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Suggestion for Stance Changing
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I suggest that you make the default stance change "(L CTRL + MOUSE DOWN/UP) in addition to "(L CTRL + W) and (L CTRL + S)"

This would make changing the vertical stance very fluid, you just hold CTRL and scroll up, shoot bad guy, hold CTRL scroll down avoid bad guys friends.

Currently I cannot map this, changing that would be adequate.



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Hey OP, It's a real hackjob but you CAN map them..

Go to your controls and map Mouse Wheel Up to Move Forward, and Mouse Wheel Down to Move Backward, in Infantry Controls.

Keep in mind when you're navigating menus you're better off not trying to move as well otherwise you'll kinda tard out and stop etc

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Good suggestion BlackJack, but it would also be nice to see a dedicated mapping option.

FYI there is some discussion on this here:

Also, instead of having to press 2 keys for stance;
We should be able to have a stance UP and DOWN keys mappable. We could then map this directly to a key and cycle through the stances in a linear fashion.
We should also be able to bind say, SHIFT + [ANY KEY] to stance up. Likewise for stance down.

Essentially untie the stance chang from thew walk keys.

I LOVE this idea. I actually expected it to work like this since it feels so natural.

Mind you, it should be mappable to right CTRL key since some of us play lefty and will never touch the left CTRL key.

Why would anyone vote this down, it's not like you'd be forced to use the commands.

Great idea, upvoted!

I'd personnally like to be able to use ctrl + wheel up and down for the sights. However it would be useful to be able to remap those yes.

An excellent idea that was also suggested on the BIS forums yesterday: I think it would be awesome to use scroll wheel+modifier keys to cycle through things such as movement speeds, stances and action menus. I also don't understand who could possibly be against this proposal considering it's in no way suggesting to take away or otherwise tamper with currently available control schemes; this is simply a request to add extra, optional functionality to the key bindings. How could that possibly be a bad thing?

I agree this is good, it stops having to stop moving to change stances. which means if you are running along some cover you can pop up fire some shots off and then go back down and continue running.

brilliant idea my friend :D

This would be awesome!

its more usefull because your 3 fingers keepd on WASD, and 2 another will be on ctrl and alt.

Solution: add ability to bind it on scroll or one single button click (on mouses with 5-12buttons for rexample!) - stance up/stance down, gamers will assign this feature as they want

Yeah just to clarify I did mean MOUSE SCROLL UP/DOWN

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General solution would be to give ability to bind anything on mouse scroll up/down. Just as we can with other controllers.

As for sub-stance switching, simpliest solution is just give ability to map them, to anything you like. Myself, I would just bind them to mouse scroll up/down and bind menu interaction to ctrl+mouse scroll instead.

+1. Allow us to map modifer key+Scroll wheel, so that we can use Alt+Scroll for range up/down as well for example.

yes. why am i unable to map ctrl+mouse-wheel/mouse-button. this needs to be fixed.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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as an option I could cope, but currently Arma is too dependent on the scroll wheel, if Arma 3 was to develop a commo rose then this would make sense.

It would be nice to be able to change stance sequentially whilst jogging. Having the w key used for walking forward obscured this.

Or Ctrl + Z/X but (L CTRL + MOUSE DOWN/UP) it´s also nice

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Awesome idea op

Protype of stance adj by scroll+ctrl
Mates, consider it please

I make a ticket on the multi use of mouse scroll wheel, please read it