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Ai Not going from careless to combat when Fired on or standing just beside them
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I can stand just beside an enemy or shoot at him if its on careless and then he's will just 'NOPE'.


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Voted up.

On the infantry showcase where you are to kill the spotters, I ran right up to them and not once did they fire at me (Regular difficulty). I shot one guy because he was an obvious target (standing up). The other guy was prone on the ground. I thought he was dead because he was barely moving and just staring at me.

In Arma 2, Careless was similar to using
this disableAI "AUTOTARGET";
Unless they changed it I don't see anything wrong here.
If you want them to react once they see you or you shoot at them set them to Safe.

Unknown, that doesn't sound like it has to do with behaviors, the AI might have just been bugging out, which would be a separate issue.

I think this is a bug, since the command elements of a squad will direct subordinate units to engage, and the subordinate units will respond that they are engaging, but they don't don anything.

It's not a bug. Careless behavior is exactly what it means, careless :D.

Careless mode : AI moves at limited speed, weapons lowered, do not react if fired upon.
Safe : Exactly the same as Careless but AI will switch to Aware mode when fired upon.

Careless is here for editing purpose, forces AI to a non-combat behavior whatever happens

As it should be...

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They should change to combat when enemy are spotted.
Whats the point of having them not react to enemy?!?!?!

Careless does what it supposed to do. Usefull when doing a hot LZ insertion/extraction where the helo wont go and engage ground targets instead of inserting/extracting troops.

Thats why there is no Careless behaviour in command menu. Only Safe, Aware, Combat and Stealth

CARELESS can only be set through a script.
And CARELESS is supposed to make them not care. Hence the word...
Otherwise, helicopter insertions etc. would be impossible, as pilots would divert from their scripted task if fired upon.

God, some people should not be allowed to file bug reports.

As a long time OFP/Arma player but newbie to the editor, it isn't obvious that 'careless' means 'no response to being shot or shot at' (which is not a regular human state of mind). Perhaps it could/should be renamed to something like 'combat disabled' for clarity. I had assumed it was a more relaxed state of mind than 'safe', giving slower reactions.

Even so, there is a problem with 'careless' AI - they will throw grenades out when attacked if the player is close, but they will not shoot their weapons.

So a possible bug there at least. I'm currently on the dev branch 0.53.103603.

This is not a bug. If anything, them throwing grenades -is- a bug while in this mode. At careless, they are supposed to not care.

who are the retards voting down on this? this is a real bug, even in arma 2, soldiers reacted, but not in arma 3.

careless doesn't mean braindead. but of course you wouldn't know the difference.

No, they didn't react in ARMA 2 either. They SUPPOSED to not give a fuck. GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD ALREADY!

From the wiki: Careless mode: "Infantry will not fire on enemy targets.", "Groups in careless mode do not switch to a more alert mode if enemies are encountered.".

If you want them to react you have to use the Safe behaviour.

Please close this, "Careless" behaviour serves a valuable purpose in the editor, and it is now clear that the creator of this ticket has confused "careless", and "safe" behaviour.

Closing. Works as intended.

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