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Arma 3 blows
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Currently the gameplay feels like a cheap console game not deserving of the Arma name.


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its a alpha..

I never knew some people were stupid enough to come this far, just make themselves look stupid.

Wow. Alpha mean anything to you? We are meant to provide useful feedback and constructive criticism.

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JNC if you can't put out any type of substance to support said statement don't waste everyone's time with that crap.

Ok, you don't like the game, fine, but two things:

A: If you are going to say you don't like something, you need to give reasons why you feel this way so the developers can improve the game. Saying the game blows doesn't provide any usable feedback.

B: It's an alpha, things will keep changing constantly, this isn't even in beta yet. Remember when minecraft didn't even have pickaxes? yeah that is what an alpha is like. Things will change with time.

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On the loading screen itself there is a notice regarding the quality of the game at present; it is a work-in-progress with many things to polish and improve and the current state does not represent the final product.

This alpha, like most, is a staggered release. While initially there is a limited functionality and contents, both will increase with time as current issued are resolved and progress made.

JNC, I saw your earlier post regarding blood in the water from GSWs and I think you need to appreciate both where this game is in it's development and what you're feeding back. Things will get better, but only with time, patience and constructive criticism

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JNC added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:17 AM

Just because it's in alpha we shouldnt hold back issues. If Arma 3 alpha didnt have weapons than would you only provide feedback on running around? It's a FPS with a history of realistic combat simulation (at least among competitors). Currently it's not living up to the name.

I'm sure many more poor gameplay details can be revealed in responces than what I can offer in just my gameplay experiance.

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:19 AM

Put some constructive thought out criticism in and maybe they'll adjust things.

JNC you still haven't provided any details as to what part of it is bad, let alone details to possibly help fix it.

These kinds of reports are only going to slow down the dev team from the true bugs, issues, and criticisms. Take out your frustration somewhere else.

It's an Alpha


Have you ever tried to better anything about yourself or community??? I think not. Did you really sign up to say arma sucks?!?! YOU SUCK 54398754389725343289075432890754328907503289475328904758903475320489758903245903 times more then this alpha and you fail.

The only cheap thing here is your attitude. Dime a dozen, troll attitude.

Everyone keep down voting this non helpful cancer.

Wow he has -1 upvotes lol

All of you haters aren't really helping either.

Although OP lacks subtlety, he makes a good point. One legitimite gripe that the OP likely shares with me is that movement is too fast. You can sprint supersped up increadible slopes without even breaking a sweat. ARMA II movement speeds were slower, of shorter duration, and you could not run up steep hills.

There are many other slight changes like this that give the game "a cheap console feel". Many of them are subtle things which are hard to put into words, which may be why OP had a hard time expressing himself.

JNC added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 10:44 PM

Yes, I do agree with McAllen....

Overall, I feel the game mechanics and some gameplay features have been over simplified. The Devs may not feel as I do but I do not belive Arma should be an easy game to play. I orginally found it refered to as a "combat simulator". Arma 3 seems to play more like a FPS.

It's like the difference between Arma 2 and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. They are both good games but one was ment for a console; OF:DRs gameplay was not as deep (or fulfilling) as the Arma series and I do not want to see Bohemia take Arma down the FPS road.

Obvious troll is obvious, stop feeding it.

Instead of Flaming, can we actually talk about the issue he has raised?

He says the gameplay is over-simplified? would you mind elaborating / editing in what aspects?

I think your confusing learning curve compared to streamlined features.

Is Arma 3 easier and faster to get the basics compared to ARMA 2? YES, this is a good thing to get more people into the game and enjoy it. This does not make it any less harder to play.

Is ARMA 3 easier and Faster to master than ARMA 2? No way. People who understand the mechanics (trajectories, camouflage, movement and shadowing yourself on the horizon) will still outclass the players who only understand the basics to play (such as me)

The hardest thing i found in ARMA 2 was camouflage. In ARMA 3, i feel it isnt as effective. I feel that they reduced it's effectiveness in order for a more balanced / fair play in a PVP environment. This is an issue when you look at it from a Military sim perspective compared to an FPS.

what are you talking about? the gameplay is awesome

DO NOT FEED THE TROLL! Just look at the tags: "trolling". Just ignore him and move on to the real issues.

Pointless issue. Closing.