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Unit switched to ragdoll state in water will always sink to the ocean floor before recovering
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When ejecting from a boat at normal of full speed the player just turns into a lifeless ragdoll but does not get death screen and end of mission ; basicaly he floats slowly to the bottom with no control. AI in same team seems to continue about their business as if the player had died (after about 1 min of floating)

Units used : Attack boat / Diver Teamleader(player)

Additional info from duplicate ticket:

If the player is hit by a boat while in the water then they go into ragdoll mode and don't come out of it until they have hit the seabed.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce

make mission with boat going forward at normal or full speed
Diver Teamleader in cargo(player)

start mission

when boat has started moving ; eject manually from boat ; observe

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player doesnt seem to die but sink to the bottom and then regain consciuousness ; its just a long fall then. Its not a death bug then but still a bug

The player stays alive ; that is confirmed every time ; and after hitting bottom player regains control after 10 seconds or so

If you eject from a boat you ragdoll to the bottom, only when you reach the bottom do you regain conciousness. I ragdolled 80m to the bottom of the sea when ejecting from a low speed and drowned trying to get back to the surface. This needs to be fixed for water environments.

Just tested this and confirmed on
Version: 0.55.104166.

Updated title and amended info from duplicate ticket to the description. Removed the additional info, since it was incorrect.

This seems to be a more general problem with ragdoll in water, not just when ejecting from a boat.

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@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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