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Most vehicles automatically flip upright, almost impossible to roll
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Vehicles in the game are extremely resistant to rolling. Even when they should realistically topple or roll over (for example in a very fast and sharp turn), they will automatically right themselves, which looks very unrealistic.


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Drive the Ifrit or Hunter as fast as you can in a straight line then pull the tightest turn possible. I've found that even if I can get it to roll on its side it eases itself back onto 4 wheels.

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Yeah all vehicles suspensions need some tweaking in the physx engine !!

I wish developers could use the physics engine to flip the vehicle.

If vehicle is not upright = correct position you get "spacebar" push action. what pushes the vehicle 45'Degree up, with some strenght. So you could easily upright a ATV vehicle.

But if you would want to upright a larger vehicle like a truck, you would need to have like 5 players to synchroneusly press the spacebar to swing the vehicle forth and back until you can upright the vehicle realistically.

I think the above would be good way to make game realistic and use the physics engine the game has ;)

Another good suggestion:
Add towing rope to all vehicles, and allow it to be attached at ANY point of the vehicle... so you can pull the vehicle to upright position with another vehicles help.

All in good time.

Agreed about the autoflip, even though it will save your but in a pinch it's annoying to look at. Remove it if possible or add it as a function to the mousewheel for flipped vehicles.

Autoflip for vehicles should be removed at all. Seems it works the same ugly way for choppers when landing.

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I think autoflip is neccesary as long as the vehichles flips for no reason in alpha, they can remove it when it's more stable

I'm going to write an auto response to the insane amount of people starting threads like this.

The Physics you currently see on Vehicles (At least land and air not sure about sea)Are not the final product. They are just the basic shell of what is to come to test the most basic functionality to get them ready for final use and you can't do that if you added in the fluffy stuff like the new Phsyx engine because people would be talking more about that then basics like when your character is standing up on a quad while driving it that is the stuff we are testing.

The physics will be implemented and improved. Remember, this is an Alpha we are seeing the most basic systems for testing and helping them catch as many bugs\glitches and stability as possible.

pvtdancer, fuck off idiot, we don't know if it's an unintended consequence of unfinished physics or an actual feature, that's why we need to consolidate a ticket like this to make sure the devs understand we don't want it to be a feature.

you're not really an example of educated guy, are you ?

how about you fuck off, and grow up.

well...autoflip feels as a clear immersion breaker, so is the (as always) missing damage model...;)

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cannot see any maturity in that little sentence that you give us.
John on the other hand is at least right and wrote down more than 8 words that only insults and offends.

@Pvt Dancer
IF you see it really like it is here, how do you know the line from the "basics" that you refer to and at what point the "issue" starts?
your personal opinion I guess, even when it is common sense that you are using, you cannot know what BI can now change or let out with a smaller amount of time instead of doing it afterwards, eventually with a lot more time consume.

I think this is a valid ticket.

We all know this is alpha. So please stop saying "It's alpha so the game is not final" because WE ALL KNOW.

So if it's alpha we should just not report designs that we do not like and just wait for BI to fix everything so its like we THINK it should be. All without them ever knowing what we think.

The whole purpose of this tracker is to report bugs/design flaws and suggestions for new or current systems.

So if you keep saying, "It's alpha don't create topics about these things" we should just stop using this tracker all together, and what would that do to help BI (And in the end each and every one of us)?

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Flipping over vehicles was a pretty pain in the butt in ArmA 2, the tiniest rock already could flip over a tank + a triple salto, so please let them work on it and improve that part.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Cleaned up title and description. Issue is still relevant in the latest beta.

I would love to roll cars hehehe would have fun all day doing stunts

It's obvious BIS has no intention of fixing this for whatever reason.

But here are two screenshots to illustrate how incredibly stupid the design decision to not let poor casual players flip their vehicles is:

Here we can see tanks falling down from the sky upside down (don't ask me why for I have no idea, this is an official Armed Assault mission):

T-100 hits the ground upside down then bounces right back onto its tracks without taking any damage:

Didn't see where Merkava fell. But in any case autoflip has to go.

a vehicle should behave like in reallife, and with physx under the hood, it should be possible. the auto-flip back on
wheels is pretty anoying.

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Open up the editor, launch Stratis, spawn yourself in a Hunter (no weapons) and execute the following command:

h = vehicle player; h setVectorDirAndUp [[1, 0, 0], [0, .5, -.894]];h setPosATL [2415,5844, 2.7];

Watch the Hunter recover in a very unrealistic fashion.

This roughly aproximates to car being at 30 degree angle, which appears to be the minimum.

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The Strider seems to have a higher center mass point as for example the hunter. It's a low profile vehicle but ingame it feels very strange to drive. Which is also the reason for the unreal swimming behavior. The center mass seems to be somewhere in front of the vehicle and you can swim sideways...

At least in Altis Life I often rolled over with a truck (the orange / blue one).

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1.) The vehicle physics and steering at A3 launch were almost perfect:

  • wheeled vehicles driven fast downhill accelerated fast, flipped over next bump, rolled and got totally damaged
  • driving wheeled vehicels along a steep slope over a bump made them flip and roll
  • one could accelerate downhill very fast, vehicle mass felt true
  • there was the need for constant breaking when drivin downhill to avoid an accident
  • negative was that speed llimitation by lower gear resistance or by automatic gear was not properly simulated
  • tracked vehicles did not behave good, they felt "light", but while flipping over to easy, they stay like that

Situation at 1.68 (but also before:

  • vehicles in general do not often flip over where they must in reality
  • if the flip, they move like in a honey pot, turning unrealistically slow
  • most of times they roll back to wheels/tracks even if impossible by shape/weight distribution in reality
  • when driving, accelearation commands are permanently modified by a "ghost driver", sometimes if full throttle ordered they just give minimal thrust, when ordering full speed downhill they using breaks instead
  • reverse commands often end up in forward or turn moves in tracked vehicles
  • there are just 3 forward speed steps and 1 backward for the driver, the commander can just order forward or backward
  • direction commands as driver or commander in tracked vehicles resulting in crazy oversteering with flip back to almost old direction when stopping steering command.

Summary: A3 vehicle physics and driving control are worst compared to A2 final or A3 release