.
But with body armor and plate carriers and large calibers smacking the vests the body is more likely to be forced the direction off the bullet. It needs tweaking and they seem delayed.

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The head should, in fact, jerk slightly towards the bullet if at all. This has been covered rather extensively with debunking the JFK conspiracy theories.

Either way, flagging the issue's severity as major is ridiculous. This is barely an issue at all.

ever heard of the phrase dropping like a sack of potato? this really is the case in real life. i think movies and tv shows misrepresent this a little.

it's possible for you to find footage if you've got the stomach for it. but for an introductory video, search for the budd dwyer suicide. it is very quick. from shock to loss of consciousness, there really aren't lots of room for exaggerated or "readable" movements. you just collapse immediately.

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I've seen footage of soldiers being killed by multiple 5.56mm hits to the the torso and I've spoken with some of my friends who witnessed combatants being shot. According to everything I've seen and heard, people just collapse, like johncage said, "drop like a sack of potatoes".

This is actually one of the best animation-improvements in ArmA 3 over ArmA 2, where humans had ridiculously overacted (Hollywood-like) death animations.

A few grams of metal flying THROUGH the body (i.e not a collision where it instantly transfers all of its energy to the recipient) won't make anything jerk anywhere by the power of the impact.

The only thing that could cause such a jerk is muscular movement in the person being shot.

The softness of the human body makes distribution of energy from impacts very efficient, and also prevents instant energy transfer, instead making it take some time and thus lowering the acceleration of the body as a result of being hit.

Something being 0,02% of your body mass won't have any kind of noticable effect as far as moving the body goes.

What really doesn't feel real is in ArmA 2 when you shoot an enemy in the middle of an animation, he'll complete that animation before switching over to the death animation. While I don't disagree necessarily with the issue, it's a hell of a lot better than the old death animations.

I think the issue is the weight and rigidness, if you will, of the current models. If you take an instant kill shot your going to fall wherever you weight and momentum is going at the time, you shut off.

The diffrence here is where you shoot somebody... a shot into the spine/brain would have the effect you describe here. A shot in the leg arms/legs/belly would mean a slower death with more muscular response.

Someone's been watching too much Hollywood. The fact is there is not enough mass in any round that will cause a body to go flying across the room. Your going to just drop. The only way a body will move in the manner as you state is that if that person is moving away from the gunman when shot. But even here the movement will not be anything you see in a Hollywood movie.

All you guys arguments are good, but the fact that it looks and feels unrealistic is true.

Someone ever played Duty calls? it feels like that...

What you describe or want is more applicable to an explosive blast not a bullet impact. The game animation is correct it is your interpretation of physics that is wrong, you need an immersion patch.


Shot with pistol and the enemy makes backflip?

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We need a mod of "realistic" death animations from bullets. Just client sided. -- backflip from shot to the neck or head

  • 5 meter fly from shotgun or 40mm granade shot (exactly like CODs icon depicts)
  • overhead forward roll after being shot at legs
  • 180 degrees turn when shot at arms

and finally 3 meters side slide when shot while prone...

I think adding bullet weight into the factor would be nice, and might impact game play in facts of maybe wanting a body to fall in a certain direction to avoid detection

but i agree with most of the comments about the true weight and physics of a bullet wouldn't create a big change in motion or weight transfer

"I think adding bullet weight into the factor would be nice, and might impact game play in facts of maybe wanting a body to fall in a certain direction to avoid detection"
It is *NO* factor in real life, so why should it be in game?
m_bullet * v_bullet = (m_man + m_bullet) * v_man


v_man = 0.004*900/(0.004+70) = 0.05 m/s velocity difference of a 70kg man after getting hit by a 5.56mm

That's 5cm per second, while the body would be falling down at an acceleration close to 9 m/s².

@ p00d73

I never said i new the exacts about it, and would rather a realistic style then Hollywood.

if thats the calculations then so by it, leave it at that and nothing more needs to be done


i guess there was/is no pistol in Duty call (CoD diss you know?), but i could be wrong

Anyone that say it looks realistic is a ARMA fanboy, yes also this is possible -_-

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Down vote.

There is no need for this, it's completely unrealistic. People do not flip backwards arse over tit if shot. They fall down.

Watch less movies.

Agree with most comments here.
This IS how it should be.

For Hollywood go to COD or Battlefield.

When people get shot, they collaps where they stand. Bullets are tiny and travel extremely fast, you don't get thrown back.
One vote down.

Get a friggin physics lesson..
Hint: Hollywood isn't the best teacher

It doesn't work like that in real life. People don't get pushed around by a single bullet, it might make kills a little cooler but less realistic.

Closing because of non-issue.

Please rather report stuff like bodys flying meters high when killed laying on top of the tanks; we should have different priorities for now.

Come again after Alpha.