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Weapon's bipods sounds are no audible for other players
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When a player deploys his weapon on a bipod he will hear a bipods sound, but other player near to him will not hear any

  • CfgWeapons → bipod_01_F_snd → ItemInfo → soundBipodXYZ
  • soundBipodDown
  • soundBipodUp

audible distance is 20 meters, no matter how close other player near to bipod-deploy player will not be able hear sound

see this YT video (sound source is client next to right side)


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

  1. download repro scenario
  2. launch dedicated server and 2 clients
  3. take roles, start scenario
  4. set 'effects' sound setting value to 100% for client with Katiba weapon (no bipods)
  5. set 'effects' sound setting value to 0% for client with MX
  6. take control client with MX rifle, press C-key to deploy bipods and again to fold
  7. result → client with Katiba can’t hear the MX client using his bipod

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TRAGER created this task.Apr 9 2024, 2:22 PM

that sound seems local only - no idea if intentional or by design. should be easy to fix

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dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Apr 24 2024, 11:55 AM

Man::Sound weaponInstance

The sound is intentionally only simulated on the local player.
I'd prefer this miniscule issue, over the performance implications of simulating all weapon attachment sounds for all units.
Likely never fix.

Ok authors can easy add this thing by scripting WeaponDeployed EH

Q: some unit's sounds (breaths, screams ets. from this ticket T178500) is seems local to player for the same reason?

Very likely that its the same reason yeah. I didn't check the code

I can agree with 8-10 players in a section moaning together on wounded, this is performance and sound garbage ok
But the sound from the bipod of which there are 1-2pcs. per section IMO will only improve poor sound accompaniment from player to players. I suggest that the bipod sounds should not be local and make this the default in the vanilla Arma 3