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[Feature request] Make it possible to "favorite/save" servers in multiplayer browser
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I think it would be a nice addition since keeping track of many (good) servers ingame is nearly impossible. It could be implemented by adding a star in front of the server name which one could click. If the server is "starred" it appears in a separate "Favorites" tab.


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Sorry for THIS example :D but log into BF3 battlelog. Choose a server in multiplayer browser and klick "Add as Favorite" in the right bar.

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For now you can use Play with SIX wich supports Favourites and much more.

Thanks for your tipp... thing is SIX is third party (and not the best usability-wise) and I want this ingame. :)

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Yup - Count me in on this. In ArmA I feel that the server you join can make all the difference to the gameplay experience. I'd love to favorite the best ones.

Yeah, SIX works, but ideally I'd like to use it in-game too.

Personally, I hate having to depend on SIX. It's always been far clumsier and slower to use than any in-game browser with some sort of 'favorites.' I've been using favorites in-game since QuakeWorld first came out in what? 1998? I never understood why such a basic feature has been neglected by BI.

This wouldn't be an issue if only BI could integrate with Steamworks more fully, instead of relying on Gamespy API - which was always a major annoyance in ARMA games. I suppose, the current state of affair was simply a cheaper/quicker solution since they had it implemented in the underlying engine for a while now. (Vote Up)

@Tourorist: I think that Steamworks is not integrated in the current alpha, and that the GameSpy server browser is just a placeholder.

Definitely a MUST have. I do not, will not use SIX or anything similar, so this is a must.

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Certain improvements, including marking servers as favourite, are planned for the server list. We hope to get them in game soon.

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Must have!Greate idea!

i already posted about this long time ago thread 0001047.surely ill vote on this one too.Its a must have.

any news on this?

+1 Sometimes when I press refresh, I don't get the same servers.
It just takes too long to refresh and find the server I'm looking for.


had been GREAT

Yeah, it should be the bare minimum to have favorites in any server browser imo.

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For the love of god.... this has been requested for 4+ years, ffs bi

The whole browser needs to be overhauled, not just a favourites list...

We do have favorites now!

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