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Ejecting From A Moving Boat
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As a diver i have press the eject button while on a moving boat to do a stealthy dismount. The diver seems to glitch out and become unable to move until be reaches the sea bed , as this point if you press 'X' to swim up he un-glitched and you are then able to swim underwater like normal.


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Creat a moving boat with the name b1 , then great a diver and in his intel box put 'this moveincargo b1' . Whenever you choose , press eject as if you were to jump off the moving boat and into the water.

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This issue is very closely related to #1825. Ejecting from a moving boat will trigger a ragdoll animation, which will not end until you hit the ground - in this case, the ocean floor.

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Duplicate of T60192
@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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