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Unable to Shoot Out of Windows Due To Glass
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When the player tries to shoot through or out of a window the bullet hits the glass and does not pass through. Every time you shoot the glass shatter sound is played but glass is still intact. {F17304} {F17305} {F17306} {F17307} {F17308} {F17309}


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Place unit in editor
2 - Preview mission
3 - Proceed to shoot windows of different sizes and shapes
4 - Observe possible bug

Additional Information

Note this doesn't happen to all windows no definite pattern but bug seems more prominent on blue framed windows of smaller buildings.

One story buildings in Agia Marina often have these windows.

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I can confirm this problem. But it doesnt apply to all glasses - but to the most

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I can confirm this as well, tried it in several locations. Firing through windows only works for me when the building has been damaged and thusly the glass from the windows has been pretty much removed.

Should be noted that the window is also treated like an invisible wall, AI does not appear to hear you when you shoot.

I can also confirm... Look at uploaded photo.

Place one soldier inside building and another outside.
Try to shoot the other solider..
You cannot do this since the glass in the window stop the bullet.

Buildings that have this bug/issue are civilian houses. ( look photo ).

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Also counts for vehicles.

Right now windshields are as thick as an apc's armor plating.

All army vehicles have bullet-proof windows(not for all calibers).
Now there aren't any antimaterial rifles, but they can penetrate the glasses.

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Even a HMG doesn't do the job, what glass could possible stop a 50 cal.

Two story buildings appear to have breakable glass, as do large window panes on the single, however the collision is off as shooting the wall will break the glass too. Photo attached.

The control tower at the airport appears to suffer impervious glass all around.

@redstone : If glasses are bullet proof you should let them have impact effects like this :

Or else it is nonsense

I too, have had this happen. Not all windows, but a lot of them.

This happens in the vehicles too. I don't care how bulletproof your glass is the most bulletproof glass I heard of can only withstand about 20 shots.

i can also confirm that. Also made a video for this bug

YT vid example:

cky2250, hey moron, he specifically said not all windows have this problem.

With the update today (25.03.2013) the bug on my post (0014851) is gone, but a new window bug seems to appaer.

through some windows you can throw grenades through others not. The status of the window (broken or not) makes no difference.

YT vid Example:

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After the update 0.52 i found this:

Using a rifle:
If you use a rifle to shoot straight to a window:

  • First round doesnt causes any damage.
  • Second round damages the glass.
  • Third round breaks completely the glass window.

If you shoot from a side sometimes the glass is damage and sometimes it breaks completely.

Using a pistol (PO7 or ROOK):
Shooting straight

-First round damages the glass.
-Second round breaks it completely.

If you shoot from a side the glass breaks in the first round.

Actually dupe of #3756.