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Cant run and shoot in the same time.
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If you try to shoot when you run you will experienced that your character stops and just after shoot.


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Push the forward button, dont release it when shooting. And you will see a lagging shooting animation.

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hey man you cant run and shoot.but if you hold down C you can combat walk and aim down sights and shoot

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ok that wasnt the point (i know that), but still you cant run and shoot.

"but still you can't run and shoot"

And i'd add: LUCKILY!!

No run and gun here.
COD and BF are there for that purpose!

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i dont think a run and shoot is for only cod and bf privilege. I dont understand why does this hurt you hardcore sim fans? Can you do it in real life on the battlefield. Yes you can, so? This is a real life combat simulation? So why cant you do that? SIMULATION

No pray and spray while entering a building with enemies inside ;)

No you can't run and shoot in real life, even if you try it, you wouldn't hit jack shit.

Running and shooting at the same time is just ridicculous. You won't be able to keep up your weapon, let alone it beeing steady at all.

We're talking about running here, not about fast walking (e.g. combat walk) or similar. You're talking about running and I really want to see you doing that in real life with a gun on your shoulder pointing forward.

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could be added the fired eventhandler to the running animation? so he shoots into totally nowhere, then he has "running and shooting" but he won't hit even near a single thing :)

i agree with banshee. im active reserve infantry and we dont shot and run.this is motto we use dash,dive,Return fire, hole piont is to put effective fire on the enemy position.i the case where your caught out in the open thats what you F.S.G is for to suppress the enemy location and allow your fire team to run to cover and flank the enemy position.reason is you dont shoot while running is the solider dose not have full control of there weapon there for could end a blue on blue making a combat unit noneffective for time to treat wound ect... time is ever thing war zone

No shooting people while running in real life. You would be jogggin at best. Running is 8 mph +.

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You could just tactical pace.

supression fire? not killing people just threatens them

While people might not agree with walking/running and shooting, it causes issues like #833 when using full auto fire. So a tweak should be in order.

The point is you'd never run and shoot at the same time, you wouldn't be able to hit anyone. That's why we have tactical pace.

My point is that with full auto, in this case, the game is simply behaving erratic and needs to be tweaked to give it a natural feeling and not a bugged behavior.

you CAN run & shoot. you have to press 'C' do so.
You can't SPRINT & shoot- just like all other fps games.

I know the character can shoot when press "c". So only thing is need to do to slow the character down when you start shooting. Now the character is only shaking when running and shooting. If BIS make the character movement fuild thats fine by me. Just spare us the shakines.

You sure the shaking isn't caused by headbob? Try turning down headbob in options.

Asaob, are you complaining about it being difficult to aim while moving and shooting?

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read the whole thread (and the report to) before asking questions what is obvious.
and im not complaining, just trying to ask the developpers to make the game as realistic as possible.

I tried reading it, but your broken English is kind of hard to decipher.

you could be right about my english, but just try what i was talking about the issue. And you will see for your self what i talking about. Anyway i see you came here just for flame, but i wont feed you.

Before you judge this issue, you should watch the video of #833. I just realized in an earlier comment I put the wrong ticket ID (fixed now).

While I agree, that running and gunning should not be possible, then OTOH #833 should be avoided somehow.

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I'm with SYSTEM on this one, though there should be a possibility to hit yourself when doing it.

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For the lot of down voters a real life footage and arma3 comparison
First the real footage 0:22-0:30 is the recreated part.
Arma 3 footage. I tryed reproduce the situation in the game.
In the first part i run and gun. (the running speed is almost the same as the real footage, but the character stops continously when shoot)
The second part i released the shift and shoot, but the character walked so slow he will be probably shoot down in the real footage. (need to mention at the 2 part of the video, i was on the highest walking speed and deffault key c pressed)

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The game is extremely accurate. You cannot shoot while running. You can shoot while jogging or walking fast, but the game already lets you do that. The people who make this game obviously know how this works.

While it's not exactly a bug, the side effects are displeasing and that the behavior exists is confirmed, hence approving.

Fireball, what's the use of the voting then ?

This "issue" or whatever it is, has far more downvotes than upvotes..

Just saying "it's not a problem, I don't listen lalalala" doesn't make it less a fact that it stops you while you're shooting and that you can still do full auto fire and it will look completely jerky.

While it should spray like mad, it should probably not result in a glitched animation.

I'm not a devel - if it will be addressed or not is not in my hands.

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Suggesting the following fix to this "problem":
Give firing the weapon piority over moving. I.E. when holding LMB while also holding the W key, the soldier would stand still as long as the weapon is firing (at full-auto this means until LMB is released or the magazine runs dry). This would remove the "stutter-step" and still allow players to quickly react to threats. It's basically the same as releasing W the moment you are starting to fire - it just happens automatically.
And if one whants to move and shoot at the same time, one can still use tactical pace (that's what it is for).

Asaob added a comment.Mar 26 2013, 9:50 AM

I don't understand why people are so much angry about this ticket. Also don't understand why these people think the upvoteing is a contest and who have the more upvotes on his ticket win. I only made this tickets to ask the devs to make game as realistic as possible. I don't want to see another cod or bf copy. I want a true millitary simulation game. With great and detailed graphic, with nice optimization, and belivable pshyics and sound. Fluid animation. I know a lot of arma fan don't want this game go mainstream. But face it if they tweak everything this game could be the best military game on market. Why is bad for the fans i dont get it.

I've had the same problem. Whenever you try to jog and shoot, your character shoots, stops, shoots, stops, and then shoots again.

I suggest that they either disable it completely, or allow the player to shoot and jog at the same time.

I agree with this suggestion, you should be able to shoot while running, without precision, of course...

In my opinion, I feel that there may be some confusion between sprinting, running, tactical pace running, tactical pace walking, and standing still.

I personally find that the new tactical pace is a bit too fast for my tastes in a CQB environment, therefore I use tactical pace walking (just like weapon-ready walking in A2). TP running is adequate for suppressive type fire, but TP walking is of course going to be more accurate for CQB type of work.

I don't particularly have a problem with running and shooting wildly. I agree with Iratus as to forcing a stand still as an adequate fix to this and the other reported issue of running while shooting and still hold that full out sprinting and shooting shouldn't be supported.

It seems to me that tactical pace running may potentially suite the OP's original concerns as to "run and shoot"; seems as though everyone thinks the OP is referring to sprinting and shooting, where he is actually referring to running and shooting; and the anims can be fixed with either Iratus's idea or letting the player run and shoot wildly.

Just my $.02

Actually there are four speed of movement now (standing still not withstanding). Sprint, run, "tactical pace", walking.

The speed of tactical pace is quite fast, causing me to mistook it for running in the beginning. And shooting while moving at tactical pace is actually quite inaccurate.


Exactly. It seems as though some confusion is abound between running and sprinting.

As I mentioned, I find the tactical pace best for suppressive fire while moving or extremely close quarters. Due to the speed though, I found it difficult to maintain a level of precision that I am comfortable enough with in CQB. I much prefer slower walking when actually trying to hit anything remotely accurately.

During my military service we occasionally needed to sprint and fire at the same time, especially when fighting in urban environments and moving quickly from one spot to another while laying suppressive fire. The purpose of sprinting/running and firing is not to hit but to suppress and keep the enemy's heads down so they don't fire at you while you change position. I vote for allowing run and fire!

Confirmed, please fix this. Thanks!

The aim of firing your weapon is to hit the enemy, even when laying down rapid suppressive fire. All this talk about putting the most rounds downrange in the least amount of time, "to scare the enemy", is pure nonsense IMHO. It's not how suppression works.

IRL, a slower rate of fire with well disciplined, aimed shots is alot more effective on the receiving end than a section or platoon of infantry all firing mag after mag for the sake of firing like there is no tomorrow. It all boils down to how the enemy perceives your fire; The sound of near misses around your head, as well as the visual impact of seeing rounds hit the ground around you (not to mention the sound this makes) tends to be alot more, for lack of a better word, scary than having a ton of rounds pinging off far above you or to your sides. ARMA3 has the sounds of this pretty well nailed IMHO.

You want to sprint and hipfire a rifle? Sure you can do that IRL. It's also physically possible to dual-wield two rifles and fire them between your legs if you want, but you're not going to hit anything at all apart from the 1/1000 lucky shot. This doesn't automatically mean that it should be implemented ingame though.

There's a reason i hate MOH/COD/BF with a passion, and it's because of rubbish like this. ARMA should stay the way it is, and i'm confident that this is what the devs are planning on doing.


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a real life video for Gulbuddin to.
The guy dont know where the shots came from so he try to threaten the enemy with his firepower(my gues). I dont think on the battlefield i try to make aimed shots where the enemy are fireing on my position. Watch how much ammo the guy shoot for the invisible enemy. Just to show how i think suppresion fire is working in RL.

Edit:I rather waste ammunation than get a head shot when aiming. Everybody think he is a sniper in the watchtower, but in a real life i bet those guys dont dare to get out their head from cover. when the first bullet hit his position.

Edit2:A "trained" eye can see that the soldiers who "waste" so much ammo, dont know where the shots came from. However the enemy know they position and bullets hit the cover very close to the cameraguys head.

Don't want to get into an argument with you over a Youtube flick on an ARMA3 Alpha feedback discussion-board, but i'll leave it with two things;

  1. I'm aware of user Funker530 on YT, and IMHO he is more concerned with posting as many action-clips as possible to his channel, rather than having a critical eye on the quality of the craftmanship in the flicks he posts. Meaning that,
  2. If i'm to pass judgement solely on what i'm seeing and hearing in that clip, i'd be right embarrased if i was the guy who filmed it and it suddenly showed up on the internet.

I cleartext: The amount of incoming in that clip in no way warrants the amount of outgoing. In my world, that there is a situation under control with only sporadic and/or harassment fire coming in.
For the untrained eye (and ear), this might look like something hardcore kickass out of Blackhawk Down or something, but IMHO, judging from what i'm seeing and hearing mind you, this would be a study and prime example on how to waste ammunition for nothing and how not to do this sort of business.

I'd rather be able to fire & hit nearby than fire and hit nothing at all.

If this is about 3rd person view there is an issue that needs to be addressed. You can tac move and shoot in first, but in 3rd it stops you.

In yesterday's DEV build release this issue has been solved.

Now you can shoot while running (non-tactical pace!!) but you don't hit where you are aiming, you basically fire to the ground (where your weapon is facing while running / jogging).

I think it's a good solution

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its an own shooting technique, in German you call it "Deutschießen".
you have the rifle near your hip and the hand close to the end of the muzzle.
it is not supposed to hit anything, its a contact drill method to make the enemy think that you supress and return an accurate volume of fire to the enemy position.

In yesterday's DEV build release this issue has been solved.

Now you can shoot while running (non-tactical pace!!) but you don't hit where
you are aiming, you basically fire to the ground (where your weapon is facing
while running / jogging).

I think it's a good solution

I would prefer another solution; when you're running or sprinting and press the fire button, you character should fall back to the tactical pace and stay there until you start running again. This also works for crouching, so should be easy to code.

The bug actually was that you could fire your weapon, but it would stop the run/sprint animation and when you stopped firing it would (try to) continue to run/sprint again which looked ackward.

"The bug actually was that you could fire your weapon, but it would stop the run/sprint animation and when you stopped firing it would (try to) continue to run/sprint again which looked ackward."

Now you can fire your weapon without stopping nor looking ackward
So the issue should be considered as solved, no ?

Actually, this issue is only fixed while running normally - it is still reproducable while sprinting. (I.e. the character will make awkward stops when you shoot.)

Ideally, the same solution for running should be applied to sprinting aswell, so I think we should leave this open for now.

While sprinting the animation is different from the jogging one, you have your weapon lowered towards your left knee, i don't think the same solution would work

The rifle barrel never even comes to close to being pointed at the knee (I even made a FRAPS video and ran it in in slow motion to confirm), so I don't see much of a problem there.

Obviously there still isn't much point to shooting while sprinting, but making the character stop and bring up his weapon is clunky and anything but ideal. The way I see it, you click = you pull the trigger. No matter where the weapon is pointing.

Either way, I'll leave it up to the devs to mark this issue as resolved when they feel it is resolved.

"The way I see it, you click = you pull the trigger. No matter where the weapon is pointing."

If you put it like that, i can't anything more than be in agree :D

Since the remaining issue (sprinting) is now tracked in #833 "officially" , I'll mark this one fixed.

Please keep the other ticket tidy - I hope everything that needs saying was said here.