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Unable to put on enemy uniform
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While as BLUFOR I shot and killed an OPFOR and tried to take his gear and uniforum to blend in with his unit while doing this it allowed me to take everything (weapon, ammo, vest, helmet, other equipment) but his uniforum was unable to be put on. I tried this with many other OPFOR and from vis versa(OPFOR trying on BLUFOR clothing), but to no resolve.


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Set down a BLUFOR solider of your choice and OPFOR kill the OPFOR. Go to his inventory and try to put on all of his equpiment vest, helmet, under clothing and all.

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I had the exact same idea, tried to kill an infantryman in the diver showcase and steal his clothes to blend in, I was unable to take his uniform. Confirmed bug

i noticed this as well. you can equip pretty much everything BUT The actual uniform.

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It's been disabled/removed as a feature at current unless they can figure out how to program the AI to detect hostiles in friendly uniforms.

Read up before you post.

For clarification: It is not a bug, it is a removed/onhold feature.

At least it's not just the giniva convention thing people talk about as a reason, I can understand difficulties with AI, I'd likely set something like if you're say within 10 metters of a enemy for more thena certain time they an comferm you as hostile, and of course shooting them makes you instantly hostile, maybe add ina way for players to tell the AI that someone is a enemy too, if they can tell?

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 7:17 PM

AI has been a pretty big problem for BIS for a long time. Thus why it was likely removed.

Well, they may yet figure it out, I really, really hope they do, I'm pretty sure they only said Geneva convention in the manual to keep you inside that world and such, ether way, the fact that you cna script in the clothing likely means that they haven't thrown the idea out complacently yet.

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 7:29 PM

Likely not, it's probably just disabled till they figure it out, a time way might work but it would kill a few ideas.

oh if they added a timer, I'm sure they'd add a way to edit it, I just suggested the timer so you can walk quickly past a enemy, but if you linger they might notice something is off, but that's just my head, there might be a way better way of handling it that I can't think of.

There was a couple scripting examples I believe for undercover type deals back in ArmA 2 which they could probably look at.

or why not a timer until they discover the unit which had the uniform died

Civilians can change into blue-for and op-for gear but blending can't be tested with civs as neither side will attack a civilian. I even executed an op-for team leader in front of his whole platoon and they didn't batter an eyelid.

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Then get more people to vote. A lot of people were looking forward to doing that.

I would only agree to this if there was a way for the enemy team to identify an enemy in their uniform. For example if you are on the NATO team and you spot an Iranian soldier and you kill him and you take his uniform. The uniform should be bloody, if he was shot in the helmet there should be obvious damage to the helmet, if the player forgot to pick up the enemy gun that would be suspicious. This would set off small alarms for AI's and for players. Then lets say this NATO player in disguise walks into an Iranian Base. If an AI attempts to communicate with him, using some scripted conversation, this can help him identify enemy players because that unit won't know how to speak Arabic. Maybe they should add a linguist class or something to more easily get past security. Then lets say this Iranian base identifies the NATO player the base goes into lockdown making it very difficult for other players to infiltrate.

Its a bit complicated and no where near necessary to make this game but it could be interesting.

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  1. You're retarded
  2. You're raging in caps which is against the forum rules & you're using a forum connected account to post here
  3. It's not a geneva convention problem
  4. It's based on the AI not being able to identify enemy characters in friendly uniforms
  5. Fuck off
  6. Don't post here if you're not being constructive & oblivious to the situation.
Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Apr 22 2013, 4:08 AM

1- how am i retarded
2- this is not the forum
3- yes it is
4- there are MANY solutions to that
5- make me
6- i am not being constructive, i am still just saying how this is not an unknown thing.

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but its still not allowed, in real life in war soldiers can do all those things too, but they dont, right?

It has nothing to do with the geneva convention you troll.

It's only been pulled due to the fact the devs weren't able to find a way to have the AI identify enemies in friendly uniforms.

People would know that if they would read the 20 thousand posts i've said about that.

The account you're using is a forum account & thus the forum rules likely apply.

You were not being helpful you were raging at people for something we've already covered.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Apr 22 2013, 9:25 PM

i was raging at people, yes, and before you call me troll, i think you should search the definition of "troll" a bit more, i hate when people like you call troll to people who think different and maybe rage at the same time.

oh, and i am using the same ID as my steam account, does that means Steam rules apply here?.

no, they dont, that would be stupid, BIS forums rules dont apply here, youtube rules dont apply here, facebook rules dont apply here, and armaholic rules dont apply here, if there is ANY rule here, would be "dont be a douche" and being a douche would mean making tickets with all-high caps, not making comments with all caps

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Offtopic, backseat moderating comment... SGTIce, in case of the forum rules apply, I think that you've broken them as well.

"§1) No Flaming/Flame-baiting/bigotry

Abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic comments (or any other type of bigotry), personal attacks and name calling are not allowed [---]

Flame-baiting is also not tolerated; flame-baiting is making a post to someone that is obviously intended to elicit an angry response. Mocking/teasing/ridiculing someone or the point someone wants to make is also flamebaiting..."

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Ezcoo, off topic too, but i wasn't mocking or trolling, i seriously hate when people make this kind of tickets. thanks for your info about the forum rules, however.

i thought this was disabled due to the Geneva convention
im pretty sure this will not be implemented

It's not tyl3r.

The "ArmAverse" as people refer to it does not reflect every bit of reality.

Thanks for getting the video.

IF I weren't too lazy i'd find the GDC 2012 vid where they announced they weren't going to put it in till they could figure out how to make the AI detect enemies.

That video makes me want to cry over the potential we had.

Roytjb added a subscriber: Roytjb.May 7 2016, 11:10 AM

Agreed and confirmed. VERY annoying if you ask me, because you can't blend into enemy lines and that was something really appealing

Indeed, I was going to make some CIA missions that finally worked too.

guys, stop saying things like "was" or "we had"

it's a frickin' alpha dammit, it's not even in beta and you're already crying about a feature that isn't implemented YET

"almost makes me cry when I see the potential the comanche had"
that's how you sound right now

now calm down and be patient

Arziben, you do know you're practically flame baiting atm.

You're not adding to the ticket in any constructive fashion

You're kind of annoying

Don't post if you're not contributing something to the ticket.

yeah I tried to make it unoffensive but failed miserably, I was pretty tired. but that shouldn't stop you from noticing that my comment is just an answer to the small flow of comments complaining it wasn't working, and complaining isn't contributing, which was my point

If you read some of mine, you'll see the parts where I mentioned it was going to be a feature, till like tunnels. The bots fucked us with a monkey wrench.

bez added a comment.Jun 4 2013, 2:33 AM

The geneva convention? really? come on sound like a stupid excuse to me.
the game already brakes so many clause in this so called "convention"
and people still believe in that excuse, really?

Most probably an AI issue, I think any decent programer could solve this issue.
I can think of any number of ways for a creative solution to this problem.
If BI can't solve this I would be really disappointed from them.

considering they them self showcased this exact scenario in E3
I would expect it to be in the game.

What would be cool is that if you put on an enemy uniform, they don't shoot you and you're disguised.

This might be really hard to do, but just a suggestion.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jun 12 2013, 3:14 AM

...yeah, btwinch, that's EXACTLY what bis is trying to do

Was trying to do atleast Death.

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pops added a comment.Jun 12 2013, 1:04 PM

The mission designer should be able to decide whether or not it is possible to wear enemy uniforms.


Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jun 12 2013, 6:23 PM

then wearing enemy uniforms would be a module? i think it should be optional to take them off from the enemy in an editor option

That's doable, the only reason though they haven't done so is probably the AI & they're focusing on other things I assume.

Isn't there a way to make a unit change sides? Couldn't there be a module that would detect when the opfor uniform classnames were equipped, when it would change the faction of the unit? And then when it was removed, the faction would be returned to normal.
Hopefully this ends up working soon! It'd be awesome to always have the option in a mission, for those of us that like covert, spec ops.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jun 29 2013, 8:44 PM


That defeats the purpose of the stealth Element Chaos, which is a big factor in the implementation.

They've already promissed that you can infiltrate (by putting on enemy uniform) and put satchel on a vehicle... Nothing of that you can do...

SGTIce added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 9:18 PM

That's exactly why this ticket exists.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 12:39 AM

its still beta god damn it!

I have found a Script to change the uniform.
When you chose a enemy Uniform and than go to the enemy, they will shoot at you.


I did the same. But it actually worked. Only issue Opfor still knew i was Blufor so they hammerd me.

I have tested it. With the other groups it works too.
Why they say its not working?

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jul 10 2013, 1:03 AM

maybe because this was in older builds?

bez added a comment.Jul 10 2013, 5:27 AM

I don't understand, you say it's working, yet the enemy still recognise you
as blufor even if you are with opfor uniform on, then it's not working, is it?

Haha the geneva convention, in a Video game, really?
If that is the case that is, I still give Bohemia the benefit of the doubt if they may or may not enable it eventually...

Then put in courtmartials for Teamkillers and boot camps for the noob players too, what a joke, if that is the official dev excuse.

Look at the fucked up situation in the middle east, with them jihadii terrorist, do they give a fuck about any conventions?
Hostages and POW's are being beheaded and shot, although the combatants clearly act as if they have combatant status (which they dont,, which means they SHOULD need to treat POW's as POW's and are subject to military court martial and what not, THAT is ACTUALLY part of the genevan convention, but nobody over there gives a damn about that, unless they are the ones being effed up, then its all "We are innocent islam terrorist scumbags!".

So as this is a damn game, a realisitc simulation, but still a GAME, damn, dont care about excuses, PUT THE SHIT IN THE GAME ALREADY. It's been long enough already.

Lol... MAKE A NEW TREAD!! your on the wrong post. And you're describing somthing that has nothing to do with actuall game play more with procecution of the vilians aftwards. That said if you really want a feature like that. Make a mod since this is one of thoes things useless to the actuall gameplay. Unless you get exited by beheading people.

I just tested it again.
As Blufor Rifeman with a Opfor Uniform.
I went to an Opfor Rifeman and he shoot at me.

I have no Mods and the dev. version

This was somthing already an issue in Alpha. But it wasnt really such biggy. Now its quite annoying trying to infeltrate enemy assets but they know its you.


Well, reading aint your strength now, aint it.

I didnt make a request. Rather, I made a statement why the whole uniform changing doesnt make sense if it is not made possible later on, and if the "genevan" is the cause for that decision.

Neither do I enjoy beheadings, I despise muslims and islam, since it is the root of all evil.

That said, I can say again, if anything in this game is limited under the escuse of the genevan convention, the Dev's seriously need to get a life and grow some - IRL, nobody cares about the gen. con. that much, there is plenty examples from the US as well as every other country - war is dirty business.

I have a reading issue? Not really you should just leave this form and stop posting bellend shit about non related stuff. Like look where this has gone with this post....

bez added a comment.Jul 10 2013, 12:43 PM

@bruklin, so it's not working.
making you able to wear opfor uniforms is not BI's problem,
I think what BI are having issues with is to make the opfor soldiers be able to recognise
the player as blufor after they mistook him as opfor.

So to summarize (as far as I know):
The ability to wear opfor uniforms - not a problem to do.
Making opfor AI think your are also opfor when wearing opfor uniforms - not a problem to do.
Making opfor AI realize you are actually blufor, in case you are too close, open fire at them etc. etc. - THAT IS THE PROBLEM

@Helperman, Though I agree with you on the war aspect of things,
that is no reason to be rude, (it's free to be polite you know)
Also, I am sure you are violating forum rules by saying Islam is root of all evil,
keep you racist thoughts to yourself please.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jul 10 2013, 6:17 PM

Bez, what about opfor realizing you are friend or foe if you are using blufor uniform?

bez added a comment.Jul 10 2013, 6:42 PM

yep you are right, it's also a problem.
I just meant that the fact we can wear Opfor uniforms does not mean it's working.
Because some people here say it's working for them, but then they say Opfor shoot at them,
So I was confused why they say it's working when it's not.

Voting up in honor of the abandoned Hitman series!

Even though I think this ticket is a waste of time / bad idea probably.

it is possible to change the uniform.
However, it is still seen as the enemy.
There are, however, I believe its possible to change from blufor to opfor by an script command.
While I can not good scripts but it should be possible to associate the uniform with the script command. If the player kill enemies an script change from opfor to blufor and the player is a enemy.

Then your own team would shoot you...

So it would have to mean that neither team would shoot you really?

On purpose, as per Dwarden.

Part of the Hague Convention, Art. 23:

(didn't find an official citation, but that should do for further reference)