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Firing from vehicles
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The ability to fire from a vehicle would be great, it's a very wanted feature as we all know for a long time.

For feasible vehicle which would allow for such this should be looked at in the future.

It's been brought up a few times for individual vehicles but it would be great to see shooting from vehicles implemented with more than just the LB. If i'm in the door of a blackhawk i'd love to be able to shoot to support someone on the ground.

If i'm in a no top vehicle i'd like to be able to fire at anyone we pass by whom happens to be hostile to make us less of a sitting duck going 80 MPH. {F17378}


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Maybe you should go back and read what I was saying before JNC in specific reference to the RPG-7. A recoilless rifle was designed to be fired from a vehicle, similar to a TOW mounted upon a HMMWV.

In closing my whole point on the subject was that not every vehicle would benefit from AT weapons being fired from them, especially on the move. LBs for example & other light vehicles at high speeds, may or may not flip.

Yes! I believe this (specifically shooting out of Humvee windows) was in the ARMA 1 predecessor of VBS (VBS2 I think), so we know it is possible in-engine.

Adding this feature would be such a huge deal for me. Wouldn't it be great to be able to cruise around the island with all your mates sitting on the sides of your little bird with RPGs.. a great cheep tank killer in CTI too..

p00d73 added a subscriber: p00d73.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM

@NathanRyan: shooting RPGs from the side of a little bird sounds like a sure fire way to fry half your team. (and it shouldn't be possible in-game)

I agree with p00d73 that backblast would kill your team and could kill/wound the pilots too.

On the other side ArmA was never meant to cut on possibilities, rather to add them. And if it is possible to shoot an RPG from the Littlebird in real life (which isn't tolerated is different topic) it should be possible even if you fry half of your team.

Think about this way: in real life you get in littlebird and You can't get RPG into your hands only because your'e in littlebird and not on the back of the Ural or another...

But I agree, I would not shoot the RPG out of the littlebird - ever never.

You just have to roll out an RPG to places for smokers.

In fact its not possible to shoot from an helicopter for a simple reason i thing.
The prop back wash, it will damage the helicopter from inside and hurt/kill people inside.
But shoot with any other weapon like shotgun, MG, SMG, pistol (we have to be close for this haha) AR and Sniper riffle MUST be possible, its possible in real life even for civilians
And it make no sense to have an helicopter full of soldier with a weapon each, side door open and no way to kill an enemy that expect to engage the helicopter with RPG or SAM, like i have already said :
Restriction/leak of feature/possibility = unbalance.
In real life no one will simply come close of a transport helicopter to shot it down without get killed by everyone inside that have weapon and don't want to die like stupid guy not able to shoot while having a weapon in their hands.

If it will be possible to walk on cruising ships then these won't be restricted... At least.

If we could walk around inside helicopters / boats that would be useful.

SGTIce added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 9:05 AM

Stay on topic.

Yeah i don't know what freely walking around inside vehicles has to do with it, personally just being able to move my torso and not just my head rotor be useful, and could contribute to pointing the weapon around to shoot shit outside.

I mean if you could walk around in the ch-49 you could shoot out the doors because it would be hard to hit anything from your seat.

Could you imagine everyone trying to sit by the door trying to shoot out? Not gonna work. Besides most helis have gunners already, just have to put your faith in them.

I'm referring to sitting in or outside the little bird, or inside a vehicle, or even lying on the rubber duck, etc. either way, not necessary to get up and walk around in the vehicle, it would be chaotic.

@ShotgunSheamuS im currently working on a mod for a clan im in where building the stryker series and variants with walkable interior. Also the back hatche can open and you can shoot from Holes in the back of the door. These things are chaotic of course if you play with a bunch of people all doing random things. Unlike for a good team or well coördinated clan these things would not happen since there are protocols to follow. Now i do understand your issue and ithink arma's collision system is gona form a problem. But yes lets see what bis is gona do.

Raoul, firstly, when you done with that mod, please link it for me?

Secondly, yes it will work with a coordinated team because of the level of discipline and you can control people with assigning responsibilities, but that's all private related, which would make it great as a mod, but for public purposes, it will be chaotic, and frustrating. And i believe BI works in terms of public need, not private needs.

So once again, I'm fine with moving my torso, but not so much the whole freedom of movement in terms of public servers. Etc.

True. I gues they could implement it but as a Module. Or in such way you can switch from poss using C or controll whilst in the vehicle. And yes i will link you but we are nearly compleet so far i do all the modeling and anims while people are trying to figure out how to mod :P kinda hard starting from scratch but its coming together nice and fiddely

Same for me here btw dude i added you so im removing my comments now

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Tryzzy added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 5:50 PM

People saying this would be "OP", Arma is a realistic shooter, it never went for balanced weapons. Real-Life war doesn't have balanced weapons either, and you can shoot however you want there, so why not add that in Arma?
Especially when lying on the rescue boats as passenger, it clearly looks like you're lying like that just so you can shoot, but you cant.

You dont get the point now do you. ArmA is a simulator but like everyother game/software it has its limits.

SGTIce added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 9:26 PM

Limits which need to be pushed to get progress.

It wouldn't be all that hard for BIS to allow people to shoot their guns while laying on the sides of boats.

It's not amazingly difficult for them to add the ability to shoot from vehicles either, it's been done by a number of scripters already.

The problem is BIS prioritizes the wrong things.

^^^THIS GUY GIVE HIM A DAM MEDAL! no seriously you are right they do prioratize the wrong things.

Maybe priorities go wrong by all the other things being requested, and everyone else making a ticket feels their ticket needs highest priority... I guess that's why we no longer get to chose our own priority, and now they go based on votes and attention...

Either way, there are some things more important than others, personally i would rather prefer it they first deal with the issues and requests from prior iterations, like the texture/model lod popping and mid range texture and proper concealment in terrain before tackling all these new graphical features, and also vehicles have long been a part of the ARMA serious, it's actually disappointing THIS has never seen the light of day etc.

All other new features should be put on hold until old feature requests and issues are dealt with. Just my opinion

SGTIce added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 7:58 AM

More or less true, but as we all know due how to BIS feels about piling things on rather than fixing/improving areas of gameplay to a solid level, mostly vehicles that's unlikely. I'd love to use helos/vehicles in general more if it wasn't tab to win & they had a better system in place to make teamwork useful.

This is definitely a must-have feature and would add much value to the gameplay

It will be Awesome :D

Upvoted, but this should definitely not be used for armored cars and troop carriers, they would be ridiculously powerful at that point. I do agree that firing out of a little bird would be neat. This more likely will not be a feature in the game, BIS is more focused on game crippling issues like the GPU utilization and the AI.

The doors open now too an a lot of vehicles which could be used for firing

I noticed with the ifrit! =P i love that now, ARMA 3 really starting to shape up!

Tolya added a subscriber: Tolya.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM
Tolya added a comment.Jul 8 2013, 6:47 PM

I remember that people wanted such feature in the original Operation Flashpoint, back when the engine allowed only for 1 firing position per vehicle (Blackhawks had only 1 MG and were defenseless from the left side).

So I wholeheartedly second and triple this. Firing from a chopper should come with some penalties, so you couldn't snipe from a chopper a mile away, but it definitely needs an appearance.

white added a subscriber: white.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM
white added a comment.Jul 11 2013, 5:49 AM

How well can people hit moving target with a rifle from an heli?

Watch this:

They dont. Its about the idea. Bullets flying people dying. You dont need to hit some one if they cant stay stationary since bullets are flying over them. Its not about hitting them. Its about supressing the enemy for your team to move in or evac.

That should be pretty hard to realize cuz the existing vehicle model defination has to be reworked, more shooting proxies need to be added to each cargo position.
It maybe possible to increase the varity of shooting proxies based on the current weapon the shooter is useing, but what about the animation involved like reloading or aiming inside the vehicle? New animation system need to be added inside vehicles. BI need to concern whether it's necessary to add such function or meaningful. Only special recruited soldier can be fatal shooting from a high moving vehicle while ordinary one doesn't. It's just a matter of wasting bullet.
It'll be pretty cool to shooting while taking a car but the work on such function is huge.

briguy added a subscriber: briguy.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM

I agree with this idea entirely BUT using launchers should be prohibited because the backsplash of the weapon could injure or kill the occupants of the vehicle

To be "effective" all you need to do is hit within a few feet of someone. Which even the average person could do if their marksmanship skills are decent/going at a cruising speed.

Maybe not Land vehicles like cars, but I would like it in boats and helicopters. I'm not sure of the realism in it though, it seems like it would be exceptionally difficult to shoot from a chopper with your rifle.

I voted this up but only if it can be implemented with somewhat realistic effects on those that choose to fire from a vehicle, stationary or moving.

Firing from a moving vehicle with an unstabilized weapon is grossly inaccurate fire but can provide emergency suppression for the vehicle occupants. Even firing a pintle-mounted machinegun "free-gun" (not using the Traverse and Elevation mechanism) is very inaccurate fire..but has its employment uses.

Firing back-blast producing weapons from vehicles should have a devastatingly negative effect on the vehicle and anyone caught in the backblast area of the rocket launcher. If you don't agree just watch YouTube videos of RPG-7, AT-4s being fired and you'll gain a appreciation for how much energy is coming out the back of that weapon. Vehicles designed to fire backblast producing weapons have taken it into account in the vehicle's design or in the restrictions placed on the gunner on the aiming arc in which he can employ that weapon.

It's all about game play-realism balance...I get it...I definitely don't want to be in a firefight in Arma 3 and watch human or AI players launch RPGs from an MH-99 without blowing themselves and their aircraft out of the sky in the process...nor watch myself or my squad-mates get shot accurately, at range, by someone firing an assault rifle or machinegun freehand in the back of a pickup truck doing 30 kph cross-country as if they were designated marksmen firing from the prone.

There are other games out there I can happily play if I want to have that experience.

Semper Fi

I'd love to be able to fire from the Littlebirds' (AH-99 Hummingbird) pods!! :D This would enable for a greater use of aerial supressive/support fire!

SGTIce added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 4:20 AM

The whole point of firing from a vehicle isn't really for suppresive or support unless you've got a door gun, the idea of being able to use personal weapons is primarily in a self defense role. That is the main idea I had in mind when posting it & within reason what i'm sure people before had the idea of.

Cant even open doors correctly, keep dreaming. Why do you want bipods and shooting out of vehicle when they gave you underwater wrecks and fish.

This must be implemented.

Fri13 added a subscriber: Fri13.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM
Fri13 added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 1:00 PM

I would only give possibility to shoot when mounted in few vehicles like "Little Bird" so players can give support while hovering. From APC/IFV the firing port could be used but only when vehicle is stationary. You can not fire from those accurately when they move off-road (or even on sand roads) as they shake too much.
And even then it could be just simple animation change (swap) from sitting to otherway around.

Firing trough firing port would be useful only in ambushes, clearing mines and in defensive positions (if someone wants to be in huge danger to be killed).

Oh and if AH-9 gets it, then Mi-48 needs it as well as it should have firing ports and possibility to open doors when flying (and mounted 30mm autocannon inside).

Val added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 1:15 PM

The ability to shoot must be given to all vehicles that have firing ports, windows, skids or anything else that allows you to point your gun at someone else.

First of all when you get ambushed and your vehicle is immobilized you don't need to leave your cover (the car's hull is better cover than nothing) and can shoot back right away.

If you can't fire accurately through the firing port -- fire not accurately. This is still better than just wait until you get killed by an RPG.

Balancing issues should not be considered in Arma 3 in the way they are considered in CoD and BF style games (like not giving opportunity to shoot form a vehicle because it makes vehicle overpowered comparing to something else). That is because every mission (coops or PvP doesn't matter) is balanced by a mission maker mainly.

To sum up all what I've said: just adding the possibility to fire from any vehicle where it's possible (APC, helicopters, pickup trucks, civilian vehicles and much more) will be really great and will make already good game even better.

Kirill added a subscriber: Kirill.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM
Fri13 added a comment.Sep 15 2013, 9:17 PM


"First of all when you get ambushed and your vehicle is immobilized you don't need to leave your cover (the car's hull is better cover than nothing) and can shoot back right away."

When you are ambushed, driver is better to get vehicle in cover in few seconds or you are all dead as someone just fires a rocket or missile at you.
And safest thing is to be behind the vehicle not in the vehicle, and that so you all have good safe distance between each other so no one is a good target for multikill.

"If you can't fire accurately through the firing port -- fire not accurately. This is still better than just wait until you get killed by an RPG."

It is smarter to jump out, run in cover (even just visual cover) or even so the vehicle is between you and enemy. And simply work with fire and move tactics.

"To sum up all what I've said: just adding the possibility to fire from any vehicle where it's possible (APC, helicopters, pickup trucks, civilian vehicles and much more) will be really great and will make already good game even better."

It would make it nicer, but many would learn it hard way that it isn't smart in most cases. Tactically firing from portholes or hatch is viable in rare cases but then they are very great help, why example Russia has included both in all their APC/IFV vehicles while western countries have relied more often only to hatches if even to that.

Still incapable to fire from helicopters doors/windows/board is serious missing feature.

if nothing else, allow people to fire out of completely open vehicles, like uncovered transport trucks

Val added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 7:06 AM

Still, having this feature is much better than not having.
First - it's common sense (there are many situations where you will need this feature).
Second - the community wanted this for a very long time and now, while there are not so many vehicles that have to be adjusted for this feature this is the time to implement it.

There is an addon for Arma2 and it looks great:

I would like to see this feature in Arma3 by default. Upvoted.

+1! I've played with this mod for the Littlebird in ARMA 2, and it is VERY useful (and realistic). Just yesterday, I was in a multiplayer game and was riding in an assault boat full of guys. The only weapons which were usable were those mounted on the boat, which seemed lame....

smakor added a subscriber: smakor.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM

Firing from the helicopter is really important.

would love to be able to fire from the little birds or the ghosthawk while extracting someone if we can do this from 50 sec to 54 it will be great!

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roy64 added a comment.Oct 27 2013, 5:05 PM

How is this thread going? Are they going to listen to us users?
Even in the pickup truck, guys in the back should be able to fire!

Don´t know why they didn't add that!


defusl added a subscriber: defusl.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM
defusl added a comment.Dec 7 2013, 5:22 PM

at least from boats, cars and helicopters. from tanks would be a little bit unfair on public servers. a sniper could hide in a tank and just an AT could stop him.

Broom broom. Shooty shooty. +1

I wonder if this can be applied to the Mohawk? :D

Them votes.

This should have been in A2

But yeah, I'd be content with shooting out of Helos

always lacking in this gun, go on a vehicle and failing to respond to enemy fire. I hope you join

Cyteak added a subscriber: Cyteak.May 7 2016, 11:35 AM

I agree, but to balance the realism you'd have to make the gun shake crazy.

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WarDoG added a comment.May 6 2014, 4:20 AM

BI has confirmed they are adding this in their roadmap

yeah, perhaps this should be closed?

No. Tickets are closed when they are fixed, not when working on them has been planned (actually that is what “assigned” is for).

Soon, soon this will be reality....

@nikolas, you're a little late there, buddy, it's confirmed since quite a while :P

Implemented in Steam Dev. rev. 127272 and higher.