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Street lamps and other artificial light sources are too resilient, difficult to disable
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It takes a very large number of bullets to disable/destroy ("turn off") light sources such as street lamps and floodlights.


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Go to a place on Stratis with street lights, and try to shoot them out.

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Totally agree with this. I realise it's not a stealth game but I reckon this is something that definitely needs fixing.

Funny i just tested that out before reading this. Yes i agree that this should be address. And maybe allow certain units, such as engineers to replace bulbs (if they need the light of course)

Yeah i was in a night map with a mate and i wanted to shoot the lights out with a snipe to put them in darkness in hopes they didnt have night vision goggles etc so that way we had an advantage. But nope they wouldnt pop. :(

This needs to be addressed, especially with the new light system being implemented, light is now something to consider when advancing on a position. Since lights can be destroyed they should also be able to be repaired. (Scroll wheel option) Please do this. It'd only further enhance the lighting effects your trying to show.

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I could care less about fixing a light, but being able to disable one is a must.

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Lights are able to be destroyed by shooting them, it just takes a lot of damage to do so.

Lol that much shooting... would not destroy the light but the actual objects themselves. We only need to disable the bulb/light object when its been hit.

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Yeah, you can destroy lights, but it takes ridiculous amounts of bullets. And explosion do not seem to hurt the lights at all. I tried putting a barrage of missiles into a streetlight - the buildings around it were destroyed, but the light remained.

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It's possible in Arma 2, this should be in A3.

While you can destroy headlights from vehicles you cannot do that with rear position lights. These ones don't emit any (red) light.

you can put out the street lights with bullets, but the light stays "on", however the lighting efefct on the ground is gone

Somewhat related to in terms of stealth, having the issue on this page fixed alongside with the AI being able to differentiate between lit and unlit objects will definitely improve the stealth side of gamplay.

Yes, takes a lot of bullets, sometimes more than 2 mags.

The light turns off, but the lightbulb stays white and lit, which is somewhat strange.

Lights ought to take very little damage to extinguish them. Even a grenade going off at the base of a lightpost would likely shatter the bulb (not to mention messing up the wiring). One bullet should be all that's required.

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Yep I tried to blow a street light with C4 and it didn't break the light bulbs. As well as the concrete base which is looking very odd once toppled over, it should be splitted in chunks or badly gnawed. I think it should take more damage and the post isn't even touching the ground, it is levitating on its side.

the same stuff than splinter cell that will be great and probably for a mode idea.

All lights shouldbeoutputable when shooting on them.
Not only streetlights.

Agreed for all lights including cars.:)

Shooting out lights is possible, but it takes way too many bullets.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Updated title and description as they were incorrect.

Shooting all but vehicle lights now requires only one bullet.
(with latest dev patch)

Should be fixed in 0.57.105210

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help community and developers to build better game for all.