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Turning speed greatly reduced when reaching aiming deadzone borders.
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When using optics mode while aiming deadzone is activated, the player becomes hard to control since the mouse sensitivity while turning greatly differs from the aiming deadzone sensitivity.
To circumvent a slow turn rate of the player, sensitivity settings need to be set to very high settings. The downside of that is the now way too fast movement of the weapon across the aiming deadzone making aiming impossible.


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Activate aiming deadzone in controls.

Look around while using optics.

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It seems to only be after 2 increments of dead-zone that the slowdown in aiming is noticeable.
Another point to make is that the sensitivity INSIDE the dead-zone is extremely high compared no dead-zone.

This is highly irritating, It becomes nearly impossible to hit someone long-range if you zoom in.

Can confirm that.

Yes. Mouse sensitivity should be equal in deadzone and out of it.

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Agreed. Sensitivity should not change when zoomed in.

Also I think mouse sensitivity should be exactly the same in float-zone and out (when turning character)

Ideal would be to have separate mouse sensitivity for float-zone and turning so that we can all find our own preference.

Agreed. Can't stand not having it (because of motion blur. see #0002166) but can't stand having it either, because of this change in behavior.

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very important, upvoted :)

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Temporary FIX regarding aiming deadzone for Arma 3

Yep, deadzone is unusable in current state.

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Duplicate of higher voted (but newer) ticket #2294